Football: Postgame quotes

A thorough sampling of what was said outside Cal’s locker room after the game Saturday:


On what he told the team in the locker room:

I told him that we got beat today by a better team. Oregon did a nice job. Give them a lot of credit. We got outplayed. We got outcoached. WE still have to believe in who we are. This is just one loss. All it means is we’re not going to go undefeated.

On if he felt the team practiced well during the week:

I thought we had a good week of practice. Oregon played great today. It’s a very tough place to play and we didn’t execute in any phase of offense. Give Oregon a lot of credit. We didn’t play very well today.

Is Kevin Riley disappointed?

Everybody is disappointed. When you don’t play well like that, you invest so much time and energy in what’s going on, it doesn’t feel good. He’s our leader on offense. Of course, he’s disappointed.

On the struggles on offense:

They were just beating us at the point of attack. We weren’t getting any movement up front. I’m really impressed with their defensive front. They did a great job in the run game. They did a great job rushing the passer. Give them all the credit.

Reaction to Verran Tucker’s taunting penalty:

It was undisciplined and you can’t do things like that. It was going to be a play for us to get us closer to the end zone, and it turned out we didn’t get any yards on it.

On inability to establish a passing game:

We couldn’t protect the passer. Kevin was really rushed all day long. You have to be able to do that to get the passing game going.

On Oregon’s physical superiority:

You have to give Oregon credit. We were manhandled up front today. They played very hard. I still have confidence in our guys up front.

On his faith the team can bounce back:

I have a lot of confidence that we’ll go back this week with a good attitude. Obviously, SC is a great football team. There is going to be a lot of focus and concentration on what we need to get done. We need to do a better job as a coaching staff to put our players in a position to be successful.

On his confidence in the team still being a good team:

I have a lot of confidence in this team. I love this team. I love the kids. They prepare well. It’s one loss. It’s a tough loss because we were beat pretty soundly today. I think it got everybody’s attention to make sure we work extremely hard.





On the struggle to run the ball:

It was not so much what they were doing, but we weren’t executing as an offense. When you don’t execute, you’re going to struggle.

On if it was more Oregon being good or Cal being bad:

It was on us. What they were doing, we had practiced and we went over it. We just weren’t executing as an offense.

On how much they loaded the box:

They did load up the box a little bit, but we were ready for that.

On the breakdowns despite practicing well and being prepared:

We were making a lot of mental mistakes, mistakes we hadn’t made this year before. That was basically it.

On the surprise of not being able to run against Oregon:

It was a little shocking, but we have to put it behind us now and get ready for this week.

On putting the loss behind them and getting ready for USC:

This loss is going to sting for a little bit, but I’m confident. It’s SC week. People are going to forget about this real quick. It’s a big game, so we don’t have time to worry about this loss.

On the mood in the locker room:

We were down a little bit, but everyone is just trying to relax and forget about it and get ready for next week.

On what Jeff Tedford said to the team afterward:

The biggest thing he said is all this means is we’re not going to have an undefeated season. This doesn’t mean we can’t win the Pac-10. It doesn’t mean we can’t maybe even go to the national championship.

On his confidence that Cal is still a good team:

We just didn’t play like ourselves today. It’d be different if we played excellent and still lost.



Surprised about what happened?:

We thought we were ready. From the first play, it was just a bad game. We took turns messing up, everybody on the team. I’d miss a throw, something would go wrong with the blocking. We never got it going. It was a terrible game. We just have to learn from our mistakes and forget about it. That’s all you can do.


On Oregon’s defense:

They had a good game plan. Their defense did well, didn’t let us get anything going. I give it to Oregon for playing well. It was them, but a lot of it was us playing bad.


On the fact that it was still just 3-3 at the end of the first quarter:

We were waiting to get something going and we never did. As I was saying, we were taking turns – missed throw, missed block, not hitting the holes. It was everyone on the offense taking turns messing up. That’s all there is to it.


On halftime adjustments:

The things we were running were pretty open. We continued and went more into our game plan. We started off well and then didn’t do anything. Next drive, same thing, didn’t do anything. We couldn’t capitalize on anything.


