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  1. It may be a day for a lot of firsts JO, but this is not the first time tedford has had us unprepared.

  2. You have to give it to Oregon. They exposed our Defense as not being able to defend the mid-range stuff the 8-10-12 yard outs and over the middle stuff.

    Our Offense got pnched in the mouth in the 1st Qtr and never recovered.

    We are capable of playing better, but we aren’t. Give credit to Oregon, they exposed the same thing E. Washington did.

  3. I just hope Jahvid can get to 100 Yds as consolation to this soon to be loss.

  4. Oh yeah, one more thing. This is EXACTLY why CAL fans should not be talking about the Rose Bowl after the 3rd week of the season.

    There mathematically is a possibility that we can get there, but not under our own power. Worry about the Rose Bowl after week 11 or 12 if we are undefeated at that point.

    Lesson learned?

  5. Total meltdown. They can’t win on the road. Thank god we have the sahpc coming. We need to recruit some guys who aren’t mental basketcases.

  6. Btw. If best isn’t going to block anyone, get him out of there. He’s been dogging it all day. Unacceptable. He’s hurt anyway. Tedford us a buffoon.

  7. That goes for the O-line as well. Those two sacks of Riley in a row had all the O-line standing around watch Riley get mauled. Get them out of there and put the scrubs in. We expect that from the scrubs, not the starters!

  8. And another first – first time I turned off a game during the Jeff Tedford era. Not sure if the team all had the flu, or if we’re the most overrated top-10 team since, well, 2007. But Coach Tedford’s got seven days to get these boys right or it’s going to be a long season again.

  9. This has to be the worst loss in the Tedford era. I have not seen this type of play from Cal since, ahem, Holmoe.

  10. I’m done venting here. I have to go throw up now.

    Now lets hope we get it together for next week against U$C.

  11. maybe they should spend less time talking about how much mental toughness they have and more time practicing. This was disgusting. They looked like the 0-11 bears today. It’s unacceptable.

  12. The reason guys like Carrol, sarkesian, and neuheisel have success is because they are relaxed and they tell the kids to have fun. They have fun. Tedford is such a tight ass that his demeanor makes the players nervous. Especially on the road. I am done venting, too. I wasted a whole week worrying about this game. We’d better bounce back next week.

  13. Rollonubears- spot, spot on. But you didn’t mention one other thing that differentiates Tedford from the loose, relaxed coaches. Those guys also coach with swagger and confidence. They all have a set. So does Chip Kelly. Not Tedford. Also, what was with the O and D philosophies and play calling today. Why do we need to take 7 step drops, stand in the pocket for days and throw 50 yard bombs. Masoli hardly threw a pass longer than 15 yards for most of the game. Oregon looked so well coached, Cal looked overmatched all day. Much more than any talent discrepancy could be. Losing would have been tough enough, but there is no excuse for what we watched today. This is not an anomoly.

    I know the definition of insanity. I will NEVER get my hopes up that Cal will EVER live up to it’s potential under Tedford. 3-4 losses a year is now the norm. Tedford apologists can attack me all you want, but we have seen this over and over and over and … Enough already.
    Is Chris Peterson available? Maybe the NFL would look good to Tedford.

  14. One other thing- I don’t care for Oregon, their fans can be pretty obnoxious, but don’t you love their offense and defense? Seriously- Agressive, smart, creative, unpredictable. Everything Cal’s isn’t.

  15. Yep. Gotta agree on all counts. The game was fairly officiated too…the best I’ve ever seen. Indeed, the long bombs made no sense. We never went for a 5 HD pass. Is was either screens or bombs or running into the pile. Did the te even touch the ball? Still the big factor in this game was that they shut down mentally after the lost ezeff fumble. If the players felt even half as sick as I did on that play, that explains it. Flying out from pa for the game next week. Hope we win. There is still hope.

  16. One other thing- I don’t care for Oregon, their fans can be pretty obnoxious, but don’t you love their offense and defense? Seriously- Agressive, smart, creative, unpredictable. Everything Cal’s isn’t.

    I guess you didn’t watch their game against Boise State. They stunk the joint up every bit as much as the Bears did today. Got their first first down mid-third quarter. Last week Masoli was 4-15 and the fans were screaming for him to be benched.

    This was bad, no doubt about it, but let’s see what happens next week. As bad as Tedford’s teams play on the road, they play great at home.

  17. Pug- Very good points, let me make a couple of counter-points. In the Boise St game, the Ducks had 4 new OL-men and an out-of-shape and headcase RB in Blount. Plus they went up against a fired up BSU team that has this one game to make statement and that is as well coached as ANY team in the country and now has some pretty strong talent. The Ducks have now improved every week and seem to now be where they were last year on O. You could make the point that Cal has gotten worse every week.

    It is a long season, let’s see what goes next week, Cal does usually play very well at home. But it is just tiring and perplexing how poorly and inconsistently they play on the road time after time after time. There is a problem there almost every season.

  18. I couldn’t agree more that it gets old that Cal plays so poorly on the road. I don’t understand it and I guess Jeff Tedford doesn’t, either.

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