Football: Quick Sunday night update

Cal held its usual conditioning workout Sunday night. Nothing really new to report, as Jeff Tedford said it won’t be until Tuesday when backup tight end Spencer Ladner has his injured knee evaluated. Tedford said safety Sean Cattouse (concussion) will be tested out Tuesday and Wednesday to see how severe it is.

One of the few negatives for Cal yesterday was Giorgio Tavecchio’s kickoffs. He didn’t once get it deeper than the 5 and had a couple received as shallow as the 15. Tedford noticed.

“That’s something we’re going to have to take a real hard look at because it was nothing like he’d been kicking in practice,” Tedford said. “I don’t know if it’s the game-time situation that gets him anxious, because we didn’t kick the ball well when we kicked off. We can’t be fielding the ball at the 15 all the time.”

Tedford had previously said that Tavecchio was consistently kicking between the goal-line and the 5 during practice.

The Bears will have their usual Monday off and return to the practice field Tuesday to start preparing for Saturday’s game against Eastern Washington.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jan K Oski

    As Giorgio was practice kicking during half-time, I had a great view of where the balls landed from Section I. When he got great elevation on the ball, it went to the 5 or less, while when it was a lower kick, it only went to the 10. Apparently, he is still learning how to kick on a consistent basis. But, why he couldn’t put any of his kicks around the goal line is a lack of focus in my opinion, since he could do it

    JO What’s your thought on why Mohamed was looking at the FB instead of D. Scott, when D. Scott had an easy 39 yard TD run? If he was facing the right way, he would have made an easy tackle in my opinion. I had a great vantage point at the game, then I watched it on ESPN 360. It was a really bizaar incident. It looked like he had his bell rung from his body language, utter confusion. Other than that play, Mohamed seemed to be around the ball in the right direction on every other play. Cal’s LB looked very good.

    Go BEARS!

  • Kent

    I agree with Monte Poole’s assessment of Riley. Riley was a bit off target early in the game, even some of the completed passes were off target, but the receivers (particularly Marvin Jones) made excellent grabs of passes thrown either too high or behind). I must also remark how Jahvid Best simply dropped a perfectly thrown pass during the Bears 1st possession. Overall, Riley was a bit shaky at first, but he settled down and enginereed nice drives late in the 2nd quarter and into the 2nd half.

    Offensive Line looked impressive, clearly dominating Maryland defensive front.

    Defensive line had a strong performance, but I think Maryland will be one of the weaker offensive lines that Cal will face this year. So, it remains to be seen if Cal can put pressure on the QB when we play in Minnesota and Oregon.

    Kick-Offs were simply atrocious. I don’t understand why Tedford can’t find someone who can consistently kick the ball inside the 5 yard line. Also, what the heck was the squib kick call right before halftime. While the kick was poorly executed, why are we squibbing the ball anyway.

    WR’s looked very good. Particularly, Marvin Jones. Caught balls consistently and good blocking downfield.

    DBs were also, solid. A couple of mistakes…but rarely missed tackles.

    Cal looks to be a good team and there is great potential this year. If the team continues to improve this team could achieve its goals.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    I was reading about the Fresno State game ths weekend and here is what their coach Pat Hill said – “I’d love to play Davis or Sac State again,” Hill said. “Always wanted to get Cal here, but no one wants to play here.”

    What’s up with that? Is Fresno State too easy of an opponent and if so why play Eastern Washington this weekend.

  • Rocko

    The Fresno St. stadium is too small. You don’t see USC,UCLA,Stanford going their either. Sure they would love to play any of those teams at home, but there is no upside for the PAC-10 teams to go there. If the PAC-10 ever went to 12 teams, Fresno St. would be a team I would like to see added, if they increased their stadium size. Good question though.

  • Pete Carroll

    Hey Jankoski, I noticed that Mohammed play too. It looked like he was running out of the way of the tailback. Very odd. I could only guess that he had the fullback as his coverage assignment.

    Tavecchio has a case of the yips. Just like golfers who hit well on the practice tee but blow it when it’s a real game.

    Hey moren, why don’t you comment about how poor your prediction was for the Maryland game?

  • Eric

    For a first game, it really was a terrific performance – by far the best of the Pac-10 teams relative to the competition they were playing.

    Cal easily could have scored a few more TDs had they kept the first team in the game in the fourth quarter.

    One thing that stood out for me was the lack of “killer” penalties – those penalties, like false starts and holding, that kill drives. Oregon and Oklahoma both had such killer penalties at critical junctures in their games. For a first game against a supposedly quick defense, and with Cal having a bunch of new guys on the line, that was great.

  • Jethro

    I watched Tavecchio kick three balls to the goal line during his half time warmups. I agree he has the equivalent of the golfing “yips.” He’s trying to kill it during the game, rather than just focusing on form.

    I don’t think Seawright was trying to kick those two low and flat. He too was trying to hit it out of the park and lost form.

    Jones was amazing. Riley was OK. Some good passes, but many off the mark. However, he was better overall than I expected.

  • ToparchiBear


    I agreed with you. I witnessed the same thing. He kick so well during half time, one even got beyond the goal line.

    Pete.. Just ignore that Mor&%… he always talks about off topic and try to talk down the Bears. By the end of the year, the Bears will make him so bad on his prediction.

    In comparision, Matt barkley is lucky to have all the talents around him. His stats is kind of flaw. He did not have to do much, just flipped the ball in short distance on the run to who ever, and they gained all the yardage for him. Now we know his tricks, try that in Berkeley. On the other hand, Riley earned all his hard yardage.

