Football: Wednesday quotes

Here’s a sampling of what was said after Wednesday’s practice



On Wednesday’s practice

Great practice today, real crisp, guys flying around, practicing hard.


On the performance of the offensive line this season

I like our O-line. They’ve done a good job. They work hard. We have a true test this week because we’re playing the best defensive front in the conference.


On the backup quarterback situation

Both (Beau Sweeney) and Brock are splitting the twos. We’ll just evaluate every week and then pick whoever backs up at the end of the week.


On why Sweeney has come on lately

It’s just consistency with the offense and the plays. Throwing the football, he’s been accurate.


On USC’s Taylor Mays

He’s a great player. He has a lot of range. He’s a real good tackler. He’s probably one of the best safeties, if not the best safety, in the country.





On Josh Hill vs. Darian Hagan

Josh will start again. It’s an ongoing competition. I think it’s making Hagan better. Josh did OK. We kind of felt he deserved to start. Right now, if he keeps playing hard, he can hang on to it. Darian has to keep getting better.


On what is giving Hill an edge

He plays with good technique. I think that’s the thing that hurt Darian in the Minnesota game. He wasn’t playing with good technique, and he knows that. And he’s getting better at it. Last week was better, two good days of practice this week, so he’s getting better.


On how Hagan is handling the demotion

He knew. He took it well.


On if it was just the Minnesota game that demoted Hagan

The Minnesota game just kind of exposed him a little bit. He started off camp really well. He had a knee issue that slowed him down. If you can’t go, it’s our job to get the best guys playing. But I think that’s getting better and he’s practicing better.


On USC’s offense

Anytime you’re playing SC and the people they have, it’s a great scheme that they do. You definitely have to be on your game.


On USC’s offensive line

They’re probably the most athletic line we’ll see all year. They can really run.


On Cal’s linebackers

We’re still trying to find out what they can do the best. Devin (Bishop) played his best game since he’s been here. He played very well, great effort, good technique. Hopefully we kind of found a home for him. D.J. (Holt) still will play.





On USC’s defense

They get new faces every year but they have the same productivity. It’s a typical USC defense.


On USC’s stout run defense

It’s definitely going to be a challenge. It’s going to be a physical game. We just have to be ready for it.


On getting the seniors a win over USC

Those seniors are hungry for a Pac-10 championship. Getting the Pac-10 championship means beating SC. It makes it that much more important.


On what USC did last year to stop Cal’s running game

They just dominated the line of scrimmage and we didn’t execute as an offense, either. That’s basically what it boils down to.


On the team’s confidence right now

We’re real confident. We’ve put last week behind us and we’re ready to go this week.


On whether he’s happy linebacker Brian Cushing is no longer at USC

I will say I’m happy about that.


On USC safety Taylor Mays

Tremendous athlete, how big he is mixed in with how fast he is. He’s somebody to watch out for on the field.




Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • BearItAll

    I hope to at some point on Saturday see a foot race between Taylor Mays and Jahvid Best…

    Settle the Pac-10 media day meeting in the hall once and for all!

    I got my money on Jahvid smoking Mays for a TD


    And I got my money on Mays knocking the stuffing out of Best when he catches him. 6’3 230 lbs vs. 5’11 190?
    Do the math.

  • C.J. Roses

    Mays is overrated. He was exposed in the Ohio State game. He’s one dimensional- no picks- hands of stone. Eric Berry- not THAT is a true All-American safety…

  • Pete Carroll

    I’m hoping Miller lays a crushing block on Mays. That will make Mays think twice about saving his season and getting to the NFL as soon as he can.


    I assume you actually read this article? Because YOUR coach calls Mays the best safety in the nation.

    But you probably know football better than Jeff Tedford.

  • Jabes

    JO: Any word an Summers-Gavin playing?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    It’s real simple.

    Our OL eats alive your DL;
    Our DL devours your OL.

    Victory to Troy. BTW you will know the name Allen Bradford when this game is over. Expect a big big day from this young man. Watch for CL Gables to use this game to establish his presence again in our talented backfield.

  • MEXgldnbear

    you forgot a few:

    Barkley outplays Riley;
    Carroll outsmarts Tedford;
    the USC band is better than the Cal band;
    the USC fans are louder than the Cal fans;
    oh, and USC’s charter buses are nicer than Cal’s.

    Troy will fall on Saturday.

  • calbear

    weird. hope it’s a good game though. MoreNC, what is your call on the score? What is daddy saying about the bears? LOL

  • Larry

    And I got my money on Mays knocking the stuffing out of Best when he catches him. 6′3 230 lbs vs. 5′11 190?
    Do the math.

    Uh, 6’1 210? What math? You can’t hit what you can’t catch!

  • Josh

    Daddy. Hah!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy is saying he refuses to buy those expensive licensing seats although someone very close to your program keeps calling.

    USC – 27
    Cal state – 17

    I think your team will start off strong, be motivated by the crowd but then we will control both lines of scrimmage. You haven’t been able to run the ball effectively in 6 straight quarters. How will you do so against us? Pete Carroll is a master defensive strategist. He owns Tedford.

  • MEXgldnbear

    Loving the Cal state thing. The inferiority complex rages on.

    Sorry you got the thin envelope all those years ago. Just let go.

  • iamalcindor

    Burqalee will lose… AGAIN!

  • Jake

    CAL IS good enough to beat this year’s USC team. Whether or not they will, is up to the coaches.

    Another shotty game plan and PC will use this weekend as a launching point for perhaps another pac-1o title. But if Tedford is really worth all the $$$, CAL should be able to rebound and beat SC. Heck I’d even go for a CAL team that could do something offensively against USC. Something Tedford has not been able to do the last 3 years.

    How the CAL team comes out and plays this weekend, will say more about Tedford than about the team to me.


    Larry Says:
    October 2nd, 2009 at 1:35 am
    And I got my money on Mays knocking the stuffing out of Best when he catches him. 6′3 230 lbs vs. 5′11 190?
    Do the math.

    Uh, 6′1 210? What math? You can’t hit what you can’t catch!

    Mays just caught Best. From behind. With a bad knee. And Best had the angle!