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Football: Live chat

By Jonathan Okanes
Monday, August 17th, 2009 at 1:19 pm in Training camp.

I will be holding a live chat Thursday from 1-2 p.m. There should be a lot to talk about following Tuesday’s scrimmage and Maryland week drawing near. Hope to see you there.

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  • Davidson

    Yarnways an absolute man-beast, but it’s hard to imagine him hitting the field. Redshirt him for next year.

    We have Best, Vareen…and even Deboskie (yawn)…

    However, I can’t wait to see Sofele this year.

  • Tony

    Davidson, I agree. If the accounts of Sofele are true so far, we should all be hoping they use him in situational offense as a slot receiver or something. Can you imagine a defense having to contend w/Jahvid in the backfield and Sofele lining up in the slot? Talk about speed.

  • Mike

    Speed kills….YES!!!

  • ToparchiBear

    I can’t wait to see JT use Sofele on deep ball situation, where he runs pass all the defenders and catch the bomb from Riley for a run touch down this year. Wouldn’t that be great! um, maybe. I believe JT is using him for a fourth dimension of threat in a special case. First is Best, Second is Marvin, third is the pair of TEs or FBs for catch and run, and fourth is a surprise, the opponent lost him.

    Go Bears!

  • Davidson

    I want to see Best, Vareen and Sofele on the field at the same time. How about, Riley at shotgun with Best to his left and Vareen to his right. We have Sofele lined up on the left as WR with a TE on his side and then Marv Jones on the right to stretch the field. It’ll be cool.