Football: From the press room

–The latest on Jahvid Best: He has been diagnosed with a severe concussion. Best was taken to Highalnd Hospital in Oakland and underwent a series of tests. They all came back negative.

–Obviously, most of the postgame talk was about Best’s injury. Most players acknowledged being shook up by it, but also said they tried to use it as motivation.

–Jeff Tedford said he told the team right before play resumed that Best was moving his arms and legs and it looked as though he would be OK.

–The touchdown drive that ended with Best’s injury was Cal’s longest of the season in terms of plays. It was a 15-play drive that went for 81 yards and took 7:33 off the clock.

–Wide receiver Verran Tucker had a career-high six catches for 74 yards and a touchdown.

–Alex Lagemann has five catches over the past two weeks and each catch has netted Cal a first down.

–Oregon State has won its past five games in Berkeley.

–The start time and television coverage for Saturday’s game against Arizona will be announced Sunday.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • CalBear91

    I’m encouraged that Best is testing OK. But getting to the game itself, it is abundantly clear by this point that our primary problems are a very, very poor offensive line and a mediocre to bad defensive line. Add to this inconsistent play elsewhere and that is all you need to know about the Bears being mediocre this year. I watched Stanford beat Oregon and couldn’t believe how well their offensive line blocked for their quarterback against the same defensive front that ate us alive.

    Since we know we have higher rated recruits than Oregon State, Stanford, or Oregon, and that all of those teams are playing players as young as ours, the only answer to the difference in performance in coaching. Pure and simple.

    Our coaches, and I don’t know enough to know who to blame, simply don’t prepare our players technically or emotionally well enough. Oregon State?? Give me a break. B level players that kick our ass every year. They are supremely well coached. Stanford? Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the Pac 10 from what I have seen this year, and he was highly recruited, but not higher than Riley.

    I’m a die hard Bear fan and have been since I started at Cal in 87. I’ve seen it all it seems. I’ve reached the conclusion with this team that our coaching staff, starting with Tedford, are just mediocre. Middle of the Pac 10. Tedford alone isn’t good enough to compensate for whatever deficiencies he has among his assistants, which would also be his fault.

    Since I care most about getting the best from yourself, I am very disappointed in our poor play with great talent. I’ll take a well coached team that plays well over a talented team that plays poorly any day. This is why I am such a fan of Mike Montgomery. He teaches a system, and his players perform over their talent level alone. Mike Riley clearly gets his players to play above their talent level.

    Tedford, though I am grateful for what he has done, does not. I know there wont’ be a change here, but there should be, and I hate to say it. We’ve made excuses for too many years now. We’re always only a play or two or three away from a better season.

    Either that, or he has to hire way better assistant coaches for special teams, offensive line and wide receivers.

    I’m bummed, and this is exactly what I think our problems are.

  • Jake


    Right on!! I agree with everything you said. One of the biggest indicators for me that Tedford cannot coach, is how his teams fold when behind. There is no fight.

    Oregon lost, but they were in it to the end. However big the deficit was, they kept chipping away at it. CAL throws an INT the first series down against USC and they never recover. They make a few mistakes in the 1st quarter agains Oregon and they get pummeled.

    The greatest disappointment is that CAL has talent, like you said, but the outcome is always same. Win big over the bad teams, occasional close wins over other mediocre/decent teams, and always get out coached against good teams.

    It’s gotta’ start from the top. And until something changes there, we’ll never get to the next level. We’ll never get to the BCS.

  • Eric

    100% agree. Watch the kool-aid drinkers try to defend this latest embarassing loss, the same guys who thought we did such a great job barely beating ASU, which happened despite coaching.

    Tedford has been mediocre since the 2004 Holiday Bowl, even though the talent level has only gone up. Syd played well yesterday, but the rest of the secondary and LBs did not. Alualu played well, and the front line did fine against the run, but there was zero pressure. Rushing 3 with an occasional blitz will not generate pressure. Moreover, watch how Cal rushed. Alualu would push up the middle, and the two ends would always attempt to rush outside to catch Canfield on the back side. But OSU easily schemed for it. There were no stunts, and no overloads to at least force Canfield to roll. Seeing that, why not try a blindside cornerback blitz, or a delayed LB blitz up the middle (which worked against UCLA).

