Basketball: Eddie Miller transfers

Junior Eddie Miller, a walk-on guard from Antioch HS, has transferred to UC Davis. Miller played two seasons for the Bears, one each for Ben Braun and Mike Montgomery, but made the move because he wants more playing time. He saw action in just seven games last year, averaging 2.4 points, including a career-high eight vs. Harvard.

“It was a pretty tough decision to make,” Miller said Wednesday night. “My family and I talked about it a lot.  I decided I wasn’t going to get the opportunity i was looking for here.”

At Cal, Miller would be playing behind starting guards Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher, along with backups Jorge Gutierrez and D.J. Seeley. At Davis, he will room with De La Salle HS grad Ryan Silva, a former summer-league teammate, and become eligible to play in 2010-11 after sitting out this season.

“They were a great two years. I got to experience a lot of good things,” Miller said of his time at Cal, during which he attended the NIT as a freshman and the NCAA Tournament as a sophomore. “It’s been an awesome experience.”

Miller, the son of Cal associate head track coach Ed Miller, said he has begun to think he would like to coach basketball someday. Wherever his career takes him, Miller said he never will lose his feelings toward Cal.

“I’ve been a Bear since I was born, since I was 2 years old on my dad’s shoulders to 21 years now,” Miller said. “This place feels like home. I’ll always be a Bear at heart.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • rollonubears

    bummer dude. sounds like a great guy. it’s going to take a miracle to get into the nba from ucdavis, but maybe he can do it. if that’s not the goal, though i’m not sure how this decision makes sense. he can play club hoops at cal, if he just wants to play.

  • Kevin

    Good luck to Eddie at Davis. As a Davis alum and a Cal fan, I think Davis should be on the Bears schedule each year.

  • Davidson

    This opens up a scholarship, right?

  • David Swartz

    No, he did not have a scholarship.

  • Good Luck Ed, your decision is totally understandable.
    Hope you made a connection with Monty, he’d be a great asset for you, if/when you enter the coaching.
    Davis is a great school.

  • uh oh.


    I’m surprised by your post. Normally you seem fairly astute.

    There are only about 30 US guys that make the NBA per year. (Throw in 15 international players, and the bottom half of the 2nd round never make a team.) Eddie Miller would have had to not only be a STARTER for cal but a **STAR**. There is NO member of the current Cal team who is assured a spot on an NBA roster. Randle is likely much too short and Christopher will probably only get a whiff of a chance. Mentioning Miller and NBA is same sentence was nonsensical.

    2nd: Do you understand nothing of the competitive spirit, and what it means to play sport in the official and regulated leagues? Miler was a walk on at Cal and during 2 yrs of being with the team, only got a taste of playing time, and had to watch the rest from the bench – something somewhat painful to do, especially when you know you’ve got exactly 2 yrs left before you are an old man and the chance to play in a real setting is about to expire. Cal Club hoops is no replacement for NCAA competition. How can you consider the NBA on one the one hand and fall back to Cal Club hoops as a secondary option? The two extremes are night and day.

    Sorry to blast. I hate it when people do that.

    Eddie – best of luck at UCD. I hope you get tons of playing time and enjoy every minute.

  • Will

    He loves the game and wants to play, but he probably wants to try to make it to the pros Europe or Australia. Even that’s probably a long shot though.