    Score for Eastern Washington any one?

    I’ll say 58 ~ 10. However, I don’t think JT like to drive up the score like the SC did..

    Go Bears!

  • BluenGold

    MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    September 1st, 2009 at 9:20 pm
    I have been calling it since last week. It will be a close game. Definitely take Maryland and the points. Here is what I think. If Maryland sticks to the ground taking time off the clock and forces Riley to beat them with his erratic arm it is anyone’s game.
    MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    September 2nd, 2009 at 2:12 pm
    Don’t overlook Maryland. I still do not think your OL is that good. It is very unproven with a new center, two new guards, one tackle that didn’t play last year and new TEs. That’s a lot inexperience and to give a team 21 points is calling for a blow out. This isn’t UW or WSU. They also have a proven QB who wins big games and a couple of RBs that are very good.
    MoreNCsarecoming Says:
    September 3rd, 2009 at 7:33 am
    I believe the outcome of the game can go in either direction and there are just too many variables that make it difficult to predict an exact score. If Best goes down, it will hugely affect the outcome. In either case, 21 points is way too much. That’s a blow out and it is not likely to happen.

    Yeah, right. Enough said!

  • Davidson

    Haha, where’s the troll now? Anyone watching the game can see that Cal came to play and we are legit this year.

    Our D was swarming. Hard hits every down.
    Our D-line was out of this world, with 4th stringer Owusu looking like a beast.
    Our O-line pass protected and opened hole all day.
    Best was best…are we even surprised that he went 73 yards again? No, but was it exciting? HELL YES!
    Riley stepped it up.
    Our Receivers stepped it up.
    Marv Jones is a star in the making.

    GO BEARS!!

  • Jan K Oski

    Yeah, it amazes me that Tedford didn’t tell Alamar to send in D’Amato for at least one or two tries… Gregory’s rotation on the D-line fruited 2 sacks from Owuso who saw that happening?

  • Jan K Oski

    Kent- Did you watch the replay of the game? The DB put his hand in there, when the ball was coming down, so Best had to make a over-the-head catch with some contact. It ain’t an easy catch for anyone.

  • Golden Bear

    There’s a new sports movie out: The Big Fan. From EW: “The movie is an unblinking look at the pathology of American sports mania, in which the power and victory of your team becomes the sole conduit for your self-worth.” The loser it’s about even still lives with his mommy. That can’t be true, can it? It makes such fun of the loser that it’s now my favorite football movie.

    What are your favorite football movies?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Maryland = cupcakes and bottom feeders of the ACC. This gme proved nothing. It also took some atrocious calls by the refs to get the victory.

  • Pete Carroll

    Moren that’s weak. Maryland will be a mid-tier ACC team this year. They’re a lot better than San Jose State.

  • Will

    Serious question…is “The Big Fan” based on a true story? It sounds familiar…

  • Jan K Oski

    I heard the Big Fan was more about self-gratification, if you know what I mean, than sports fanaticism. And, where did one see this movie? It isn’t playing in the Bay Area according to Yahoo!

  • ToparchiBear

    Ha ha.. Moren… that is cheap.. Cupcake? Bottom feeder? what did you say about them before? You just can’t admit that Cal is good, Can’t you. That is not a close game that you blamed the ref. for the victory. That is blown out man. Cal is clearly better at both end of the ball.

    How about Miami team (lost to Cal last year) that just upset #18 rank Florida States at FSU.

    Go Bears!

  • Calduke

    O K all you football analysts. I need answers.

    1. Was the pass to Best dropped or was it batted away??

    2. Was the kickoff near the end of the first half
    a’whiff’ or a botched squib kick??

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    OK football fans…once again I wil need to to get this board focused on football related material. So after week 1 who played better?

    Joe McKnight or J. Best
    Matt Barkley or K. Riley

  • house

    lets see, Best averaged 13.7 ypc and Riley threw 4 TD passes against a BCS confrence team, you guys were SHUT OUT 25% of your game against a SJSU team that wasnt even in the top half of the WAC. nice try though.

  • ToparchiBear


    I believe that was a designed on side kick, just didn’t work. See how all the bears line up. They were all stay close together and went after the ball. Usually spread out the entire width.

  • Larry

    Actually, Tedford has his kickers kick a line drive to a slower up-back so the return won’t be a quick TD or returned for good feild position just before half-time.

  • Jabes

    I think the pass was dropped. It was underthrown but catchable, the defender did not appear to get a hand on the ball. It is questionable if Best could have hung on after the hit, securing a pass is not his forte as much as holding on to the ball during a run.

    Bottom line, the way Jones played you expect him to make that catch, you hope Best does, and it’s hard to blame the QB for a downfield strike that does get to the hands of his intended receiver.

    Whatever the design on the “squib” kick, it was designed or executed poorly, resulting in field position beyond the 40. Would have been better to kick out of bounds.

  • Golden Bear

    I appreciate the way JO answers questions we pose in the comments. He’s good about that. He answers all questions that are valuable and worthy. And he ignores questions from the fools. Good work, JO!

  • Davidson

    After watching the replay, the ball bounced off of Best’s right shoulder pad. I believe it must have been obscured by the Defender’s arms, as it was clearly catchable.

    Underthrown? Yes
    Catchable? Yes
    Hard to catch? Yes