    But at least the defense didn’t completely give up. The offense is pathetic, and packed it in, primarily when Tedford trotted out the punt team on 4th and 1 and the 45 when we were already down and getting beaten around. The third quarter was some of the worst play-calling I have ever seen. No guts is a strong signal to the team.

    When DeSean left in 2007, lots of folks on this board criticized his decision as selfish. Maybe it was, but maybe he saw the writing on the wall.

  • george watson

    Look, the problem last night was that an undisciplined, unmotivated, poorly prepared and poorly coached team met one that was crisp, well-coached, well prepared and wanted it more. Coaching goes right to the heart of the matter: Riley has got the Ayoob-Longshore demon in him: he chokes. At least, he was inconsistent as he’s ever been and that takes down the team. Lose your inspirational player and you got nothing. Now, Riley is the QB and Tedford’s supposed to be “the guy” when it comes to QBs. Well, I saw Luck play – a true freshman and he looked much better than the “veteran” Riley. If you’ll notice the QB guru, hasn’t been guru-ing very well for a number of years now. The best recruit he had at QB was Rodgers, the rest mediocre. And that’s what Tedford’s coaching has become: mediocre. That team was so sloppy last night. Someone said above how Thompson played well. He got flagged, beat, and scored on. That’s good? When players play up and down, when there is no consistency in November, that’s coaching. Check out Stanford – I hate Stanford, but that team has gotten better and better every week, They ain’t no fluke. Cal is now going to descend to the bottom. Can’t beat AZ next week, can’t beat Stanford, probably won’t beat WA. This is Tedford. Jeff, time to hang them up. Last night was disgraceful from a coaching point of view.

  • george watson

    When you compare Jane Hairbag over at Stanford to Tedford – and I hate Stanford – at least the guy is smart enough *and* enthusiastic enough to fire up his players. All the camera shots on the Cardinal players showed fire. Hairbag can coach at least. Compare Tedford whose “dead fish” expression conveys no emotion at any time. Zen doesn’t work with kids, Jeff. And then there’s the field generalling, if you can call it that. Riley should have been yanked and sat to get his head clear at least, after he took what was, by the way, a helmet to helmet from that schmuck Kristick. He played bad in the first half even before that, skying ball over receivers. He was worse in the second half until near the end. And okay, Best was hurt, but that should have motivated the Bears to play better. It’s hard being a Golden Bears fan. Man.

  • Lawrence

    Okay, so you’re praising Harbaugh, a coach who hasn’t had a winning record yet, to Tedford, who has had seven years of winning records? That’s simply dumb. Look, the Bears were overrated this year. Marshall is not the answer as O-Line coach. Tedford needs to figure out what’s happening to the team during the season and make adjustments. But all of you wishy washy Cal fans, who somehow think we’re Florida or Alabama, make me ill. BTW, did you know that in 39 home games, Tedford has lost only to Oregon State and USC? Seven losses, thirty two wins? Yeah, terrible coach.

  • rollonubears

    the more i think about it, the more i think they just need to run the no huddle offense for the rest of the season. if i have to bit my nails off every play as a fan, as a cal player, the anxiety must be even worse. all that time to think about how the play will develop. will i screw up? will i drop it? you can avoid all that by just rushing to the line. short, quick reads. it’s more exciting, and i think it’s the best plan of attack for this team. no time to think! just perform. of course, tedford won’t agree because he thinks it’s better to spend all season laboring over the minutiae of a thousand plays that need to be performed perfectly.

    as far as defense, the 3-4 is a great scheme, if, and only if, you have 4 great linebackers. we don’t. so we’re basically daring other teams to pass on our crappy pass defense, instead of bringing pressure on every down. really really dumb at this point in the season. lawrence, i’m sorry, but i have to disagree with you. getting blown out by conference foes in half of your games (and 2 of those at home) is unacceptable. what we have right now is a “ben braun” on the gridiron. we waited way too long to fix that. let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

  • Robert

    Has any other program EVER been ranked in the top ten two of the last three years and dropped out of the rankings BOTH times?

