Football: Third quarter stats

First downs: Cal 10, Oregon 23

Total yards: Cal 163, Oregon 468

Rushing: Best 16-55, James 21-118, 1 TD

Passing: Riley 11-25-0, 114 yards; Masoli 21-25-0, 253 yards, 3 TDs

Receiving: Ross 3-8, Tucker 2-62, Dickson 11-148, 3 TDs; Maehl 6-56.

Tackles: Johnson 8, Lewis 5.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Big D


    Don’t worry about posting the final stats. Just get to the airport, get home, and start writing about next weeks game.

  • Rollonubears

    The bears left after the first quarter. Why did you even hang around?

  • Bears

    Bears got beat bad.
    I know, genious analysis.
    What sucked the most IMO is how bad the OL played.
    Tepper got beat the first offensive snap of the game and KR got drilled, if Riley can step up he’s got a wide open Vereen. All downhill from that point on. Ugh
    Was not just OL, every phase of the game pretty much got it handed to them, but OL is where it all starts.
    This team is not as bad as they looked today but for this one day they were that bad. Only way they can distance themselves from this terrible performance is by proving it on the field.
    Any kind of talking is done, until they prove differently, everyone around the nation will remember this performance. The season is far from over, Bears have all goals still attainable but it could go two ways from here. Full steam ahead or into the tank.
    What is this teams legacy going to be? Won’t know until we see how they respond next weekend.
    Go Bears

  • Pug

    They need to forget about this one as fast as they can. They took a beat down like this at Tennessee and still went on to have a good season. A win against USC next week and everything looks different.

    Could have been different. If Tucker catches that pass on the first drive it’s a touchdown and maybe things are different. Riley was awful, though, and the defense was even worse.

  • Steve W

    Tickets, step right up and get your cheap USC-Cal tickets! On Craigs list all week for $200 plus, now show up and get them on game day for face value or less. I was going to come up from So Cal to watch the game and pay any price to get a seat. I am tired of continually being disappointed by this team and this program in big games.

    I only watched the first quarter and a half before tuning out in digust, but it is clear that Mr. Riley is not ready for prime time. Forget about Best and the Heisman because D coordinators are going to stack nine men in the box and dare Cal to throw. It appears they can’t. O coordinators aren’t even going to bother to run the ball against Cal, because they know they can pass with impunity.

  • Nonplussed

    I never expected to keep up the 45 points per game because I knew the O would not be a juggernaut with the passing game. But I thought we would win with defense. I was SHOCKED by how easily the D go pushed around today. I think that was the key.

  • kyle

    Riley was bad, but who would be good if they only had .5 seconds to throw. Tepper is a great story but he got beat bad all day long. Bears you summed it up perfectly. we will take a hit in the media and that’s fine because were not SC who really after sunday you didn’t hear a word about their loss. Just remember it isn’t about how hard you fall it’s about how you get up!! Roll on you bears!!

  • Eric

    This game is, by far, the worst in the Tedford era. Not only is the score truly horrible, but the Bears were so ill-prepared, worse than Tennessee in 2006, and worse than the 2004 Holiday Bowl. What a terrible loss so early in the season. If we cannot turn it around next week, I’m worried about getting to a bowl game.

    This team had a real shot at the Rose Bowl, or, if not a Rose Bowl, a BCS bowl. Forget any BCS bowl – even if Cal wins the rest of its games, it will not get into any BCS other than the Rose Bowl. And, for the Rose Bowl, we need either Oregon to lose TWO Pac-10 games or end up in a three-way tie with someone like UCLA or Washington and Oregon. I don’t like our chances.

    Best had a real shot at the Heisman. It is now gone, regardless of what happens the rest of the season. I feel bad for Jahvid. He actually was running fairly well in the first half, but we threw far too much (the first drive after the first turnover reminds me of everything bad about 2007), and we never used him in the second half. Had we used Jahvid on the first drive of the second half, we might have had a shot – first drive of the second hal, if we score a TD, we get within two scores and momentum can change. But we insisted on throwing.

    Running Vereen between the tackles on third and short didn’t work last week versus Minnesota, and yet Tedford did it again at a critical juncture in the second quarter. Running Best does. Or use the FB – where did that play go?

    And this is all on the coaches. Had we not played so stupidly in the first 10 minutes of the first quarter, we would have won. Had we schemed at all for Masoli having a game he is capable of, we would have been it. We would have been up at least 13-0, and Oregon would have panicked.

  • kyle

    hey people easy on blaming the coaches. don’t get me wrong they do deserve some blame but I have two words for you. TOM HOLMOE. Relax!!

  • Eric

    Kyle, no one is calling for Holmoe (though his salary is sounding good right about now). But this is the team to get the Rose Bowl. Not next year or the year after that. This is the worst I have seen this team play – in all aspects – in the Tedford era. Worse than the 2004 Bowl (I was in the stands). Worse than at Tennessee (I was in the stands). In those cases, we had high profile teams and were horribly ill-prepared from the get-go (Tedford even apologized after the Holiday Bowl for not running Arrington and insisting on Rodgers throwing to inexperienced receivers). But at least those losses can be explained away – being disappointed at being jobbed out of the Rose Bowl and the first game of the season in a SEC venue against a team that ended up being pretty damn good. Here, we KNEW Oregon was better than the Boise State and Purdue games, and we KNEW that this was the game of the year for them, and we did NOTHING to be ready for it, even though we were given a gift 4 seconds into the game. This can be the loss that sends us into such a tailspin that we don’t recover. Oregon has recovered from its crushing loss and now is in the driver’s seat for the Rose Bowl. Tedford has not proven to me that he can get us to recover from our own disappointing losses. Even in 2006, after Tennessee, we were decent but still found ways to blow games at U$C and Arizona.

