Football: Tuesday night update

The first weekly press luncheon is in the books. Thanks to Cal’s media relations staff, you can read every word Jeff Tedford said by clicking here.

One of the prevailing topics among Tedford and the players that showed up was the late kickoff time. The 7 p.m. start time means the players will have a lot of time to wait during the day Saturday. But cornerback Syd’Quan Thompson said it can be a good thing because it allows the players to sleep in, especially since sometimes they have a hard time falling asleep the night before because they are excited about the game.

“It’s better than a 9 a.m. game, I’ll tell you that,” fullback Brian Holley said.

Tedford and the players used the word “redemption” rather than “revenge” in describing their desire to make up for last season’s loss to Maryland. They believe they just didn’t play well and want to right that wrong.

“It’s a game we felt got away from us real early in the game,” Thompson said. “If we had a couple more minutes on the clcok, we feel like we could have pulled out a win last year. But we’re looking forward to the challenge again. We get a chance to redeem ourselves and start this season right.”

Defensive end Tyson Alualu said the defense in last year’s game was a little confused by Maryland’s quick snaps.

“It might have been a lack of communication on the field on certain plays,” he said. “They surprised us with a lot of fast counts, fast snaps. We were trying to communicate, and we didn’t really get the plays on the D-line. There were some plays where we were still standing and not really ready.

“We’re prepared this year. The coaches have put us in the right positions.”

There has been a lot of speculation that the Bears weren’t ready for the type of humidity they faced that day. But it didn’t bother Alualu, who is from Honolulu.

“I’m from Hawaii. I thought that was normal weather,” Alualu said. “It felt like playing back home.”

Thompson said he usually spends much of Saturday watching other college football games on days the Bears have a nighttime kickoff.

“I go through my playbook a little bit, check out some other games and see how teams are looking,” he said. “Just to be able to relax my mind before our game. It’s just entertainment, really just to relax my mind. You don’t want to overly jam your mind before a game. It’s really just to clear your mind and see somebody else play.”

One game within the game Saturday will be the battle of top punters. Cal’s Bryan Anger and Maryland’s Travis Baltz are both on the preseason watch list for the Ray Guy Award.

“That should be fun,” Anger said. “I’m looking forward to a little rivalry. At the end, to see who does better in the game — it’s always a little competition to make it fun.”

Wide receiver Marvin Jones wrapped up the luncheon and said the player he admires the most is Arizona Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald.

“Just the way he goes up and gets the ball,” Jones said. “I feel like I do the same thing. He’s a different player. He’ll get anybody motivated the way he talks. He’s very mature with his game.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

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    hey JO,

    Was there practice today?

  • ToparchiBear

    I thought they did practice today. Any news?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Kyle Prather the no 2 rated WR will announce his intentions to sign with USC today. His signing comes after much heralded and no 1 rated WR Robert Woods announced his commitment to the Trojans. Now you see why Coach Carroll announced Barkley as the starting QB. What great 5* receiver would not want to come to SC.


    According to Rivals, Prater is the #1 WR and #2 OVERALL prospect. Woods is rated as an athlete (#1, of course) and is the #9 overall in the country.

    If Cal doesn’t beat USC this year it might not happen for another 10 years.

    McLOVIN’s Trivia Question of the Day: How many points has Cal averaged against USC in the last 6 seasons?

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    how does he like to receive it?

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    moron et al are in panic mode. much like when the giants show highlights of past successes, the trojenz have nothing talk about except glory years past, (which include one and one half titles in the last 3 decades), and their hope for the future, which is anyone’s guess at the rate $C kids get involved in scandal before they ever take the field. So fight on, trojenz. Keep spiting at your opponents in the pile, grabbing their groins and poking their eyes out, and you might have a fighting chance at another title, but not this year.

  • ToparchiBear

    So what if they got all #1 and #2. When the verdict comes out and $C will be sanction for cheating. And, they all will be waisted. Maybe the truth will never be told because they will spend more to cover up.

    Go bears!

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    CCTimes: Time to ban off topic posts by off topic posters.

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    I doubt it BluenGold because if that were to happen 1/2 of all of these posts by posters other than me would be gone. I have seldom more USC hate then what fills these boards. Next to the newbearinsider and the scout boards, I find more USC news here than anywhere.

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    you find that news because you’re the one posting it.

    Let’s start a little discussion: What is your biggest concern for the team going into the season?


    My biggest concern for Cal? It would have to be the health of your WR’s if they go over the middle against Taylor Mays and Will Harris.

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    Its quality, not quantity that counts. Send the U. of Sleazy Cheaters posters back to their burrows. Delete ALL off topic posts, especially those posted by trolls.

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    Now, back to the Maryland game… I predict that Maryland’s punter will win the punting battle because they will have to punt a whole lot more. If Anger has to punt more than three times I will be surprised.

    Cal will make a statement in this game. The starters will be resting by the end of the 3rd quarter. You are going to be mightily surprised at how good this team is.

    Let the campaign begin.

    Go Bears!

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    Nothing notable from the part of practice I saw. Still no update on the kicker. Hope to get that tonight. For those complaining about off topic posts, I have a suggestion: Don’t respond and I have a feeling those posts will go away. We’re trying to keep this as uncensored as possible, but still banning profanity, personal attacks, etc.

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    Thanks JO for not banning some of these “haters”. I have never championed that kind of thing. Haters quickly make fools of themselves. As for the poster who asked me about our biggest concern for this year I would say DL. Whenever the DL is strong at USC, we win and win a lot. I just don’t see any AA studs so it will have to be a collective effort. The other concern is to get enough playing time for all of our 5* talent. The troops have to be motivated and stay motivated.

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    We!! ?? Since when are you “we” for USC?

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    Go Bears this Saturday!