    This is a pretty remarkable feat, not once, but twice!!!!!!

    Tedford and his staff have major, major problems!!!!

  • Eric

    What makes me ill is that one of those coaches who doesn’t have a winning record – Harbaugh or Stoops – and one who is in his first year head coaching and suspended his starting RB after the first game is 95% certain to coach in the Rose Bowl. The Ducks fans obviously think they’re Rose Bowl material, but not Arizona or Stanfurd fans. The only other realistic possibility is Petey, who might luck into it again. What’s your answer to that?

    “Tedford needs to figure out what’s happening to the team during the season and make adjustments.” Which are you talking about? This year? 2008? 2007? 2006 (maybe I’ll give you a pass)? 2005? Which one – they all are applicable. $1.8 million a year buys you that.

  • rollonubears

    i think both michigan and notre dame have bounced in and out of the top 25 the last 2 years. but they have serious problems, too. and they’ll actually do something about it because they care about their reputation. and BOTH of those schools are good academically. Cal is better, but if I’m interviewing new graduates, I’d probably take anyone from any of those 3 schools over a lot of others. it’s ok to be good in the classroom, and on the field.

  • Easy Ed

    To all of you “fire Tedford” naysayers please, please, please! Read Lawrence’s entry and read it good! This isn’t Florida, Alabama or U$C. You see unlike those schools we still require our players to read and write. I’ll stand pat with Tedford with the certain knowledge that we’ll soon have the facilities to allow us to compete with anyone and allow him to recruit better players who have the talent to make game time adjustments. So check the facts and the history and then decide if you want to try somebody new.

  • H8sRed

    Amen, Easy Ed. Yes, we all had much higher expectations for this year’s team. But what do you expect the coaches to say during training camp? Did you crybaby Tedford haters think he would say, “I think our inexperienced offensive line and new linebacking corps will prevent us from competing for the conference championship.” It was naysayers like the ones on this blog that chased Bruce Snyder out of town in ’91, and instead of going to that next level, Cal Football was led to the dismal depths of the Gilbertson/Holmoe era.

  • Eric

    Easy Ed – that is a response to send to the Moron, not to Cal fans. Are you suggesting every Cal player during the Tedford era knows how to read and write at a level above Florida, Alabama or U$C? Are you suggesting that new facilities will bring in even better recruits than Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson, our trio of LBs last year, Jahvid Best, or other 4 star-rated recruits? Don’t kid yourself – new facilities will not attract better recruits if we keep getting blown out in important games by better coached teams.

    Maybe mediocrity is ok for you.

  • Eric

    Bruce Synder chased out of town? After the 1991 season, where Cal was arguably the second best team in the country after the sanctionable Washington squad? Synder translated that success into $$.

    As for Gilbertson, he clearly was not a good coach, but the 1993 team was a terrific team. It lost four games, but only after Dave Barr went down with an injury, and our second string QB was injured as well. Remember Ziv Gottlieb? It blew out Iowa in the Alamo Bowl as an underdog. Oh, and during that season, we were down 28 points to Oregon in the first half and came back to win the game on a 2-point conversion. So bash on Gilby, but that team had heart in the face of adversity.

  • george watson

    Easy Ed
    You’re telling me that requirements at Stanford, now poised to win out its schedule – look how weak the Trojans really are – are more lax than Cal’s when it comes to “reading and writing”? Please. And for all you other Ted Heads: it was Tedford himself who made us expect better from his own efforts. Hell, I;m not concerned with winning as much as play well. At this point in the season, the team should be playing better than it did when it got whalloped by Oregon and SC – just like the Cardinal is. But they’re not and they looked really bad, not only on offense – Riley cannot lead a team because he is not a high caliber, high percentage of completion QB unless he’s playing poor teams – but also on defense. We got nada, zip, zilch and much of it is due to poor coaching. I’m afraid that the 21st century has moved on and left Ted and his west coast offense in the dirt. He doesn’t know how to do spread and sure can’t defense it. It’s up to the coaches to put the heart into the team and they ain’t go it. That;s on you, Jeff.

