Football: From the press box

–Cal is now bowl-eligible for the seventh straight year.

–Jahvid Best said he tweaked his left ankle on the first play of the final drive of the game and sat out the rest of the way. Best said he could have returned but the offense was moving so well, there was no need to change things up.

–Best now has 16 career touchdowns, two shy of the Cal record.

–Pac-10 leader Mike Mohamed had 12 more tackles.

–Kicker Giorgio Tavecchio said that was the first game-winning field goal he has ever made at any level.

–Jeff Tedford waited until pregame warm-ups to decide on his kicker today. Tavecchio said he found out he was kicking about 20 minutes before the start of the game.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jake


    Where are the USC score updates? I’ve been checking here regularly for them, hoping I could get some info since I’m not in front of a tv. Oh well…thank goodness for my iPhone.

    Props to the Ducks for a wonderful game plan and Jermiah Masoli!!

  • abe

    Great night for the Pac10. The trojans have finally been dethroned and in a classical spanking at that. Their rein over the conference for the past seven years have destroyed the conference’s perception and we, especially Cal (remember ’04) have paid for it. So what now? well ‘SC most likely wins out and gets an at large bcs bid. Oregon is looking at either Jan 1 or 8. Assuming both will win their games, i like their chances, you have the Pac 10 asserting itself as a deep conference, which it has always been. If you look at the big picture this is also good news for ‘SC b/c chances are they were not goint to the championship game this year anyways and they are sick of the rose bowl. However, in the coming years they have a higher chance of getting into that game without a perfect pac 10 record so really this is a good for all.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    It isn’t so good that Oregon won tonight. Now they will steal your recruits. Say bye bye to all the DeLaSalle, Grant High and other NorCal players. You lose big time.

  • Boaltblue


    Please meet the9drawfs. You two can console each other now that SC has proven itself to be a pretender. Where do you think SC will be bowling this year? Pack your bags as you will be leaving town.

  • ToparchiBear

    That is pethedic Moren… Still you try to find way to trash talk the bear to make you fell better after the duck Quack down your trojan. You heart got stab twice so bad, didn’t it. The Bear won, and the trojan lost.

    With the bear come back from behind win, the bear is better on the road this year than last. And, Cal won both games in the South.

    Go bears! Beat OSU at home.

  • CM

    Great info JO. It is an academic point, but I feel as if Cal has essentially been bowl eligible for 8 straight years. The team went 7-5 in 2002, and would have been to a bowl were it not for the transgressions of the previous football regime. So one can definitely say that Cal has had enough wins for a bowl game in 8 straight years…

  • ToparchiBear

    Well! BCS is out of USC’s reach, so their motivation is down and they might even loose to UCLA at the end. HA HA.

  • calbear

    lol what a strange day. Morenc is at least keeping it Cal related in some way LOL. I would have never expected them to roll on USC like that. That just never happens… but it did.. Almost as bad as they rolled on us.

  • Easy Ed

    Poor Moron! I said last week that after tonight that both U$C and Cal would be 6-2 with 2 conference loses. Oh well at least both schools can console themselves with their stellar academic reputations. Oops, sorry Moron but with out their cheating football program University of Second Choice is a joke!!!

  • Pug

    I think there is a good chance USC will still get an at-large BCS bid (Fiesta) and all the other Pac-10 schools will move up a notch in the bowl picture.

  • kyle

    Oh Poor Moron. When it doesn’t go your way you have to stretch to find something to post. So sad…..you lose….you freakin loser

  • Pete Carroll

    Actually it looks like the Holiday Bowl or lower for SC. If Boise State and TCU keep winning they’ll usurp the at-large bids. Realistically, Oregon has to get into the NC game for the PAC-10 to send two teams to the BCS. The Ducks looked NC worthy.

  • MikeD

    Ducks looked freaking awesome last night, gotta imagine that the D-Coord’s for Stanford, ASU, UofA, and OSU are quaking in their boots a bit. Or quacking as it were…

    Gotta give BSU props for getting the job done against the Ducks when they did, and scoreboard to them for it – but no way the Bronco’s survive that offensive onslaught from the Ducks if the game is played today.

