Football: Thursday night update

The long wait is almost over for Cal. A long training camp and over a week of game planning for Maryland is in the books. The Bears will have their usual Friday walkthrough tomorrow and then it will be game day.

Cal’s players are ready. They were hooting and hollering as practice wound down tonight. You can tell they are ready to play an actual opponent.


A few quick notes:


–Cornerback Darian Hagan didn’t practice again because of knee tendonitis, but coach Jeff Tedford maintained that he will play Saturday. When asked about Hagan’s status, defensive coordinator Bob Gregory said: “We’ll see at game time. Hopefully he’s OK.”


–Linebacker Eddie Young was held out of practice because he is sick, but Tedford said he will play Saturday. “We’re holding him out so he doesn’t get anyone else sick,” Tedford said.


–Gregory said the linebackers are set with Young and Mike Mohamed on the outside and Mychal Kendricks and D.J. Holt on the inside. He singled out Devin Bishop and Keith Browner as backups who should get significant reps.


–Gregory said as of right now, junior college transfer Ryan Davis will redshirt the season. Fellow JC transfer Jarred Price is slotted to play in Cal’s subpackages, meaning he should be mostly a rush specialist.


–Gregory on Holt: “He’s just improved. He’s a very coachable guy. When we need something out of him, he does it. He certainly has improved.”


–Gregory said the reason defensive back Chris Conte wasn’t included on the depth chart is because his injury during camp set him back. He said he expects Conte to be one of the team’s top four safeties once he is 100 percent healthy.




Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


    Very embarrassing night for the pac-10 after the whole Blunt fiasco. Hopefully our bears can pull out a classy big win on national TV to gain some respect back, no excuse for that guy.

  • abe

    like losing in ugly fashion on national tv to bsu isn’t bad enough blount made sure that this loss will be revisited time and time again by the drama sucker media through out the season keeping this loss fresh in the voters minds. thanks.

  • rollonubears

    blount’s got serious issues, but i’m sure the boise state dude said something awful to him. verbal assault is equally bad, and equally illegal, and both players should be sanctioned. i don’t like oregon, but they got hosed by the officials in the first half, on three critical calls, and a couple phantom PI calls. as a cal fan, you know how disgusting it is when officials take the game ot of your hands. it’s deplorable. oregon was the better in the first half, and the officials literally gave the momentum to boise st. i’m sure boise was talking trash all game, just like USC. still no excuse for punching a guy, but when you’ve been beaten down verbally by the other team and mentally by the officials, the weakest of the weak will fold and resort to violence, and i think that’s what happened. oregon’s not that bad, which is doubly bad for the bears because we’re giong to go up there and they’ll probably play way better against us, and won’t be ranked. figures.

  • H8sRed

    House — It’s a huge embarrassment for Oregon, not for the Pac-10. Cal, and the rest of the Pac are not responsible for the selfish actions of a player from another team. In fact, it serves as a great lesson to a team like Cal: no one player is more important than the team. Rollon, the bsu player gave Blount a little shove (not that espn shows it in the replays) as he was verbally assaulting him. He too is an embarrassment to his team and should be equally sanctioned.

  • rollonubears

    Darian Hagan is kind of key. I hope he’s ok. I think he broke up more passes than anyone last year, and probably could have caught half of those for picks.

  • Kent

    Rollonubears says:
    “oregon’s not that bad, which is doubly bad for the bears because we’re giong to go up there and they’ll probably play way better against us, and won’t be ranked. figures.”

