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Football: First quarter stats

By Jonathan Okanes
Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 1:30 pm in Gameday.

First downs: Cal 9, ASU 0.

Total yards: Cal 138, ASU 17.

Rushing: Best 5-21, Bass 2-5.

Passing: Riley 8-10-0, 117 yards, 2 TDs. Sullivan 2-6-0, 10 yards.

Receiving: Best 4-33, 1 TD; K. Williams 1-5, J. Williams 1-5.

Tackles: B. Johnson 2, Holt 2, McFoy 4, NIxon 4.

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  • Eric

    Too many needless pass plays is killing us. On 2 and 6 and 3 and 4, run hard. On the play near our goal line when Riley fumbled, I would have run again.

  • Eric

    What I just posted was highlighted on Cal’s last drive before the half. We get a gift, and we get down to ASU’s 17 yard line, with one time out and 1:13 on second and five. Run! But no, we pass, and it is incomplete. Then on third and five, we again pass, when we should have run. Incomplete. So we kick a field goal (barely), leaving a minute on the clock. Luckily, ASU did not score, but this is again poor coaching. We easily should be up 21-7 or more, but bad decisions are costing us points.

  • MikeD

    don’t know that I agree Eric. this is one of the top defenses in the conf, our line play is poor enough as it is. the Riley fumble on the 3 was on the o-line, I watched it in slow-mo as the R guard got turned the wrong way immed and his man beat him to the inside – and the L guard had let his man go by untouched who in turn caused the fumble. Line play is still killing the offense. Not sure how you can call the field goal as a ‘barely’ – it split the uprights dead center with plenty of leg. Would rather that Georigio leave the soccer flopping on the soccer field and concentrate more on the first kick, no need for theatrics, we needed the points.

  • Eric

    MikeD – I said “barely” because of the snap – watch how Mansion saved it for us.

    And your are right that the o-line is killing us, but it is o-line on pass protection. On run plays, we’re averaging between 3 and 4 yards, which will only get better as time goes on.