Football: Tuesday quotes


On his reaction to watching film of the USC game

I saw great effort. We were in a position where there were a lot of plays to be made. We need to continue to get better so we’re consistent in making all the plays.


On Cal’s problems against the Trojans

There are different things. There are sometimes when they have things covered and they won that play. That’s football, plain and simple. There weren’t a lot of mental mistakes. From time to time, there was a certain position here or there where they executed better than we did. We have to continue to get better where we are making more plays than other people.


On Cal’s passing game

The other day, we missed some open guys in the passing game. The first three games, we were pretty accurate in the passing game. We need to be more consistent there.


Elaborating on passing game problems

Passing game means a lot of things. Passing game means protection, it means the right routes being run, it means accurate throws, catching the ball. When you say passing game, everybody goes right to the quarterback. Some of it lands on his shoulders. Some of it lands on other people’s shoulders.


On the advantages of running the Wildcat offense

What it does it gives you a hat on a hat. When you have a quarterback back there and he’s not a threat to run and you have one back in the backfield, you have five linemen and a tight end, tha’ts six, and another back, that’s seven. If they have eight, they have one more hat than you have. The quarterback becomes a runner. Then you can get a guy out of there, you can get a hat on a hat.



On improving the passing game

It’s nice that we have a bye week. We have things we can work on to get better. WE had a quarterbacks and receivers meeting today. We went over things we need to get better at and take control of. It’s about getting better this week.


On where the team stands

We know we can play better. We have seven games left, alll Pac-10 games. We’ll play better. This team knows we’re a better team than we’ve been playing. We just have to do it. That’s all there is to it.


On how he feels out on the field

I feel fine. It feels good coming out of my hand. I’m just aiming a little too much. I’m still throwing well, I’m still making all the reads. I’m just missing too many receivers.


On the goals the rest of the season

We just have to go out there and win as many games as possible. Just looking at the pac-10 so far this year, everybody has been beat up by everybody. You never know what’s going to happen. We just have to go out there and win, that’s it.



On the starters getting most of the reps during a bye week

It shows that we’re here to work and we need to turn this around. We don’t’ deserve the days off if we’’re not performing. If you want days off, you have to earn them. I’m looking forward to battling this week.



On the team’s work ethic

The great thing is everyone is willing to work. Previous years, we probably would have had a few people rebelling against it. But the vibe around here is wonderful. Everyone is ready to work. Everyone is willing to compete, no matter where you are on the depth chart. That’s the wonderful part of the whole feel right now. I thought we were working hard already. Now we’re working super hard.



On the rest of the season

No matter what is predicted, anything can happen. It shows with us. One minute we were on top and everyone was praising us. The next minute we’re on the bottom and all you hear is bad stuff. You always have to take it one game at a time. There are seven games left. That means there are seven weeks where something drastic can happen. It can be seven positive weeks or seven negative weeks. Hopefully we can execute flawlessly like we should have been doing the past two weeks.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • noduck

    i didn’t hear anything.

  • rollonubears

    if i understand this correctly, he wants us to wear two hats to the next game, and then we will win. kind of like double rally caps. or is it double thinking caps.

  • rollonubears

    “Hopefully we can execute flawlessly like we should have been doing the past two weeks.”

    There it is again. This team is WAY too up tight. Until they’re having fun, they’re going to be miserable.

  • wehofx

    RB, on the players having fun: you think Saban, Spurrier and Meyer aren’t demanding hard asses? (Granted M Brown and B Stoops seem more like the PC type “Fun” personality. To state the obvious, they’re very successful but so are the hard asses.)

    Also don’t forget PC got fired from 2 HC jobs – and Belichek(sp?) 1 – before he figured out what it takes to be a successful HC. (I know pro vs. college but I hope you get the point.)

    I still believe in JT and think he keeps improving. He’s the HC – especially once the SAHPC is finished – who will get us to the Rose Bowl.

    My only doubt is KR. He should be given at least 2 more games to prove himself but if he doesn’t, I sure hope they go to Sweeney. The overthrow on the trick play with the WR on the sideline was inexcusable. 7 points thrown away.