On the mood in locker room afterward:

It’s one loss. We don’t want this to be a downward spiral. We gotta come out, practice harder and get better – take care of the little things.


On Oregon’s crowd:

I wouldn’t say it was a much of an issue. It definitely has an effect on rhythm and things like that. It’s a lot nicer to play at home, no doubt. It was same as last week, a little louder.


On his confidence Cal is still a good team:

If people saw us before and saw us today, this isn’t how we play. Oregon did a good job of taking us out of our game, but it was more us than them. We’ll come back next week and surprise people with the way we play, no doubt.


On the USC game:

We’ll get better from it. We’ll respond. SC is a good team. We’ll play better, no doubt about it.


On the stakes of the USC being different now:

Both teams have to win now. You’ve got to fight, that’s all there is to it. You can’t just lay down and have bad things keep on happening. You have to respond in a good way.


On Oregon tight end Ed Dickson’s big day:

I can’t tell you exactly why. We have to watch the film, but there were a couple of times on screens, we just didn’t respond quick enough. It was the whole deal – we didn’t play well as a defense today.


On why the defense couldn’t continue its recent success against Oregon’s spread:

They can move the ball against anybody. Certainly, we didn’t think they’d move the ball that well against us. But that’s what this offense can do – they can be pretty explosive on any given day.


On whether he saw this coming:

Well, no. If I saw it coming, I wouldn’t have showed up. We always expect to play better than we did today. It was a major struggle. Hats off to them – they did a great job. I did not do a good job. We’ve got to get back at it next week.


On if Oregon did anything schematically that surprised them:

They did a few wrinkles, as far as what they were doing running-wise that were a little different than what we practiced. We should have practiced that and we didn’t. In the future, we’ve got to make sure we practice everything they think we could do.


On Josh Hill starting over Darian Hagan:

Our decision was because of Darian’s performance against Minnesota. We felt like Josh was playing well enough. He played in our sub packages and we felt like he deserved a chance to play. I thought he did a pretty good job today.



On the offensive line’s struggles:

The whole day, they had eight men in the box. As an elder on the team, I put it on myself and the offensive line. We couldn’t open the holes for Jahvid or Shane or any of the backs, and we couldn’t protect for Riley.


On the team bouncing back:

We’re definitely going to look at this film and learn from it. We have a lot to learn. Iv’e never been shut out before in my life. It’s definitely a huge learning experience. I’m ready for us to get better from it.




On the passing game balancing out the running game:

We were not able to do that today. If we get manned up, we have to be able to beat it just to take the pressure off Jahvid. Every time I looked back, I noticed they were always in the backfield. I felt like next week I have to do more to make plays down the field — make the corners feel threatened by us.


On bouncing back:

We understand this is a tough loss but we have to put this loss behind us and go to next week. We understand that we cah still win the Pac-10. We understand that we lost this game, but we’re focused.


On whether the team practiced well during the week:

We were prepared. I really just don’t know what happened. I’m still kind of shocked by it. We’re going to watch film and see what we did, but I’m still kind of shocked.




On whether the team practiced well during the week:

We felt pretty confident coming in. We thought we were going to come in here and play our usual game. We just didn’t show up today. They came out and played tough. They dominated us. It showed on the final score.


On Oregon’s efficiency in the passing game:

They definitely threw the ball a lot more, and they threw it pretty well. That was a big surprise for us. We didn’t anticipate that up until that point. They really hadn’tt thrown the ball at all. That kind of shocked us and we had a hard time adjusting.


On Oregon tight end Ed Dickson:

They really got the tight end into it and we really had a hard time accounting for him. That got us in trouble.


On the mood in the locker room after the game:

We’re a little down. That’s not the outcome that we wanted. We’re optimistic for next week. We feel like we’re going to bounce back strong.


On avoiding another 2007 meltdown:

A couple years ago, we were No. 2. When we lost, in the locker room, it kind of felt like it was the end of the world. Now, all it means is we have one loss. The Pac-10 is still wide open. We can still win the Pac-10, which is our goal. We’re going to come out tomorrow and just work toward that.












Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Robert

    The Tedford era:
    -The team is average to poor on the road.
    -The team can’t come from behind to win games.
    -The coaches have a very difficult time making in-game adjustments that can alter a game.

    There are a lot of great things too. However, the issues above are constant.

  • rollonubears

    i would have to go ahead and say the team is just flat-out poor, on the road. our only significant conference road victory was oregon, 2 years ago, and it was only because of a miracle that one didn’t go into overtime. we have lost EVERY other significant conference road contest. it’s unacceptable.

  • Robert

    What stands out:
    Gregory on Dickson’s big day, “I can’t tell you why. We have to watch the film…”
    I guess there is no hope for defensive adjustments in game.

    Gregory on Oregon’s run offense wrinkles:
    “We should have practiced that and we didn’t…”

    You can have all the talent in the world on defense, but if you are not put in position to win, you won’t!!!

    Then there are the offensive line blocking schemes…

  • Dan

    Robert – Amen. You’re a genius. Every point you made is indisputable. It can back by facts.

    I wanted to add that the offensive and defensive philosohies are passive and non-aggressive and the play calling is predictable. That’s why we struugle so often in conference on the road. Coaches that have been around for awhile easily gameplan for Cal. They know what we are going to do- heck, I know what type of play the team is going to run half the time. LB Spencer Paysinger of Oregon said after the game the Oregon coaches had them so prepared, they knew exactly what Cal was going to do on just about every play. Then Casey Matthews said Cal gave up when it was 18-3. He turned to a teammate and said- they’ve given up, we have them. This game is over. If that aren’t two of the loudest statements made about Cal football, then please tell me what is.
    Tedford is very stubborn and will not look in the mirror to fix what has been obvious for 3-4 years now. He still won’t admit going into Maryland last year the day before (his decision) was a mistake, nor that going into Minnesota a day earlier this year was a huge benefit. HELLOOOO!!
    Get used to the maddening inconsistency and under-achievement of Cal football. It will continue

  • nonplussed

    I think it could be that the skills required to rebuild a program are different from the skills required to take a good program to the top. I’m very grateful to Teford for making it possible to be pissed about a 3-1 record. But I’m starting to wonder if he’s the guy to get Cal to the next level. I almost feel guilty about saying that because he has brought the program so far, but there you go.

  • Calduke

    Gregory needs to look at the film to find out what happened during the game?? WTF

  • rollonubears

    don’t feel guilty about anything, nonplussed. the dude makes 2mm a year, and has for a long time. he earned his money turning the program around. if he wants to keep earning that kind of money, he needs to take it to the next level. if he’s not capable, he’s plenty well-off to retire or take his reputation to another awful program and turn it around. Washington State, perhaps?

  • Calduke

    After reading comments from Tedford, offensive coordinator & defensive coordinator it appears they are content with the offensive/defensive schemes,
    play-calling and all that is needed is for the team to work harder. Oooooh Boy!!

  • rollonubears

    let’s hope they’re just saying that so sc spends all week preparing for our pathetic strategies, and we come out with something new. (ohhhh, i just laughed out loud…wow)

  • Dan

    Nonplussed- I feel exactly like you do. But I am convinced that he does not have the skills to take Cal to the next level. He’s had many chances, but it doesn’t happen. So close so many times.

    I think if you look at the coaches who have the top programs, they coach from confidence and without fear- they don’t play not to lose, they play to win- think Pete Carroll, Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Mack Brown. The opposite of Jim Tressel- that’s why Ohio State gets drilled when they get up against comparable talent.

    Being grateful to Tedford for all the great work he’s done and realizing he probably doesn’t have what it takes to take Cal to the next level are not mutually exclusive. Both can be true. I feel exactly like you do. But Tedford’s stubbornness, conservative and predictable approaches on both sides of the ball seem like they continue to limit Cal’s potential. Cal was badly and noticeably out-coached and I would even say out-smarted vs. Oregon.

    Even the trouble at QB for several years now (Ayoob, Longshore, Riley)- I mean Tedford is hailed as a QB guru, and maybe he was at one time, but the position has not been a strength for awhile now. He recruited these guys, he coaches them- if they they end up disapoointing and not being a strength, then that is on Tedford. I see OCs come and go, but the problem persists- in fact, it might be getting worse. The constant is Tedford.

