Football: Chronicle Live (again)

In what may be a slightly better show than the one I’m appearing on, Cal’s Jahvid Best will be on “Chronicle Live” on Wednesday.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rollonubears

    hopefully he will show up. last time he was on tv, he did not. maybe they will ask him why he doesn’t block anyone.

  • Steve W

    I knew that Cal was in trouble when Best told the media before the game that the crowd at Autzen stadium rattled him when Cal played there two years ago. It’s one of the most insane quotes I have ever seen from a star player. It just invited the crowd to get crazier when he took the field.

    Get it together Jahvid. Maybe it’s time to invite the offensive line over for dinner and exhort them to help save the season.

  • Big D

    Come on Cal fans. Shake off last week and look toward next week against U$C. What’s done is done. Put it all in perspective, as fans we are only witnesses to what happens on the field. Only at home games can we contribute to the momentum through the 12th man.

    I was at home yelling at my t.v. until I looked outside my window and saw a neighbor kid looking at me like I was crazy. That helped me to realize that yelling at the t.v, or posting on a blog for that matter really won’t affect how Cal plays. Just enjoy the good times and move away from the bad. If you really want Tedford gone, call Sandy Barbour and tell her how you feel. Otherwise, let’s focus on U$C.

  • Big D

    (510) 642-0580 ask for Sandy Barbour.

  • Boaltblue

    As an Old Blue, I remember the many seasons of irrelevant Cal football teams. Coach Tedford has rebuilt Cal football and given Cal fans wonderful memories at Memorial Stadium. Thank you, Coach Tedford, and the many Cal football players under his tutelage — all of whom have given us that Cal football high.

    Coach Tedford has committed himself to building our football program. His achievements, loyalty, and effort on our behalf should be recognized and appreciated.

    Our time will come. Go Bears!