  • rollonubears

    i’m not saying there should be no discipline, i’m just saying this whole “flawless” thing has clearly gotten to the players. they’ve been talking about it all year, but they will never be flawless, so they they shouldn’t dwell on it. i think one more game is plenty for riley. any of our qbs should do well against washington state, and if riley can’t perform after three games, i’d rather use that game to give someone else a chance.

  • nickle

    The biggest fun comes from winning games.

  • Bears

    Everything is fun and great when you win. When you lose the sky is falling.
    Tedford did not forget how to coach or win. The guy can flat out coach, especially when he has an offense that can execute. I’m not putting it on one player, the entire offense has taken it’s turn the last couple games not doing what it takes to score. Way to many mistakes, can’t win vs good teams in the Pac if you do not excecute in all phases.
    My question is are the players any good? If they are not, that’s Tedford’s fault, because he brought them all in. They are his guys, if they can’t get it done it’s not on one player or one coach but the entire program. They keep talking about how talented they are and about how hard they are working, well great, but if production and excecution do not show up on game day talk means nothing.
    This team still has a chance to have a strong season. We will see how good this team is and how tough they are by the way they play in their final 7 regular season games. There is plenty of time to make a statement and also plenty of time to give up.
    What’s it going to be?

  • GoldenBear 77


    I am guessing you never played football, or if you did, you did had a different view than anyone else I ever knew who played. Practice was never “fun”. You practiced so you could play in the games, but practice is necessarily repetitive. And you always strived to be flawless — what is the alternative — strive to be OK? Anyone who has an ounce of competitive spirit would not accept that.

  • rollonubears

    you mean like the raiders’ “commitment to excellence?” tedford has these guys playing scared. remember those kids growing up with the parents who would be there at every practice, micromanaging the hell out of every movement? those kids always made stupid mistakes and had a mental collapse in a game because all they thought about was being perfect for dad. it’s a flawed analogy, sure, but it’s the general idea. tedford seems to think EVERY qb has to do x,y an z, to be successful. and you don’t completely overhaul someone’s mechanics after two years of college ball and expect him not to think about it. he should be playing on instinct, once the ball’s snapped. you’re in a zone. there’s no time to think. as much as i think harry edwards is a buffoon, he was onto something when he compared jerry rice’s pursuit of the perfect catch to john coltrane’s pursuit of the perfect piece of music. it’s the same in every sport or any performance at a high level. you get into a zone, you block everything out, you don’t hear the crowd, and it just happens. you think, and you fail.

  • GoldenBear 77

    But to get to the point where you are in the “zone” you have to work consciously and incredibly hard. Someone once said to one of the great classical musicians, “I would give my life to play like you.” The reply, “I did”.

  • Rich


    On the starters getting most of the reps during a bye week

    It shows that we’re here to work and we need to turn this around. We don’t’ deserve the days off if we’’re not performing. If you want days off, you have to earn them. I’m looking forward to battling this week.

    ……………..previous post………………….

    “After the way they been playing the last two games, They do not need time off. They have not been playing physical or mentally tough, so they shouldn’t have any injuries to recover from. What they need to do is to start working out the other QB’s, to get them ready for the rest of the year, because you know how boy genius is going to perform. What scares me the most is tedford won’t make the move now, then we will be stuck with him all of next year. Tedford, you can’t live on Rogers legacy.”

  • rollonubears

    this has really been a “special” season.

  • Scotty Mon

    “We were in a position where there were a lot of plays to be made”

    What the heck is that supposed to mean? He was able to get 11 guys out on the field? That statement is about as vague as Tedford’s offensive game plan.

  • Calduke

    I’m afraid we lost more than 2 games these past weeks; I think some key recruits are looking elsewhere.
    Start with Malcolm Jones.

  • Dan

    Many recruits will look elsewhere. This ship is sinking.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Dan Says:
    October 8th, 2009 at 9:46 pm
    Many recruits will look elsewhere. This ship is sinking
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You are probably right but just remember they are not that good. They are second tier players, virtual cast offs USC didn’t want or need. If you don’t get even those kind of players what kind will you get?

  • BluenGold

    Moron is getting desperate for someone to respond to it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t feed the troll.