Basketball: Will Randle threaten Lampley’s mark?

Maybe it’s just one Chicago guy giving a hard time to another one, but Jerome Randle told me Tuesday night he’s heard from ex-Cal star Sean Lampley, owner of the Bears’ career scoring record since his senior season of 2000-01.

“He’s kind of threatened about the whole (Cal) scoring title,” Randle laughed. “I said, `Just chill out, man.’  I really don’t know. I might not have to score that much this year with the team we have. He’s really threatened right now.”

Lampley scored 1,776 points in four seasons for the Bears, eclipsing the career record held by Lamond Murray, who logged 1,688 points in three seasons through 19939-94.

Randle enters his final campaign with 1,184 career points, ranking him 20th on Cal’s all-time list. He would need to score 593 points to move ahead of Lampley.

The guess here is that Randle might be right: This team could have greater depth and a more balanced scoring attack, meaning that Randle won’t be required to score as much.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Will

    How many did he have last year?

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  • uh oh.

    If he plays 35 games that’s 16.94 pts per game.
    Better hope for no injury time.