Football: First quarter stats

First downs: Cal 2, Oregon 7.

Total yards: Cal 20, Oregon 116

Rushing: Best 4-18, James 8-32.

Passing: Riley 3-8-0, 8 yards. Masoli 9-12-0, 80 yards.

Receiving: Ross 3-8, Maehl 4-34.

Tackles: Bishop 5, Glasper 2, Ferras 2.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. I’m a cal fan. 5:51 left in 2nd qtr. GAME OVER. O-Line is still back in Berkley. Riley is reverting back to last year. And no adjustment on D. Cal is back in love with the screen play…..JUST LIKE LAST YEAR

  2. As a Cal alumni, I offer this opinion. It’s time we look at getting either Sweeney or Mansion ready to start as soon as possible. Riley continues to be useless in a tough situation. He continues to be inaccurate and it’s not a mechanics thing – it’s a “who I am” thing.

    Go Bears!

  3. Terrible performance by the Bears in every phase of the game. No D. No O. Turnovers. They have it all today.

    Oregon is tough at home but for some strange reason Tedford wins ’em all at home and loses ’em all on the road.

  4. You are way over rated and Oregon is not that good. I called this game. I said Masoli would have a great day passing and that is because he would exploit the middle going to their TE because your safeties cannot cover. Oregon is missing their two best cover guys and you still can’t complete a pass downfield.
    What is laughable is that Ludwig is still calling those down the line WR screens. YOu don’t think Oregon knew he would be calling those plays? You are done. Stick a fork in it. You lose today. You lose against us. And you lose against pucla.

  5. At halftime, we got nothin’. Horrible horrible game in every single area. Looking ahead to USC? Gotta say I’m looking forward to the Brock Mansion era.

    Gut check time. Let’s see what halftime adjustments the coaching staff makes. Let’s see if Riley has it in him to lead a comeback. Not ready to give up yet. We get the ball to start the second half and what we see on that possession could tell the tale.

  6. Ironically, spEcial teams is the highlight. This is typical cal football. They gave us the game and we gave it right back. The whole team is stunned. That means tedford didn’t have them prepared. It was over after the 2pt conversion. I knew masoli would have a breakout game. This, is why I’m pessimistic. If you’re new to the bear bandwagon, you don’t understand. We will probably beat USC, but losses like this are just par for the course. As for you, ncs, you have no leg to stand on unless you beat us. Losing to Washington? Come on.

  7. Wow, we are getting beat bad.
    BUT — at least I know I have a community of Cal fans to share the misery with.

    I”d hate to be a little freak who has to hide after boasting he would post updates, and who has NO ONE to share his misery with since the other fans of his team punk him and ban him.

    We may lose, but we have each other. The little troll? THis is all he has, so always pity him.

  8. Wait — didn’t someone who is now making predictions already screw up and had predicted four losses in a row?

    How 1984 of you, Moron. Now how about my prediction that you would never graduate law school? It’s still good. Five years running, and it’s still good.

  9. HAHAHA Golden Bear posts one time unlike 2007 when he vanished after the OSU brain f@rt game. Well GB this isn’t a brain f@rt but it is not only the f@rt it is also the diarrhea too. See you sometime in 2010 season when you show up again.

  10. They are toying with you guys. They can score anytime they want. Wow. I just can’t wait until Oct 3.

    James = Heisman candidate
    Best = no Heisman chance

  11. Reminds me of the blowout game against the Vols which I called too. Too easy. Way too easy. Your safeties cannot cover. You can’t stop a half decent running team. Buy your tickets for Vegas.

  12. I also said that Riley would stink up the place because with all of his family and friends there he would not be able to handle it.

    Longshore > Riley

    Riley = Ayoob

  13. Everyone will take shots at Riley and he deserves every one of them but I haven’t seen the Cal defense anyhwere in the are today. As bad as Riley’s been, they’ve been just as bad or worse.

    Worst beating I’ve seen a Cal team take in a long, long time.

  14. Daddy came home from lunch, saw the score and then asked if Holmoe was still coaching. HAHAHA. Then I asked him where he thought the team would be ranked and he said “10”. Then he added “10 as in the Bottom 10”. Go over to the SF Chronicle, Wilner’s blog and Ted Miller’s blog and see what I posted. One thing for sure. The Pac 10 Offensive Coordinators have taken notice and now they are licking their chops.