    This is the “defeatest” attitude Cal fans must shed. It’s like being a Cubs fan…always anticipating how the team will find a way to lose. This is the year Cal football will turn into being the Boston Red Sox. As fans its our job to “BELIEVE” and turn our energy into positive thinking. Of course no one knows how this year will turn out…but the facts are this year represents the best chance for Cal to get to the Rose Bowl in a while, so lets go with it…I for one, believe I will be attending the Rose Bowl this in January and watch Cal defeat Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

  • rollonubears

    kent, i like the spirit, and the pep talk, and i’ll try to turn things around, but in my short lifetime, i’ve only followed the sacramento kings, sf giants, and my beloved bears on the court and on the field, and other than a shared pac-10 title and a couple world series appearances followed by disaster, it’s been nothing but disappointment. i figure that if you go into it as a fan expecting the worst, at least you don’t fret when it happens, and you’re pleasantly surprised when they excel. still, you’re probably right, and it just brings everyone else down. i hope we sautee the turtles on saturday. 55-9. go bears!


    H8sRed- While we are not responsible for another team, players..etc’s actions, the national audience of last nights game, witch already has a biased against the pac 10, see’s last night as a solid reason we are not a top tier confrence(top tier being big 12 and sec). Oregon was a pre-season favorite to challenge USC and Cal for the title, and losing to a WAC team and in ugly fashion doesn’t sit well with anybody.

  • Rich

    It was obvious that Oregon has some major issues with their oline and play calling. BSU was fast and aggressive and they won the game outright, although they made lots of mistakes. If they played BCS teams through out the season, like they played against Oregon, they would not win many games.

  • Jimmy

    Are you nuts? Oregon was the better in the first half? Are you out of your mind? They had 0, count it, 0 first downs…Boise controlled the game from the oustet. They moved the ball at will…Phantom PI? Oregon had their hands all over the receivers…

    “Verbal assault is equally bad”? You clearly are deranged.

    Would you rather have someone call you a jerk, or punch you in the face? Ya, I thought so.

  • Pete Carroll

    It was the curse of the SI cover. BTW it wasn’t the refs that determined that game, it was the ineffective offensive line. Boise State tried to give the game back but Oregon couldn’t get it together.

    The real measure will be what Belotti and Kelly do with Blount. Will they come correct and sanction this kid severely or will they turn a blind eye and let inappropriate behavior continue? If they let him off with a slap on the wrist, they’ll be no better than a Dennis Erickson run team.

    Who remembers two years ago when an Oregon player kicked a Cal player in the head on a kick off at Cal? It was an egregious foul that for some reason was never called. There is a suspicious amount of thuggery with the Oregon program.

    What it means to Cal…nothing. Oregon’s problem is not Cal’s problem.

  • rushncap

    Well… OU certainly looked kinda beatable last night. I’m guessing the moral of the story is: stack the line and dare Masoli to throw the ball. 4.5 yards per attempt?

    JO – would you guess this is indicative of the kind of Oregon team we’ll see in a few weeks, or do you figure they’ll a) get much better or b) they actually are much better than last night but, for some reason, had “one of those nights”?

  • GoldenBear 77

    Pete, good you took time out of your preparation for San Jose State to talk with us. The only thing I disagree with it that the punch, and the punchless performance of Oregon does mean something to Cal — it colors the entire perception of the conference. When is that perception important — TV contracts where a lot of money is involved, TV choices of games to air (more $$$), bowl agreements (more $$$), and getting a second BCS game for the conference (more $$$) among other things. Maybe this is right, maybe wrong, but I believe it is the way it is. Blount needs to be disciplined not only for the good of the Oregon program, but for the good of the Pac-10.

  • ToparchiBear

    Rollon.. After seeing the game last night. Cal has a better chance to beat them even playing up there. They played horrible. Masoli looked like he lost his mind or scared of something. Maybe from what he got last year (a blow and a concussion by the same team) still have the lingering effect on him. Their speed were definately slower than the Bronco. BS won the game outright, although, they got their own problem. They were lucky to have the ball back and hold on to win.

    Can’t wait to see how our Bears are doing.

    Go Bears! Beat Maryland.

  • Sacbear87

    This game revealed how weak Oregon is. Phil Steel nails it again. Both offensive and defensive lines were inconsistent. Oregon is a 5th place pac-10 team this year at best.