    I wonder if at some point, the program will start to trend down. Recruiting classes have been ranked lower the past 2 years than before, Stanford, UW and UCLA – maybe UofA and ASU-are now on the rise and are grabbing better recruits. Things are about to get tougher in the PAc 10 and for teams that are inconsistent, as Cal has been, and who do not win on the road, like Cal does not, are going to be in for rought times. There are not going to be many easy wins any more.

    I hope I am wrong- I hope this game starts to wake up Tedford and his staff that they need to be better. A LOT better. But I have seen Tedford be pretty stubborn about a lot of things, as I have noted on an earlier post.

    I think we’ll really know a lot about where this team and the program is by 8:30 this Saturday night. I

  • Dan

    By the way, you guys are killing me. I’m laughing a lot. Best stuff on here for a long, long time, and a lot of you guys really get it. Plus, the troll isn’t around for a change- must be hitting on the high school cashier at the Whole Foods Sacto.
    Plus no knuckleheads saying that if we keep criticizing Tedford he will leave. Like he reads a blog like this.

  • Steve W

    One thing I don’t want to see: Gregory dropping eight guys into coverage and giving that true freshman all day in the pocket to find open receivers and Stanley Havili coming out of the backfield. If we go down, then let’s go down with LB’s, safeties and CB’s blitzing Barkely from all over the field.

  • Calduke

    Another thing(while I’m still in this negative, crappy, antagonistic mood), it seems that everyone agrees that responsibility for the loss was a team effort; players and coaches poor performance. Several of the players fessed up as to their specific areas of poor efforts, but, have any of the coaches mentioned their specific areas of non-performance.?? Where do they feel they contributed to the ludicrous outcome?

  • rollonubears

    i’m glad this blog exists. it’s therapeutic. it’s hard to ignore the troll, but it’s like a bad habit. eventually, i’ll get over it.

  • Larry

    The troll is just waiting to see what happens this week, since its team got jacked up by a team who couldn’t win a game last year, then that team gets jacked up by Stanfurd this week.

    Plus U$C didn’t look impressive against lowly WSU. If SC wins this week you can bet it will be back in full annoying mode. If SC loses, that punk will jump as fast as possible from the SC bandwagon along with most of those so called ‘fans’.

  • Pete Carroll

    Riley has to learn to play under pressure. It’s not the fact that they’re on the road that’s the problem, it’s poor decision making under pressure. If he can’t complete a pass when it’s really needed, teams will stack the box, blitz often and force him to step up.

  • Jake


    But the coaches have to put him (Riley) in a place to succeed. I don’t understand why the first play off the kickoff turnonver is a Riley pass downfield? The strength of CAL is it’s running game. We run to set up the passing game. Not pass to get guys out of the box so Jahvid/Shane can run. Until someone stops the run game, you go with it. Don’t try to get all fancy and “fool” the other team or try and get Riley in rhythm from the get go. Run that ball up the gut with Best and Vereen. Anything would have been better than losing yards and settling for a field goal after a turnover like that. After I saw that I knew we were in for a long afternoon.

    I don’t buy all the “guys just didn’t execute” excuse. This loss was on the coaches plain and simple. When the score was lopsided, the team gave up.

    The coaching staff needs to make better play calls, they need to adjust better after halftime (I can’t remember the last time CAL came from behind to win a game), and they just plain need to strategize better.

    Until that happens, CAL will always be a middle of the road pac-10 team. Because despite the talent, without a skilled coaching staff, our team will always get outplayed. And the staff in the Pac-10 is nothing to sneeze at (PC, Riley, Chip Kelley, Neuheisel/Chow, Erickson, Harbaugh, Sarkisian). Tedford/Ludwig/Gregory better step it up.

    We’ll see if they have what it takes Saturday.

  • abe

    Btw if anyone is dying to get some insight as to what exactly went wrong there is some additional analysis here:http://thebearwillnotquit.blogspot.com/.