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  • Larry

    I thought Peter Guerts left the team, on Saturday he had a carry or two. What’s going on with that?

  • ToparchiBear

    Eastern Washington is banned for post bowl game for the next 3 years for violation, so, they may go all out to spoil some potential teams.

  • Calduke

    The team looked short of running backs, so, Tedford convinced Guerts to return. Probably promised a few carries. It’s pleasant to see him back.

  • Tony

    One somewhat overlooked aspect of Cal’s terrific victory this past weekend, at least in my opinion — the seemingly incredibly genuine reactions from all our skill players at the successes of the others. For all the talk of improved chemistry and whatnot, I’m not sure how much of it I really believed until I saw how genuinely everyone was congratulating each other — from Vereen and Best chest-bumping, to the receivers’ reactions anytime one of them made a great catch. Really nice to see…hopefully, that camraderie only increases even if the victories start piling up.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Frankly by the middle of the year you maybe using this walk on RB more than you think. That’s why USC recruits up to 8 RBs at any one time.


  • ToparchiBear

    nah! you don’t need 8 RBs for a team. That is why some of them even if they are 4 stars or 5 stars will be waisted and not make it to NFL, because they don’t have a chance to even run once. that is why some of the top RBs would not consider $C, because even if they are good, they are bench warmer.

    I’ll say a good tandem, and a pair of good backups are all you’ll need in any given year.

    How many RBs that Cal used year in year out. TWO. And, their records will lead them to NFL.

    Go Bears!

  • Jan K Oski

    $C only needs a bunch of RBs, because Petie is greedy. Enough said…

  • abe

    Pete’s greed is a well documented fact. latest example would be the Mark Sanchez saga. Pete was all pissed off when Sanchez bolted to the NFL b/c apparently he lacked experience and that was going to hurt his draft stock. well we all know how it all went down for Sanchez. Pete would probably continue to argue that Sanchez is going to struggle as a rookie and derail his pro career and thus he was right to tell Sanchez to come back for one more year. I have a feeling Sanchez is going to do fine in the pros. the reality is Pete wanted Sanchez to come back simply because he wanted his championship, it had nothing to do with the well being of Sanchez like he made it out to be.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    The last time I checked it is the player recruit who must sign the dotted line. No one forced any of these kids to come to USC. My source high up in the program told me that PC puts the challenge to each player before they sign. He tells them what the competition will be, what they are expecting of the player, how everyone gets a fair chance but nothing nothing is guaranteed.Our players rise to that challenge. Others like MeSean didn’t want to compete. He was offended that Patrick Turner got the no 1 and he didn’t!

  • rollonubears

    The title of this post is “Jeff Tedford’s press luncheon.” Quit talking about USC or you will lose the privilege of posting here.

  • ToparchiBear

    blab..blab..blab…. you don’t have to defend for PC. Every one here have eyes and ears…
    Explain to me then Why PC vs Sanchez at the end of last year. PC should have been happy for Sanchez to leave early, if that was best for him. He knew that if he would stayed for another year, his draft chance would be gone to the toilet, and risk of injury might also be a concern. See what happen to Bradford of OU, Now he got injured and may not be a #1 pick, which he was projected to be.

    So, I think Sanchez was smart enought to Buzzed PC and move on. Now, he is very comfortable with $50 mil on hand and will be a starter in the NFL. That proved PC is selfish and so wrong.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    To blab…blab…blab

    No one can judge why PC told Sanchez he shouldn’t jump. He has had plenty of players who have jumped early and he never said a word against the decision. Did he do so when Reggie jumped early? If he had told Sanchez to leave you would be here ragging on him for being unloyal to his players because he wanted others to have have a chance (in this case Barkley). So leave it alone. The same PC who goes into the South Central to help out gang members isn’t going to say things that will destroy Sanchez unless he felt it was the right thing for him. The fact that Sanchez got 50M and a starting position does not change one iota of what PC stated. He simply said Sanchez was not ready yet for the NFL. Plenty of guys started as rooks and washed out inlcuding Akili Smith, Kyle Boller, etc. Matt Ryan appears to be in the minority.

  • BluenGold

    What part of “Jeff Tedford’s press luncheon” does NoMoreNCs not comprehend?

  • Pete Carroll

    I really don’t like you talking about me. I agree with BnG – keep this about Jeff Tedford’s press luncheon.

  • Rocko

    When you have an unproven Freshman QB – Barkley and an unproven Soph. QB Corp, you need as many RB’s as you can have. You need to run the ball much more because you’re unsure of your QB. Plus the fact the RB has the chance of the most injurys. You never know how a High School phenom will play in college. USC has had some real duds recently, won’t you agree. I think ths will play out this weekend when 100,000 screaming Ohio St. fans will put the fear of God in Barkley.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Rocko Says:
    September 9th, 2009 at 4:22 pm
    I think ths will play out this weekend when 100,000 screaming Ohio St. fans will put the fear of God in Barkley.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Not according to this story.,0,3196505.story

  • House

    Oh wow, well that settles it then, Barkley said he’s not intimidated so he must not be. Why wouldn’t we take a 19 year old kids words to heart. I mean he obviously knows what he’s going into, cause high school games are just as intense as a night game at OSU. Come on moron are you serious?? Are we really supposed to think this kids gonna handle it just cause he says he can?? What is this Disney? Time to grow up buddy, we’ll see how brave this kid is on 3rd and long in the first quarter.