  • Easy Ed

    My fellow Bears, I’m not here to fight with you or degrade the program (I’ll leave that to you Moron). I’m not blind and I do know a little about football so I have my criticisms about what I saw in our 3 loses this year. But all in all, we have a respected and competetive program and while we have lost some respect this year we certainly aren’t the joke we were when Tedford took over. I have seen enough to know that this is a good coaching staff (perhaps you would rather not have Ron Gould-I happy with him). We are in a uniques situation at Berkeley and while Stanford caught lightning in a bottle this year give me a 6 year read on that program. Bears, don’t blow this thing up, this thing is done for this season but you hvae a choice, wait until next year or wait until the next decade!

  • H8sRed

    Of course Snyder was chased out, Eric. There were a lot of people who were upset (much like today’s naysayers) because Cal laid an egg that year against Stanford. Despite Snyder’s steady improvement, Cal did everything but buy Snyder’s plane ticket to ASU. Snyder was vastly underpaid and because of his detractors, Cal didn’t even attempt to bring his up to scale, let alone reward him for his success.

    As for Gilby, any of his successes owed to Snyder’s recruiting. Once Snyder’s recruits graduated, the program went down the toilet because no one wanted to play for a mealy mouthed tub of lard (who later went on to torpedo UW’s program).

  • Eric

    H8 – I don’t buy it. Synder may have been underpaid, but Cal was not in a position to pay big dollars for any coach; 1991/1992 was a tough economic period. ASU wanted to make a big push for its program, and dangled the money in front of Synder. Moreover, Cal destroyed Clemson in the Citrus Bowl, so whatever detractors there were following the Big Game that year were put to rest. Indeed, Russell White stuck around (giving up big $$ in the NFL), and I think he was operating under the assumption Synder was sticking around. You’re right Gilbertson was relying Synder’s recruits. If you want to take the argument to its logical end, Tedford was relying on Holmoe’s recruits in 2002 and 2003 (indeed, the one time Tedford beat U$C, it was primarily because of Reggie, not Aaron Rodgers). I am constantly amazed to see Holmoe era players playing at high levels in the NFL.

    I give Tedford all the credit for taking the truly comatose program in 2002 and completely turning it around, just like I give Braun credit for taking a scandalized program and giving it respectability. But just like Braun had to go wallowing in mediocrity even though he had talented players (how many Pac-10 POYs did Braun have? How many drafted players?) Tedford is mediocre coach losing with talented players; he wasn’t in 2002-2004; he has been every year since.

    But here’s the most interesting aspect of your post – under any circumstances, Tedford clearly is not “underpaid.” He gets nearly $2 million a year, second in the Pac-10. Cal has not been second in the Pac-10 since 2006 – and even that year was a disappointment. We’re trending down, not up. These losses this year have been terrible. Even last year and in 2007, we didn’t lose like this. Why would any decent recruit come here now?

    Go find a Chris Peterson type – a guy who is young, hungry, intense, and willing try interesting ideas. pay him half of what you pay Tedford, and you won’t do any worse first year out. You’ll do better in Year 2 and maybe, just maybe, Cal will time a year right to get into the Rose Bowl.

  • nickle

    Eric, you’re really comparing Braun to Tedford?

    Criticize Tedford all you want, but he ain’t no Ben Braun.

  • Rollonubears

    This season is over. Our second chance at a pac10 title tips off tomorrow at haas. Go bears !

  • H8sRed

    Eric – Shortening my screen name leads to improper generalizations — I only hate red. I understand your points, but I respectfully disagree. The difference is that Tedford was able to get the most out of recruits who were embarrassing underachievers under Holmoe; whereas, Gilby’s players knew how to win under Snyder, knowledge that quickly disappeared. Tedford is indeed well-paid, and I for one am happy that Sandy Barbour had the institutional knowledge and memory not to make the same idiotic mistakes Bockrath made in ’91. You’re wrong about the Citrus Bowl; there were many alumni who could not get over the fact that Cal lost to a clearly inferior Stanford team that year. Snyder would have had the Bears in the Rose Bowl by ’92 or ’93.

