Football: Thursday night update

There was a handful of significant news items tonight so let’s get right to it:

–Cornerback Darian Hagan will not make the trip to Arizona State. Hagan has been suspended for one game for missing a class. Jeff Tedford said Josh Hill will start in that spot, with Chris Conte also seeing time. Tedford said redshirt freshman Marc Anthony will travel to provide depth and also said Charles Amadi could get into the rotation.

–Nose tackle Derrick Hill (stinger) and left guard Matt Summers-Gavin (shoulder) have both been ruled out for Saturday and won’t travel, either. Tedford said Mark Boskovich and Richard Fisher will team up to replace Summers-Gavin. Boskovich replaced Summers-Gavin against USC but apparently Fisher has made some strides and could see some time. Fisher has been a guy who has been on the cusp of seeing meaningful playing time the last two years but has just been passed up by others. Last year, Chris Guarnero beat him out for the starting left guard spot.

Tedford said he didn’t know who would start but both guys would play.

“He’s always been really reliable,” Tedford said. “He’s a tough, hard-working guy.”

–Sean Cattouse will replace Marcus Ezeff at one starting safety spot, but Ezeff will still play. Ezeff hasn’t been able to match his level of play from the past couple seasons and Cattouse has been coming on. Brett Johnson will continue to start at the other safety position.

The Bears will travel in the morning and have an early evening walkthrough. I probably won’t be getting on here until mid-afternoon because of my travel itinerary.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • wehofx

    I know there are more than a few JT naysayers but to me this another reason why JT is the perfect coach for Cal.

    In order of importance, I hope DH gets his academics tight and then, and only then, I hope he realizes his potential at CB.

    …and what’s up with the feeding of the troll? To quote, I believe it was, JKO, “2 words: Grease Monkey.

    Beat ASU. Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    …and how about T DeCoud’s play for the Falcons?

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey JO, I read on the SF Comical that Tipoti will be starting in place of Hill. What about Payne? Is he injured?

  • rollonubears

    these guys just don’t have heart. they all worked their tails off last year because there was better team leadership. now they’re resting on whatever laurels they thought they had. hope this is a good-enough wakeup call.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I heard when Hagan (he is #26 right?)missed class he was seen pounding his chest and flexing his arms. The ASU QB should have a big big day. 700 yards of passing on 40 out of 40 passes won’t be out of range. Your DC was quoted after the game as saying “We thought we did well. We didn’t give up any passes over 40 yards and kept their WRs in front of us the entire game.”

  • Easy Ed

    Hi Moron, good to see someone from U$C can actually read. I guess we don’t have to worry about Carroll suspending a U$C football player for missing class. Heck, a U$C football player GOING TO CLASS would be big news!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Easy Ed

    Go look at the Wonderlic scores from the 2009 NFL combine. Look at Matthews and Cushing verses anyone of your players. Look at Sanchez against your QB. Ooops. I forgot. Longshore wasn’t invited.

  • MikeD


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  • MikeD

    D Hill missing the trip is concerning, the big fella in the middle plays a key role.

    Hagan seems to be imploding this year, usually that signals issues in other areas of life as well. Hope the kid can get things back on track, can’t be pleasant for him.

    Go Bears

  • Easy Ed

    Hi Moron,

    The Wonderlic? Come on man! That’s an idiot test for football players (perfect for Trojans). As someone said before me, don’t mention academics or intelligence and U$C football in the same breath.

    Now I know you’re not making a joke about quarterbacks. Who is more of an embarassment, Nate Longshore or a former Heisman Trophy winning QB whose warming the bench in Arizona. If you want to know what a Cal QB is really like why don’t you look at a Green Bay Packer game.

  • Bears

    Hagan is a strange case. This guy is obviously talented, why is he stuggling so much? Sad that he might waste his ability. Potential and talent only take you so far. Hope Hagan is able to turn things around for himself and the team. They are all in this together.
    Is Payne going to play at NT tomorrow? Bears will need both him, Tipoti, and Costanzo to fill in for a capable player like Hill.
    Ducks will win and end sc’s run Saturday night. If California wins both Bears and sc will be 6-2.

  • Pete Carroll

    The Grease Monkey troll-blocking script has changed my life. I can now devote more time to talking about the subject of this board – Cal football. If you haven’t installed the Grease Monkey script do it today. Pete Carroll heartily endorses it.

    Your Zen kōan for today – If Moren installed Grease Monkey would he/she cease to exist?

  • MikeD

    @Pete Carroll

    well played. bully sir, bully

    Glad the script is working well for ye, thanks for the solid endorsement

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  • calbear

    Hagan has been inconsistent his whole career. He is big-headed and I am glad that the coaches care about him enough to knock him back to reality. He needs to quit acting like a teen and grow up. He has been a tremendous letdown and I am glad that the staff is giving hard working players the chance to play.

    I think that it is not out of the question that the ASU QB has a big day – just like MOREN said (see Masoli, Prince, Tuel), but hopefully the bears can pull through.

  • calbear

    I can see why you went to USC, you think standardized tests are actual measures of intelligence. There are absolutely no other ways to determine intelligence, not even by paying the test moderators.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Jan, Payne has been injured. He missed a couple of games with a foot injury before coming back last week. Tipoti has been playing pretty well as Hill’s backup so they’re going to make him the starter and have Payne back up. But both should play a lot.

  • Pete Carroll

    MikeD – please feel free to use my name to endorse your script wherever you feel a need to do so.


  • BluenGold

    Calbear, moron has never attended the U. of Sports Corruption. It is a U C Davis dropout.