Football: Friday night shoutout

Cal was off today but I had a busy day working on a couple of stories that will run over the next couple of days, as well as my season-preview that runs Tuesday. The preview story will be an examination of Jahvid Best’s chances at the Heisman, if it’s really realistic to include him in the conversation considering the three finalists from last year are back and he plays for a West Coast school not named USC.

Cal returns to practice tomorrow morning. After practice, it will be Contra Costa Times Fan Appreciation Day. Players and coaches will be available for photos and autographs. It runs from 12-2.

Some of you may have heard by now that the Pac-10 came to an agreement with the Alamo Bowl today. It’s reportedly a four-year deal that pays out $3 million to the participants. The second place Pac-10 team will be matched up against a team from the Big 12.

The Holiday Bowl, which used to take the No. 2 Pac-10 team, will now take the third-place team. No word on how that affects the other bowl arrangments. The previous format had the No. 3 Pac-10 team going to the Sun Bowl.

Here’s my notebook that runs Saturday, already on our web site. Just a little more on the decision to play Isi Sofele as a true freshman.

Be back with more tomorrow…

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • ToparchiBear

    Good news for the PAC-10 teams. That means more monney and exposure for recruits.

    By the way. Aaron Rodger had a near perfect preseason so far. And lead the Green Bay to a 3-0 starts and a 38-10 against the cardinal, could have been 45 pts with one touch down called back for a foot out of bound, in only 2 quarters of playing time.

    Go Bears!

  • HungryCalBear

    Good news for Pac-10 overall, but USC fans will now have to fly to San Antonio instead of just drive south to San Diego

  • Pug

    The Alamo Bowl will get the number 2 Pac 10 team against “a Big XII team”? Why would they do that?

    The Alamo bowl was hurting, matching some slug Big XII team against a lousy Big 10 team. So now the number 2 Pac 10 team will be stuck with number 4 or 5 from the Big XII? It’s a lousy deal.

    I don’t understand why the Pac 10 would ditch the Holiday Bowl. If the west wants better bowl games they need to build up the games like the Holiday and Emerald Bowls, not make them less prestigious.

  • TrumanHugh

    What the Pac-10 really needs is a more prestigious New Year’s Day game (Capitol One/Gator/Cotton-type bowls), not more December 27th at noon toss-offs. Okay, so the Alamo Bowl moved its game to January 2nd, big deal…that’s almost as bad as the Humanitarian or International Bowls, which play right before the BCS Championship game and match incredibly boring, low-luster teams.

    If Michigan State and Georgia can place third or worse in their respective conferences and still manage a New Year’s Day Bowl appearance, why can’t the Pac-10 wheel and deal better bowl tie-ins for its higher-placed finishes?

    Enough of these December 20th Las Vegas Bowls!!

  • BluenGold

    All in all, it just adds fuel to the perception that the whole system of using polls and bowl games to decide national titles and rankings is seriously flawed. If we cannot have a real playoff system to decide the national title, at least use the bowl games to approximate a playoff system. As things stand now, the only bowl games having any significance are the national title game and the ‘consolation bowl’ (or bowls) involving the rest of the top 4 or 6 teams in the polls.


    HungryCalBear Says:
    August 29th, 2009 at 3:33 am
    Good news for Pac-10 overall, but USC fans will now have to fly to San Antonio instead of just drive south to San Diego

    How many times has USC been to the Holiday Bowl in the last 10 years?
    How many times has Cal been to the Holiday Bowl (or a lesser bowl, such as the Diamond Nut) in the last 10 years?