    What I object to is that so many of the naysayers act as if Cal’s opponents are all coached by chimps. Coaching talent across the conference as a whole has improved a great deal over the past several years, starting with Carroll in 2001 and Tedford in 2002, and continuing with Sarkisian and Kelley this year. Cal has beaten well-coached teams this year, and they have lost to well-coached teams.

    Am I disappointed how this season is going? Absolutely. But I don’t think the solution is to blow up the system that has produced the most productive run in the past fifty years, especially given the increased level of coaching and competition across the league.

  • Eric

    H8sRed – so at what point will you find it unacceptable to pay Tedford $1.8 million a year? Is 7-5 and 8-4 seasons, with an occasional 9-3 and an occasional 6-6 and 5-7, for the next 10 years acceptable? If so, then there is a fundamental disagreement as to whether mediocrity is ok. If not, then explain where you draw the line.

    Nickle – yes, I am comparing. As have numerous others. It is the same trend. Braun was handed a team in chaos, and immediately generated respectability by getting us to the Sweet Sixteen. In his 12 seasons, his record at Cal was 219-152, Cal made it to the tournament 5 times, made it to the NIT three times (winning in 1999), twice finished second in the Pac-10, and finished above .500 his last three seasons, all in the face of virtually every Pac-10 team other than Oregon State having, at one time or another, very strong teams, and in the face of significant injuries. Yet he absolutely needed to go, because he could not get it done with very good talent. Do you really think the comparisons are that far off?

  • Jake

    I gotta’ say Eric’s spot on on this one.

  • george watson

    Easy Ed,
    “Lightning in a bottle”? Do you know anything about college football? Do have any memory? Do you know how Hairbag got the job at Stanford? Do you remember what Stanford did last year to USC and will probably do again this year? Have you seen Stanford’s freshman QB in action? Or Gerhard running? Have you seen how highly Stanford ranks on the national recruiting charts and where Cal is? The six year read on Stanford is that it will be a powerhouse in the PAC 10. Prognosis for CAL? Not so good.

    Cal a “Respected and competitive program”? Did you see the game on Saturday night? Do you call that “respectable” football? This is November. Do you remember the 2007 in the toilet bowl season after the OSU game? The Cal program is becoming predictably underachieving: lost to Oregon, SC, and OSU – the last a cut above mediocrity – in their own house. They lost by many points by were out of it from the end of the second quarter.

    Now what I’m after is improvement. I’d rather have a well-coached, fired up team that loses competitively than one filled with athletes without any heart. One that packs things in maybe from the second quarter, maybe even from the week of practices. Nobody, but nobody can tell me that the Bears were well coached on Saturday. Riley should have been sat for at least a while, during the first couple of offensive series for the Bears in the third quarter, after he got his bell rung by Kristick late in the second quarter.

    The real problem is the coach. Tedford is egotistically wed to his own manner of coaching and his own choice for QB no matter what. He is rigid and uncompromising. The game schemes are so predictable. Defense for OSU: stack the box against Quizz and you take away their biggest threat. Except studying any game film on OSU would tell you that they had more weapons that Quizz. (Every team knows that when you stack the box, you use your tight end. What did OSU do? Use Halahuni – repeatedly.) The fact is that Mike Riley knew that and compensated BEFORE the game. Hell, Cal couldn’t compensate DURING the game. This is antiquated, outmoded, not-very-smart football. Cal needs a young, very smart motivated coach who can actually reach the players and fire them up, not a guy wed to outmoded methods and applications. Cerebral is great, but it only goes so far in college ball. You need head and heart. And a lot of that latter.

  • george watson

    To Eric,
    I’m telling you, Petersen won’t come to Cal; to think he’d come for half of Tedford’s pay now is just ganja talk. Petersen’s next move, if he chooses to make it, is to a storied program with lots of prestige and money. Cal doesn’t have prestige. Right now, I’m thinking that Notre Dame, whose coach s ucks worse than Tedford by far, will come calling at the end of the year. ND has beaucoup $$$$ and Cal can’t compete for the likes of Petersen from any angle, except, maybe, that it’s west coast and Petersen’s a west coast guy. You’re more likely to get an assistant from some established PAC 10 program – like a Sarkisian – than someone like Petersen.

