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I’m going to post this one last time: Our policy is to ban someone only if they use profanity or engage in personal attacks. If you don’t like what someone is saying or bringing to the blog, simply ignore that person. I can almost guarantee you that the person will go away.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • BeastMode

    I can guarantee you Amy, or, MoreNCsarecoming will never go away. She/he trolls Cal sites everyday to talk smack. It’s ridiculous. And, rather sad.

  • George Watson

    Believe me, I am not interested in anything other than trying to talk Cal football here. And I’m not “Amy” whoever the h**l that is. I been a CAL fan for years and years, feeling on the downs – and further downs. I used to post years ago on the CCT threads, but got fed up with the likes of J.K.Oski whose blissed out ilk seemed to me to dominate the threads: there seemed no good reason to do so anymore since objectivity of any sort was out the window and only “AYE”-sayers were allowed. I came back because I’m really ticked at the coaching staff for the Oregon debacle and now more so because of USC and wanted speak out and to read what other people are saying. (It’s good to vent.) I am by no means omniscient or a QB guru like Tedford, so let me ask other posters. The team has hit the skids – severely; playing and coaching are completely subpar and the teams was not at all prepared by the coaching staff for the USC game. It looks like a replay of 2007 is looming: what should be done? You tell me/us. For one thing, I think Riley should be sat for awhile. It’s not bad for a QB to do that to clear things out a bit. Another thing is that the O-line had better go back to school real quick.

  • Scotty Mon


    I look forward to this site every day and keeping up with Cal Football, but that enjoyment ceases when I have to read those posts from you know who every day. It’s reached the point where I will stop coming here altogether if that person isn’t blocked. The purpose of this site should be the enjoyment of Cal Football. JO, you should be promoting that, not letting it be compromised. This site should be for Cal fans, not USC fans or Cal bashers. Don’t be like Tedford and sit still doing nothing while the other side walks all over us.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Just for the record, I did not set the policy. This is a company policy.

  • Pete Carroll

    That GreaseMonkey post from a few days ago works wonderfully. I don’t even have to see the Moronic posts. I recommend you install it in your browser.

    Now about the Bears, I agree with Watson to a degree. I am very disappointed with the ability of the team to rise to the occasion. I think the offensive line is the first place I’d start. You have to give the QB more time and you have to get some push up front to open seams. The $C line was getting a two yard push on our defensive line, that’s very good execution. Cal was pushed back by Oregon and SC.

    Riley needs to see a hypnotist or talk to Aaron Rodgers. He gets rattled too easily and he doesn’t let it go. He rushes passes when he doesn’t need to. He locks in on receivers when he has more time. He needs to man up. That type of performance doesn’t cut it in the Pac-10 and certainly won’t cut it if he expects to progress to the NFL.

    Coaching has got to take a share of the blame. The defense played out of position and over-pursued which took themselves out of plays. On offense they didn’t mix up the play calling. They should have moved the pocket more. Called shorter routes, worked other receivers into the mix – e.g. the fullback.

    Despite that, I still love this team and expect great things.

  • Robert

    J.O. do you know the practice schedule during this bye? Did the team gather as usual on Sunday? Any observations since the Saturday game? Thanks!

  • BluenGold

    I can almost guarantee that moron the troll will never go away, unless forced out. Posting here and on other Cal related sites and blogs is its only life. Its entire purpose for existence. It has nothing else going on. It would not even attend any games were it not for being entirely dependent on ‘daddy’. Cal fans participate in this blog in order to keep informed about Cal football and related subjects; not to read posts from a U$C fan wannabe that has nothing better to do than make smarmy comments about Cal’s teams, coaches and fans and continually taunt and trash talk to the participants who have a legitimate reason to be here. And all the sanctimonious and hypocritical nonsense about praying and church is nothing less than insulting. At the very least, the CCTimes should be sensative enough to the feelings of real Cal fans by putting a stop to the posting of all the video clips, news articles and other rubbish the troll posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with Cal football or its athletics program generally.

  • Lawrence

    I agree. It’s one thing to add something to the site, but NC detracts. And it’s a deterrent to participating in the comments section.

  • Scotty Mon

    Chris Petersen! If not him, what about Jon Gruden? He supposedly wants to get back into coaching. Go Bears!

  • MikeD

    For those of you looking to block Amy you can find the script and info on how to install it at http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/58785

    If you are having trouble with getting the script to run, or want to add other users to the block list, or just have questions the please use go to the link above and find the forums area in the menu to post your questions so that I can help you. Not approp for me to attempt to help within these posts here.

    Just to add some on topic comments – I also agree that there are certain agenda posters on here that ruin the experience for the rest of us. But if the extent of the policy is to ban users for the 2 criteria of “profanity or engage in personal attacks” then these users have toed the line carefully and are not deserving of a ban.

    But with that said – I’m sure you know who they are, and I would hope that you would at least consider a higher level of moderation on these posts.

    As a product this site would be more valuable, garner better user input and participation if there was some time taken to extend the moderation – not banning, but moderating – with an eye on those who chose to just stir things up.