  • Rocko

    Yes I saw the Barkley challange on TV. Absolute stupidity on his part. He has challanged the OSU crowd to be loud. This won’t be 72,000 friendly fans that he found at the LA collisum. This won’t be some 5-10,000 high school game wth half those fans from his school. He has never played under those conditions and until he has, he has no dea what it’s going to be like. Wait until his OL has to take a splt second longer on the snap count and that gives the advantage to the DL. It’s obvious from your post YOU have never played under those conditions.

  • ToparchiBear

    After the first full game with SJSU in his own home turf, He thinks he is ready for the world. Do you really think he is better than Riley, Pryor or Sanchez? Has he really thrown a ball down field like the other QBs did? How did he got that one TD pass? and how he got all the yardage in SJSU game? It was a joke. He was just lucky to have all the play makers around him to help him looked perfect and to make him so cocky. He will learn one of these day that history repeat itself. He will be reminded the lost and the 4 INTs in his last high school game. And, how many interceptions in his senior year?

    Maybe, it will start with OSU game. I surely hope not. I hope the PAC-10 teams can stay on top against all the non-conference foes. I hope they can be perfect 4-0 when they come to the Bear Territory for a show down with the Bears.

    By that time, our DEs will be ready for him to roll out. and DBs will be ready for his short passes.

    Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Barkley > Riley and Pryor
    Barkley < Sanchez

    And this is why he doesn’t feel the prssure.

  • ToparchiBear

    That is BS…
    Week one. Riley > Barkley with 298 yards, 4 TDs. All hard earned yards and true TDs passes and no INT with PAC-10 player of the week.

    MoroNC… you just can’t admit that sometime CAL is better than your troll S…

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Before his career isover at SC, people will be calling this the “Matt Barkley effct”. All of the great high school wide receivers including Robert Woods and Kyle Prather have committed so that they can catch passes from our star freshman QB. Read…

    ‘I had to pay attention to my heart, USC’

    Kyle Prater
    7:41 p.m. CDT, September 4, 2009

    Anxiety was setting in as this day started approaching, but relief is here.

    My parents asked me at the beginning of the recruiting process: If I couldn’t play football, would I be happy with the environment of the school I selected?

    Once they planted that seed in my mind, I knew what to sense and feel once I started my unofficial visits.

    Make no mistake, Illinois is a great institution with great academics, tradition and location. Head coach Ron Zook is an awesome guy, along with coach Dan Disch. But once I felt that gut feeling in Los Angeles and felt the vibe of the environment, I knew that’s where I belonged.

    Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Michigan all are great.

    Talking to those coaches and letting them know their school wasn’t my choice was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    I had a relationship with them all. I have the utmost respect for all the coaches that I built a relationship with during my recruiting process.

    I had to pay attention to my heart — USC.

    More than 40 scholarships were offered. Hard work really pays off.

    Kyle Prater is a senior wide receiver at Proviso West. He announced Wednesday that he will play football and attend Southern California, where he will enroll in January. He will share his thoughts this season in a weekly diary in the Tribune and at chicago

  • ToparchiBear

    Ha…ha… what a waste of talents. some of 4 or 5 RBs stars at $C will be bench warmer and soon to be forgotten. And, oh! yeah! 8 WRs all going for the ball, and If QB get 3500 yrds total in a year, mean average out each will have 437 yds each. Is that record good enough to have them pick in the first round. Prather will soon regret where he will be is to follow his wrong hypes.

  • ToparchiBear

    He is better of going some where that he can break all the school records, because he is the only few WRs in the team that all the balls are going to him.

    Ask those 4 or 5 stars prior bench warmers from $C that didn’t make it to the NFL, because they did not have a chance to compete due to too much depth. Am I right?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    The NFL scouts know talent and just because someone doesn’t start at USC doesn’t mean they won’t get drafted. How about Thomas Williams? How about Matt Cassell? OTOH, what about your 3 starting LBs from last year. Where are they? Allen Bradford will be drafted and he won’t aaccumulate more than 500 yards his whole career at TB. USC is a ticket to the NFL.

  • ToparchiBear

    Hyperthetically, Now Barkley, took over the helm will not go down for the next three years. That mean Aaron will not start or play any college game and graduated. And, he was the #1 5 stars recruit when he came to $C. Do you really think he will be drafted and be drafted on the first round. Come on.

    You just mentioned two out of how many talents, how about all other 4 and 5 stars talents that were gone to dust. How do you explain that….? wouldn’t you agreed that those talents, if they had gone to some other program, where really need them, they would have a chance to proof themself, and a chance to be drafted. And, don’t tell me, oh! that is too bad.

  • BluenGold

    More off topic blather from moron the troll…..

  • Rocko

    Barkleys carrer is just starting not ending. I guess we will just have to wait until Saturday to see how he handles the crowd noise at OSU won’t we? Anything else is just jingoism isn’t it!

  • Golden Bear

    I hear going to USC is also a ticket to great law schools. Well, assuming you do well as an undergrad at SC. If not — it’s UC Davis for you!


    McLOVIN trivia of the day:

    How many points has Cal averaged against USC in the last 5 years?

    Hint: It is the same number of National Championships that USC has.