Football: New practice policy

I was informed last night that, starting Wednesday, media will only be allowed to watch the first 20 minutes and the last 10 minutes of practice. This will obviously have a major impact on the media’s ability to cover the team. I hope to have an explanation from Jeff Tedford after tonight’s scrimmage.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Looks like Tedford is putting in some new trick plays :)

    We’re going for broke this season!

  2. Correcto, Davidson. It could also be a response to one writer description of a play that involved Isi. I won’t mention their name, but it wasn’t JO or Enos. At any rate, I’d prefer to be surprised by a play in a game, not 3 weeks before the season starts.

    Go BEARS!

  3. Jan, you could be right. I read 2 reports on that run by Sofele. One writer told us what the play was, the other did not, citing that he could not reveal the play. Maybe we don’t want everyone to know how we’re going to use him. I definitely want to see him on the field with our fastest players.

  4. I agree that it’s not necessarily that important for us to know the level of detail reported on the Rivals site – I appreciate their coverage but can certainly live without some of the specifics if it potentially hurts the team.

  5. Is the media supposed to wear blindfolds until there are ten minutes left in the practice?

  6. I agree with every one. Time to keep stealth mode until game time. I like surprise. So, that the opponents wouldn’t know what is comming either. Just report to us if things are getting better, who is improving or who is hurt, in general sense.

    Nevertheless, thank you, J.O. for feeding us, the bunch of hungry Cal fans, the night updated snacks.

    Go Bears!

  7. $C want to show off their stuff for early higher rating, Go ahead. Exposure will back fire on them sooner or later. I guess they don’t care. face to them is more important.

    Watch out, the roaring bears will sneak up behind and scratching the mighty trojan’s back.

    Go Bears!

  8. Sound like Rival’s BT has gone way too far to have JT worry. They did call out every single play, or who tossed to whom, and so far so on. I don’t think they need to be that detail. That tent to be boring actually.

    J.O. that is why we like your post better. you are more general but to the point. We like that.

    Hope JT cheer up a bit.

    Go Bears!

  9. I agree that our interest in knowing every detail of what is going on conflict with a smart strategy for success. In preparing for war, only a fool permits his enemy to know his strengths, weaknesses and battle plans. Let’s improve our chances and wait to see it when it happens.

  10. As long as I get the latest on the QB/WR progression I am a happy camper. Can’t wait to see everything on Sep 5th against Maryland. Haven’t heard anything about this yet but do you guys think Jahvid will play ticked off after puking on National TV last year against the terps? I know I would…

  11. Ryan, I don’t sense a mean streak in Jahvid. So, I seriously doubt he’d be “ticked”. Instead, he’ll be focused on executing his role in cooking Terp soup.

    Go BEARS!

  12. During the Bay Area Media day or the Pac-10 media day he said in an interview that he is ‘motivated’ to do better than last year’s game against Maryland. Take it as you wish.

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