  15. Actually, Moron. That was two posts.

    Like I said, Folks. Pity the troll. This is all he has. We can go out with friends and lovers tonite and share our misery.

    What friends does the troll have?

  16. So GB let’s hear your prediction for next week’s game against USC. I will wait right here for your answer.

    On second thought, I don’t think I will wait. Your next football game prediction will be your first.

    That was a pitiful, pathetic display of football today. If I was one of your fans I would be truly disturbed. This team rolled over and died. Here comes the second part of The Greatest Collapse in College Football History. We win easily next week and then pucla takes you down.

  17. I’m heading out to meet some friends for dinner. I’m sure we’ll be talking about the game.

    I think the Moron will be posting here all night, since “dinner with friends” is a not a concept he’s familiar with.

    Pity the troll, folks. This is all he has.

  18. I always wonder why somebody wants to be a troll. Some kind of personality defect or something, I guess.

  19. Can someone fill me in on who this MoreNCsarecoming person is? Sounds like a USC fan but I don’t get the name. More North Carolina’s are coming? Is this person an ACC fan?

  20. 42-3, 17-13 either way it doesn’t matter. A loss is a loss, is a loss. At the end of the day its just one game. We will steam SC next weekend and hopefully pull our head out of our ass for the rest of the year. Be glad it happend now rather than November 26th. There is still time to recover nobody makes a BCS or wins a national championship in September. Relax bear faithful there is ALOT of football left.

  21. I saw a comment on Jon Wilner’s blog that said MoreNC had been banned from this site. I guess you can’t believe everything your read on the Internet.

  22. GB – I hope you will be on good behavior. Don’t trip anyone or call anyone a racist name. Hold your anger in check. I am offering this advice so that you and your “bear” buddies can have a good time.

    BTW where are all the other “faithful” posters around here. Gee the bandwagon empties quickly around here. Will, Jan K Oski, BluenGold, AmyFAN, iamalcindor…This is big game week. I say we start laying down the predictions right now.

  23. Hey fans

    I have an idea for you. Why not ask Tedford for a refund? Let’s see if he will do what Kelly did. Any takers?

  24. Congrats Moren, 1/4 on your predictions this year! I’ll hand it to you, you were right this time. But when we beat you guys next week, it’ll make you look even worse.

  25. Betting over an online forum? LOL. Get real. I have actual money to spend if I want to bet. I’m sorry if you don’t.

  26. Besides, you’ll just go over to the library and post under a different IP under one of your 10 different names.

  27. First, JO has better things to do than ban your 50 different IPs.

    Also, like I said, I am going to throw down. In Vegas. You think I want you to go away when we beat you? That would give you what you WANT. You showed that with your Houdini disappearing act in the previous two weeks when things got rough for the toejams.

  28. And you didn’t respond to the fact that you wouldn’t want to be around here if the toejams lost.

  29. I may not “want” to be around but I will be around just like I was after USC got beat by Washington. So let’s stop playing games Will. Throw down. come on Will. USC isn’t that good this year. You know it. You have been saying it a lot. You really want to see me gone and here is a perfect opportunity.

  30. Will Says:
    September 26th, 2009 at 7:44 pm
    Also, like I said, I am going to throw down. In Vegas. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes Will. That is exactly what bowl game your team will be headed for. Buy your tickets on Southwest now. I hear they are $49. Tell Phil Steele I sent you. I won’t him earlier in the year after he made the prediction you would finish up in a BCS game and told him he was wrong. You are going down to us this weekend and then pucla and then you will drop one between the Arizona schools and you will lose one between either Stanford or Washington.

  31. Moron thinks we take him seriously? Oh that’s so cute.

    Pity the troll, folks — this is all he has.

  32. A “Loser leaves town” challenge? Interesting. I would think that if you made it a “one on one” instead of all six of them, someone might take you up on the offer. If one of them didn’t step up and take that challenge, I would be VERY surprised.

  33. You have never so much in years… what? Don’t leave us hanging. We need to know.

  34. Sorry McLOVIN. Believe it or not, English IS actually his first language. He just doesn’t have great command of it yet.

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