  • Easy Ed

    You are right George! I stand down to your superior knowledge, experience and logic. Ok, blow it up, fire Tedford and his entire staff. Now who do you want to bring in? With our history (see the lost years between White to Snyder then Snyder to Tedford) I’m sure there is a line around the block of great coaches dying to get in here. Heck maybe we can hold a seance and get Pappy Waldorf to come back. Stop whining because you guys sound like $C or ND fans!

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    I would like to chime in here. I have been a supporter of Tedford. You can go back and archive my posts and you can see I have been an ardent defender against some of the ugly vitrol from your fan base. So here is some interaction I received from a fan. Tell me if this guy isn’t spot on……

    FanOfThaGamez (11/9/2009 at 6:59 AM):

    But if Tedford cannot be shown the benefit of seeking employment elsewhere (or if no one else wants him, say if Illinois or Notre Dame won’t hire him) then the AD has to get involved with that program. The athletics director has to tell Tedford to pick an offensive scheme and coordinator and stick with him. He needs to direct Tedford to hire the top defensive coordinator he can find to Cal can start playing at a championship level (either national or Pac-10, as Cal doesn’t play either and never has) on that side of the ball, and hire the top recruiting coordinator that he can find so Cal can stop deluding itself into believing that they are ever going to get anything done with talent that truly is only above average.

    However, in order to attract and retain top talent at offensive, defensive and recruiting coordinators, Cal is going to have to significantly increase its budget for assistant coaches, including perhaps even give them the types of guaranteed contracts for $350,000 a year or more that you see top assistants in the Big 12, Big 10, and (yes!) the SEC get. And yes, that is a real problem on the west coast, where not spending much on college football is almost like an ideological thing. The result is Pac-10 programs getting what they pay for, which is only USC and Washington winning national titles in the last 50 years.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Here is another one.

    FanOfThaGamez (11/9/2009 at 6:50 AM)


    I think that it is time for Tedford to move on too. But it would be better for Tedford to be “encouraged” to go get another job than to fire the guy. The reason is that Tedford is by far the most successful coach in modern Cal history, and he has succeeded despite – not because of – an administration and university that has no tradition of success in revenue athletics in any sports and is actually hostile to football. Also, I question the idea that Tedford is wasting all this talent. I gave Ted Miller a hard time about this also. Miller was talking about how many returning starters Cal had, but I saw those players against Miami. Those returning starters didn’t have much ability. That was evident because Miami was a 7-6 team with a 2nd year head coach, a bad offensive coordinator (who was fired after the game), and was playing mostly freshmen and sophomores, including a true freshman QB making his 2nd or 3rd career start, and Cal barely got out of that game alive. (Plus there was the Maryland game!) Just because a guy is a returning junior or senior doesn’t make him a good college player or a difference maker. Pac-10 fans delude themselves about that because you think that because your coaches are so great the players don’t matter. The truth is that there are lots of good coaches in college football and to win consistently you need better players than the next guy, and Cal’s athletes are really no better than those on the other good teams in the Pac-10.

  • Pete Carroll

    Teams that are well coached generally improve as the year wears on. Personally I don’t think Tedford is a bad coach but right now, he is not getting the job done. Every opponent since Oregon, with the exception of WSU, figured out how stop Cal’s offense. Watching OSU respond to Cal’s defense was a testimony to good coaching. Cal bottled up the run game and OSU figured out how to get the ball to their playmakers where they could do something. Cal’s offense never adjusted. I bemoaned the long run of 3-and-outs against ASU only to see it repeated for much of the game on Saturday. I’m sorry, the Wildcat is not an adjustment.

    Now it would be difficult to replace Tedford and hope to find someone better, but Sandy Barbour needs to have a talk with him to say he needs to improve his results. This team needs to contend for a Rose Bowl, aspiring to mediocrity does not cut it. Give him one more year to make the corrections or you got to move on.

