Basketball: Blue Ribbon tabs Bears at No. 8

Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook picks Cal as the No. 8 team in the nation in its preseason top-25.

(To avoid the confusion we apparently had earlier in the week, we reiterate that this is BASKETBALL).

Best I can tell, this is the highest Blue Ribbon has pegged the Bears. The 1993-94 team featuring Jason Kidd as a sophomore was ranked No. 15 by the magazine. Blue Ribbon projected the Bears with the freshman Kidd at No. 20 in 1992-93.

The publication picked Cal to win the conference title, placed Jerome Randle and Patrick Christopher on its all-Pac-10 team and projected Randle as the league’s player of the year.

Blue Ribbon lists Kansas at No. 1. Washington, at No. 23, is the only other Pac-10 team ranked, meaning that UCLA is nowhere to be found.

Here’s the entire top-25:

1. Kansas
2. Michigan State
3. Texas
4. Villanova
5. North Carolina
6. Purdue
7. Kentucky
8. California
9. Duke
10. Tennessee
11. Butler
12. West Virginia
13. Georgia Tech
14. Minnesota
15. Syracuse
16. Ohio State
17. Oklahoma
18. Connecticut
19. Dayton
20. Maryland
21. Oklahoma State
22. Michigan
23. Washington
24. Georgetown 25. (tie) Siena
25. (tie) Siena
25. Illinois

Jeff Faraudo

  • dubious

    Missing one really high quality big to keep opponents honest in the post, not to mention it’d do wonders for the rotation and number of fouls we can give down low, I’d have to say, “over-rated”.
    Now, I’m glad to be proven wrong, but just wait until we play the big boys in the Tourney, or in Lawrence, or in Madison Square Garden. (It’s all about keeping my expectations in check.) We ain’t making the Elite Eight with a still hobbling Harper Kamp, overweight JC transfer, and the undersized but exuberant Jamal Boykins – no offense to these kids, I’m just sayin’…. It ain’t like having a couple nearly 7 foot 260 pounders down low, which is what the big programs have, now is it?
    … Unless, that is, we suddenly witness the brilliance of Ben Braun recruiting the miraculous makeover of a steroid-laden Max Zhang. Then we could be talking…

  • Bear IV

    Something special is in the air in Berkeley. Oh wait, that might just be telegraph.