  • Jethro

    Oregon lost because they tried to make Masoli a pocket passer and because the Boise QB was good. Masoli should run have run the ball 15 to 20 times, especially given that Blount was awful. That would have set up the passing game.

    Blount stinks so it shouldn’t hurt Oregon even if he gets suspended. In fact, it will probably help them. Now losing TJ Ward is a whole other matter. That cheap-shot artist is one of their best players.

  • Primo

    Hope everyone gets healthy soon…blah, blah. That being said, just watched Pac-10 embarrassed on National TV during broadcast of the first ranked game of the NCAA season.
    Once again, Pac-10 feeds Eastern Writers bias by losing badly at an away game, and dropping at least 5 slots in AP. Oregon decided to not help Cal’s BCS chances, by gaining a total of 14 yards in the first half, and ZERO,(sorry, let me repeat that), NADA!, Zippo! PHhfffft!,,, first downs. None.
    Good news? Chip Kelly will probably be gone next year, unless any signs of life the Ducks showed via turnovers in the 2nd half was due to Belotti throwing his AD hat out the press box window, and ran with a blackboard down to the locker room at half time. Bad news? Ducks face Utah just before Cal, and will probably drop off the rankings losing that one. For those of you reading this, who did not watch the debacle, ( of which there are probably only 2), Masoli showed signs of life in the 4ht Qtr, but, the Duck Defense was only in the game for about 10 minutes, total. Then, Kelly….well, on 4th and 1 in the last Qtr, going for it (mandatory), with Boise St. stacked and sending everyone, Masoli hands off to Blount, instead of, say, naked bootleg, wherein the big back gets dropped for negative yards, game over.

  • Goldiebear

    Blount will certainly be suspended for at least three games, which means he won’t be playing against us. His backup, is a senior who has 550 career yards(5 yd apg)and 5 TD

    What kind of “verbal assault” could the Boise State player have unleashed in about 3 seconds?

    Sucker punching a helmetless player in the mouth when you are still wearing your helmet is pretty weak regardless of the “provocation.

    Obviously a white player playing in Idaho doesn’t get the concept of “disrespect” so prevalent among young people today. Judging from the little dance Blount did after throwing the punch, he was proud of himself for defending his honor although his performance in the game (8 carries, -6 yards) was hardly respectable.

  • Pete Carroll

    Blount was suspended for the season. Good for Bellotti and Kelly to step up and retain the image of the program.

    And GB77, you’re right about the prestige of the conference. Oregon laid an egg and that does reflect poorly on the PAC-10. So you’re partly right. However, the prestige of the conference has no bearing on Cal’s objective – win the PAC-10.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy wanted me to ask all of you about the 1991 Big Game. Why no season ending suspensions? Daddy and Bruce Snyder were close friends even until the day he died but he said the behavior by your players was deplorable. I was too young and don’t really remember much although I was there plus I had already begun rooting for USC.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I am here to spread the good news. Matt Barkley and his faith are linked as one. My contact at USC says this young man is the most genuine Christian young man he has ever met. http://www.dailynews.com/sports/ci_13266903

    misterpeabody got banned again on the SF Chronicle site. That’s three in a row. We should pray for his anger problems.

  • calbear

    gross. i’m sure god helps him look aside when players are getting paid to put on that SC uniform.

    keep it football please.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    If Tony Dungy was the subject of our discussion would you be able to divorce his faith from the way he handles his football affairs? Many of the USC players are young men of God. Tim Tebow is the same. My point is that it is relevant. A new article on the SF Chronicle just went up. Their writer over there isn’t nearly as good as JO. I am praying daily for JO as he gets a lot of unnecessary criticism here.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I will also warn all of you that to disrespect JO and even USC is one thing but to disrespect God entirely another. I cannot find joy in that kind of behavior. If it should continue unchecked I may leave this board.