    Quite the trip behind the woodshed for the girls from troy. I smiled the whole night long.

  • Pug

    I still think the Fiesta, if given the choice between a Boise State-TCU match up and a Boise State-USC game, goes with USC. The Trojans have the brand name.

    It’s actually more between Penn State/Ohio State v. USC for the at-large bid. TCU? Good team, no reputation. One Boise State-type team is more than enough for the Fiesta Bowl. They’re trying to make money and Boise State-TCU just doesn’t work, I think.

  • Eric

    Unfortunately, Pug is probably right, though I think TCU may get the spot over Boise State because TCU will continue to stay ahead in the BCS on strength of schedule (though if Oregon keeps winning, who knows). Of course, the BCS should take both TCU and Boise State over U$C or Penn State (no way Ohio State gets in now). And if Penn State loses again, it probably is U$C. Which sucks because an extremely deserving team would be left out in the cold (as happened to us in 2004), though it means more $$ for the Pac-10.

    But that is assuming U$C wins out AND Oregon wins out. If Oregon loses one more game, it still easily could be the Pac-10 champ, but in that circumstance I don’t see the BCS taking two Pac-10 teams with 2 losses. But I also think there is decent chance of U$C losing again. Their defense has been exposed over the last three games. Mays is now a joke – known only for late hits. The LBs are not like last year. The offense is bland. And Barkley is a one trick pony – throw short outs to Damian Williams and let him do the rest. Did you see how badly Barkley missed on two wide open throws for TDs?

  • wehofx

    Oregon did look great last night, damn near unstoppable. But I have a feeling they are going to lose one more game. Who? I have no idea. The Pac 10 is tough – except for WSU. But furd at Palo Alto sure has trap game written all over it after the high the Ducks are on – deservedly – after last night’s victory.

    $c is probably going to lose one more, too.

    JO, could you get us Wildcat stats? It sure doesn’t feel like we’re getting much out of it.
    Beat OSU. Go Bears!

  • Bears

    It’s great for the Pac 10 that we will have a new champion. Of course I’m jealous ducks are the first to knock sc out but someone had to do it. It took a great QB performance. They had no answer for the run pass threat. Same way they were beat two years ago by dixon. A mobile efficient QB and tough D are the way to beat those guys. Locker did it earlier this year.
    Cal has not had that kind of QB play since 04, that’s why we have not been a great team, been very solid since. In college you don’t need to be Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning to be great (of course they help and I’d take anyone like them in a second), you just have to be smart, tough, efficient and make plays against any opponent.
    The Bears have a lot of QB’s in the pipeline, KR still has time to be a great one. He proved yesterday his toughness and heart in crunch time. He is mobile too, what he needs to improve are consistency and pocket awareness. If he is not able to iron out the few weaknesses he has the cupboard is not bare and it will continue to improve stock. The SAHPC and renovated stadium along with a consistently good program will elevate the Bears to top 15 status year in year out. The Bears will break through just as Uo did this year. Our time is coming, we just need to keep pounding for it. The future is bright and it starts by growing up as a team now that November is here and finishing the year stronger than we started it, then recruiting like we never have before. Because, now the Bears have the construction progress to bring in the best who will benefit from brand new training quarters at the best public University in the world.
    Go Bears

  • rollonubears

    Bears are #23 in Coaches and AP Polls and #22 in Harris. With the Harris and Coaches average and for some reason a computer that thinks we’re #18 as of last week, that should put us somewhere around #20. Nice! Go Bears!

  • Will

    Moren, I genuinely hope you had a very Happy Halloween! I know Jeremiah Masoli did.

  • Pete Carroll

    Or better yet Abe, everyone should install Grease Monkey when they can. It really does make the board better.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    CM, they had enough wins to be bowl eligible, but the bottom line is they weren’t because of the violations.