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Football: Wrapping up UCLA

By Jonathan Okanes
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 9:43 am in Last game tidbits.

A couple of other things about the UCLA game:

–It was kind of a surreal scene when the game ended. After shaking hands, Cal’s players rushed over to the section of seats at the Rose Bowl where Cal fans were and started celebrating with them. At the same time, UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel grabbed the on-field mike and made a speech to the fans, assuring them his team will not get down and keep fighting. Only problem was the Bears fans were making so much noise, I’m not sure how many UCLA fans could actually hear what Neuheisel was saying.

–Quarterback Kevin Riley talked some after the game about the nice block he threw at UCLA cornerback Sheldon Price during Jahvid Best’s 93-yard touchdown run. Riley said offensive coordinator issues “skull and crossbones” stickers to players who deliver a good cut block.

“I might be the first quarterback for Coach Ludwig to give one,” Riley said. “He’ll judge it. I’m hoping to get one. I was just jogging with Jahvid, saw him start to cut back a little so I just tried to get in the way of anybody. I was just hoping I wouldn’t get the guy from behind, but I got in front of him.”

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  • bud

    JO, can you PLEASE ask Tedford why Cal only had 10 men on the field 2 plays in a row, the 2nd of which was the Kendricks INT. Thank you.