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Football: Pawlawski on Chronicle Live

By Jonathan Okanes
Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 at 2:25 pm in Mid-week.

Mike Pawlawski is doing the color commentary for Saturday’s game on Comcast SportsNet California. He will a guest on Chronicle Live tonight.

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  • Mack Attack

    Is the game going to be shown on tv???

  • MikeD

    Nope, Pawlawski just decided he needed to sit in a booth and talk into a mic to do some color commentary for the fun of it – you know to brush up and stuff in case there was ever a game on TV.

  • House

    While it was funny that still might not answer your question, Yes Mack Attack the game will be on Comcast sports net California regional televised some thing or another.

  • Rocko

    Yes the game is on TV. It’s on Comcast. It’s also on Direct TV ch. 696

  • Rookie

    What channel is that for comcast?


    Cookie, it is on channel 721.

  • Rookie

    McLovin Thanks!

  • BluenGold

    According to the TV listings in the Times, the game is being carried on CSNCA, which is the same Comcast station that carries the televised A’s games. Its channel 89 on my cable in the Walnut Creek area, but might be a different station on other Comcast systems.


    Please don’t tell me that you haven’t figured out that this this is the same station. One is in HD (721) and one isn’t (89).