    I hope you’ll consider a different approach that will benefit the majority of the community here for the greater good.

  • abe

    I expressed my displeasure over J.O.’s coverage of fall camp, and admittedly did a not-so-classy thing by posting a sample report from a different website to make my point, and as a result most of my posts have been censored since, though they contained no profanity or anything of that nature. My point being there is some vengeful censorship going on here because if censorship is solely based on profanity then my posts should be allowed to stay. I find this to be especially disturbing since individuals like ‘MoreNC’..’ continue to be able to post despite the fact that they have been calling JO all kinds of names like ‘coward’ not to mention the constant assault he/she throws at Cal football on a daily basis. I know this post, though it contains no profanity and thus is a legitimate comment about my feelings regarding CC Times handling of this matter, will probably also be prevented from being posted but I am going to express my disappointment anyways.

  • mbbear

    wow abe, self importance much?
    This just in-if you don’t like the posts, read the blog part…you know, where the information is, from the guy who is a professional reporter, and just maybe, and I know it radical, skip the part where its just opinion of people who are not reporting on the team? There are plenty of comment sites, and none of it really has to be here, except, as in the case of this thread, someone has a question.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    abe Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 5:46 pm
    I find this to be especially disturbing since individuals like ‘MoreNC’..’ continue to be able to post despite the fact that they have been calling JO all kinds of names like ‘coward’ not to mention the constant assault he/she throws at Cal football on a daily basis. >>>> Sorry but I have never called JO one name. iamalcindor has called JO a coward but that is not me. A check of IPs would prove that. After USC lost to Washington many of the posters on here were taunting uncontrollably. I never became defensive. OTOH, we humiliate you in worse fashion and this thread is full of people calling for banning and censorship. I call that a bunch of sore losers who can’t take your own medicine. JO to his credit is being fair. Speaks highly of the person who covers your team. I think it is a little below him after the vitrol I have seen on here. And jsut to set the record straight. If you had a 5-0 record right now rather than a 3-2 record after two straight blow outs this blog would be filled with posters who would be fighting to put up the next post.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    BTW I am always referring people to this blog and I am a supporter of the CC Times coverage. Hre is a link. Read how I linked the CC Times. http://www.sacbee.com/629/story/2233536.html

    I have also done the same with the SF Chronicle, Ted Miller’s blog and Wilner’s blog. If you fans want this coverage to continue I would encourage you to do the same. The SF Chronicle, KNBR and other Bay Area media outlets aren’t planning to give your program much more coverage.

  • Jethro

    Mbbear is right – if you don’t like the posts, don’t read them. And if you don’t like dissenting opinions, then put your soft head in your Utopian pillow and cry yourself to sleep. And if you are going to dissent, try including some facts and reasoned analysis rather than just your opinion. Otherwise, your comments become predictable and boring.

  • Jake

    And since it’s a policy issue (even though I think J.O. should encourage CC Times to block Moron), if you don’t want to read Moron’s posts follow MikeD’s instructions.

    GreaseMonkey has made this blog so much more enjoyable for me.

  • abe

    I have never, ever posted a comment in this blog to retaliate against or that made any kind of reference to the sadistic moron, except to repeatedly plead with fellow Cal fans to ignore him/her (and I wish I saved some of those posts) in vain off course. Just this one time I am going to make an exception and respond: I absolutely remember coming across a post by you sometime during fall camp that directly attacked JO saying things like “coward” so that is a blatant denial. The least you can do is stand by your nasty comments. I hate to admit it but this blog has taken a negative tone because of you and of course this wouldn’t have been possible if everybody just simply ignored you. Well I hope at least people will pay heed to JO’s suggestion not get caught on by your malicious posts.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    BlueNGold – Here is the one who made the comment about JO. http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=166&f=1419&t=4886209
    That’s not me. If I were you I would get over there and track him down since you seem to be pushed out of shape by every opposing opinion. That is the one who taunts you all over the scout and ESPN boards. He also goes by William Hung on the USC board

    Abe – this forum took a decidely negtive tone when your team layed two rotten eggs in a row. Until then a reoccuring theme was “Have you purchased your tickets to the Rose Bowl”, “What week will be rated No 1 in the country”, “SUC is terrible and we will destroy them”, “Tedford is god”, “Best is the greatest runningback in college football”. I was the only contrary opinion. Now if you want to call that negative then go ahead. That’s what a contrary opinion is. I knew before the season began and I posted it here many times that you were not that good. I even told you what the problems would be – 1) a head case as a QB damaged by a HC seeking perfection; 2)an suspect OL; 3) LB issues; 4) special teams problems. Everyone on here told me I was just a basher. At least you could do is man-up and admit how right I have been 3 years running now! Here is something else. You will lose to pucla. Their defense will swarm you and Price and Carter and AV and Terrance Austin and a couple of their RBs will have a huge day against you. Norm will put a scheme together that will have you wanting to turn your TVs off by the middle of the second quarter.

  • MoreNCsarecoming
  • BluenGold

    MikeD- I left a message for you on the userscript web site. Let me know. Thanks.