  • rollonubears

    so, in tennessee, they were stealing our calls from the booth. in the holiday bowl, there were reports that the whole team was on steroids. i’m wondering if oregon actually tapped the offensive AND defensive booth. they played on both sides of the ball, like they knew exactly what we were going to do. i suppose the more likely scenario is that our play was just that predictable. but who knows? 42-3 almost seems unreal, and it wouldn’t put it past me for oregon to do something like that.

  • SamoBear

    Let me remind everyone that this is just one Pac-10 game (and a bad/embarrasing one at that) and there are 8 others remaining. Last I checked the season doesnt end today, and the Rose Bowl champion isn’t determined off one conference road game. Throw this one out–we will never face an spread option offense like this the rest of the season. Might as well get your worst game over now–I would rather suffer this embarrassment now then lose the important games in November when the Rose Bowl is actually on the line. How we bounce back from this will be critically important and we have no time to feel sorry/finger point as we have SC next. I guarantee if we beat SC next week–this loss will be a distant memory. Let’s not over-analyze this one to death for if we do–we will hamper our ability to prepare for the real enemny-$C.

  • kyle

    Eric I agree but let’s not bite the hand that feeds. We all know the turn around in this program since Tedford has taken over. Who are we as fans to demand anything. It was only a mere few years ago that we were lucky to be on LOCAL tv (KRON) maybe once or twice a year. Playing the likes of Baylor or Air Force. The season doesn’t end on Sept 26 and there is still 8 more Pac games. The fact that we are even talking about being in relevant games proves how far this program has come. I hate the fact that Cal fans (myself included) are so quick to jump ship after one loss. Take time to relax, breathe, and get ready to take care of business against SC. Roll on!

  • Eric

    One more comment for the night from me. Were there any designed roll-outs for Riley. I have long believed he throws best when he isn’t standing upright in the pocket. Given the pressure he was under, why no designed roll-outs?

  • rollonubears

    i think the only rollout or play action pass came from beau sweeney, and it worked (although the benches were empty by then)

  • Bears

    If you are a Cal fan you will not jump ship.
    This team will be back, it has work to do and a tough opponent coming to town next Saturday but they will respond. sc is good but they are very young at QB and as we saw today from jekyl and hyde Masoli QB play is huge in the game of football.
    Go Bears, it’s an important week ahead, need to turn the tables and pull our own home town upset, beat sc!

  • kyle

    Another great point Eric. I was screaming for the same thing. Alright enough posting I’ve said my piece. Let’s forget about this one (although the media won’t let us) and get ready for the Trojans. Roll On!!

  • rollonubears

    i don’t think the fullback or tight end touched the ball, either. there was no time to throw. the offensive light was an embarrassment, but if you can’t protect your passer for more than 2 seconds, you shouldn’t be passing for 20+ yards. ludwig cost us big time.

  • Nonplussed

    I agree that the USC game next week is big. It could be the difference between the Holiday Bowl or some lesser bowl. The Rose Bowl is still possible but I really don’t see Oregon dropping two more and this Cal team running the table. I’ll believe it when I see it. This is too much of a friggin’ pattern.

  • This game was a collective effort by Cal: special teams, offense, and defense.
    The Pac-10 schedule is always brutal so to start out 3-0 in the non-conference schedule was nice but past performance is not an indicator of future performance. The remaining schedule will be difficult. At home Cal is invicible, but on the road Cal is invisible.
    On the radio broadcast, Starkey said this game reminded him of the Bears rout of the Redskins (73-0)in the 1940 championship game where the Redskins’ coach was asked if the score would have been different had the Redskins scored earlier and he said the score would have been 73-7.

    Cal was outplayed on the field and we had no chance in winning.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Stanford won and they are 2-0. I said they would have a better record to end the conference than you would.

    You lose to USC, you lose to pucla, you lose to one of the Arizonas, you lose to Stanford and you lose to either Oregon State or Washington.

    Looks like another 6-6 year for a team that was supposed to go to the BCS. Bah!

  • Larry

    Well, Cal is in last place with U$C. Go figure.

  • SamoBear

    Onto SC–one of the big concerns about playing SC next week among the plethora of their weapons is the blueprint we exposed on national TV yesterday in Eugene–dumping short passes to the second level to their skill players (McKnight, Havili, McCoy among others) to neutralize our DL and have our LBs cover or shed blocks and take the proper angle to make the play–which obviously didnt happen at all yesterday. If we dont figure this one out this week, it could be a long afternoon…

  • Pug

    …I really don’t see Oregon dropping two more and this Cal team running the table.

    It’s possible that Oregon will drop two conference games but highly unlikely that Cal will run the table. Even if they get past USC next week, a big if, they won’t win all their games on the road. They might win out at home but not on the road. Tedford has to figure out why his team is so bad on the road and correct it. If not, they will never win the Pac 10.

  • BluenGold

    GB- Just remember that moron always has its daddy. Otherwise, it would be homeless and on the streets.

  • Rollonubears

    Maybe the bears should all wear earplugs on road games. The noise was clearly the number one factor for the mental lapses.