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Football: Cal No. 12 in AP top 25

By Jonathan Okanes
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 2:04 pm in off-season stuff.

The Associated Press preseason top 25 was released today and Cal checks in at No. 12, the same spot the Bears are at in the USA Today top 25. The ranking equals the second-highest spot the Bears have had in the AP preseason poll since Jeff Tedford took over at Cal in 2002. The Bears’ only higher preseason ranking was No. 9 in 2006.

Other Pac-10 entries include No. 4 USC and No. 16 Oregon. Oregon State was the first team listed among others receiving votes. Arizona received  13 votes to come in at No. 38 and UCLA is tied for 41st with seven votes.

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  • TrumanHugh

    As with the Coaches Poll, no love for the Big East.

    It isn’t that I really care about its omission, but it just seems to me that a conference with an automatic BCS bid ought to have at least *one* team that is good enough to get ranked, especially with the rule that allows for a non-BCS school to qualify for a BCS game if it is ranked higher than a BCS-conference champ (among other criteria).


    I think, given all the Big 10 postseason belly flops of late, that awarding Penn State with such a high ranking is ridiculous. Have any of the AP (and Coaches) Poll voters seen their schedule?

    I (sort of) get the argument that the SEC schedules lighter-weight OOC games because of such tough conference play, but no such pressure exists in the Big 10.

    There is no excuse for Akron, Syracuse, Temple, and Eastern Illinois! If ever there was a need to reinstate the strength of schedule component back into the equation.

    Sure, Penn State may well end up undefeated, or with just one loss, how couldn’t they?! When you factor in the EIGHT home games, anything less than that would be an embarrassment! But to reward them with a TOP TEN ranking is a joke!!

    Heck, even Stanfurd might have a shot at the national championship with a schedule like that. At least a winning season? Maybe.

  • iamalcindor

    Another year, another failure by Burqalee. Las Vegas Bowl – here we come!