  • george watson

    You’re just an agent provocateur, moreNCSarecoming. You don’t give a damn about Cal football. Your logic sounds like SC logic: you tear down, but you don’t build up again. In fact, there is, as there has always been, great potential in the Cal program. (Bruce Snyder said, when he took over, that Cal was a sleeping giant and that the key to making the team a winning one was convincing the players that they could – and should – win. Attitude was key.) Cal’s athletes are certainly competitive with OSU – except last Saturday night – AZ and AZ State, not to mention, until recently, Oregon and Stanford; they are way ahead of WSU and until Sarkisian, Washington. The difference is coaching. Period. A Mike Riley will make a team out of nothing, basically, because of his coaching; Tedford will undo a team with a lot of potential as the season progresses because he’s out of touch, has no imagination, can’t adjust, can’t inspire. (Those players were nervous on Saturday night and the injury to Best didn’t help. What did Tedford do to inspire them at halftime? Nothing from what I could tell, whereas an injury like on another team would fire up the team and they’d stick it to the oppostion. Not Cal, not Tedford.) Sometimes, coaches, even formerly winning ones, lose their mojo and the abilities to coach: they get tired, they get mired in their own press clippings, believing they’re wonderful when they’re increasingly not, or the world passes them by and their stuck in their own ruts. I think in Tedford’s case, it’s a little of all three and maybe more. In any case, if you’re an SC fan, why don’t you just go haunt their blogs. if you are in fact an SC fan, you’ve got nothing to be proud of this year. Nada.

    (BTW, Anybody who thinks that Tedford would be asked to interview with ND is crazy. More likely Hairbag, whose problems of recruiting for Stanford would be the same at ND approximately. Unfortunately for ND, Hairbag is a Michigan alum and they hate ND.)

  • BluenGold

    Pete Carroll-

    It is not particularly difficult to figure out how to stop Cal’s offense, whether by coaching or on the field, when the O line plays as poorly as it has been during most of this season.

  • nickle

    Stats are a funny thing. Just unraveling the stats you threw at me:

    Lets see:
    Tedford had the football team bowl eligible every single year, including the one he came from a 1-10 season (barely 1-10 season I might add). A team in “chaos” due to scandel? You mean a NCAA tournament capable tournament team in ‘chaos’ due to some shady actions by the head coach. Don’t tell me Braun was handed a team in chaos with a lack of talent and winning. Because that’s what Cal was with the 1-10 team, with a tradition of decades as a losing team. They’re not the same. Unless you’re going by the official NCAA records with California’s vacated wins, which puts them at 2-26. Then I guess you have a point.

    Braun made the NCAA tournament 5 times (out of 12), and NIT 3 times (out of 5). So he missed the NIT in 4 seasons, or once every three years. Tedford’s had a bowl eligible team 7 for 7 years. Tedford’s record in bowl games: 5-1. Braun’s success in the postseason? Yeah, he won the national championship I guess. And by this I gave the NIT a LOT of respect that it doesn’t deserve. You can make the NIT with a crappy conference finish (think 9th place). Bowl games are about a .500 record in the conference. Also throw in the fact that the pac 10 usually gets in 5 teams per year to the big dance, this number is more comparable to the number of bowl games pac 10 gets in football. So if you really want a better indication, Tedford’s made the bowl game every single year, whereas Braun made it in 5 of his 12 seasons.

    Finished .500 in his last three seasons? This is the best stat you noted. More like finished 1 game above .500 in the last two seasons, 6-12 in conference play, NINTH in the Pac-10 both years. In fact, he’s only had above .500 record in 5 of his 12 seasons in conference play. Tedford’s finished in the top half of the conference every year except once.

    Again, Tedford isn’t a Ben Braun. Don’t tell me the football team had more talent, wasn’t injured, didn’t face “very strong teams” either. Yes, the comparisons are pretty off. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of things I don’t like about Tedford and I’m pretty critical of it, but a Ben Braun comparison is a bit extreme. Because I remember Braun being a really, really terrible coach.