Football: Best out this week

Jahvid Best stayed overnight at Highland Hospital in Oakland and was released today. He has been ruled out of Saturday’s game against Arizona and his availability for the rest of the season will be re-evaluated later.

At the hospital, Best underwent CT scans and X-rays, which all came back normal.

Cal coach Jeff Tedford said Best’s parents took him to their home in Vallejo. Tedford visited Best in the hospital late Saturday night and talked with him on the phone today. He said Best was groggy and tired Saturday night, partly because he had some pain medication. Tedford said Best was in good spirits Sunday.

It is unclear when Best will rejoin the team.

I’ll have more later.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • H8sRed

    I don’t think we could have hoped for better news than that. Thanks JO.

  • Dan

    I was scared to death for him for a long time last night. This couldn’t be better news given what it looked like. But this is still asevere concussion, which is serious. Jahvid, 2 concussions this close together, I would not return this year- maybe for a bowl game, and even then… I would not be so sure. I know there is a lot of money at tstake and you will probably need to prove you are recovered. There are bound to be a lot of NFL questions given the frequent injuries.

    I am more thinking he should pass on spring ball, run track, get real healthy, and think long and hard about returning to Cal next year. I would lean towards not. Tedford has gotten less our of arguably the most dynamic weapon in college football. Sounds familiar, like Desean Jackson.

  • Bear IV

    Many prayers were directed that young man’s way. I believe they were answered.

  • Steve W

    I noticed that Desean Jackson listed “Long Beach Poly” as his alma mater during introductions of the starting teams in last night’s game between the Eagles and Cowboys. He was the only player who did not name his college in the introductions. He obviously takes no pride in his experience at Cal, and we know he didn’t graduate there. I wonder if he’s an anomaly or if other players feel the same way.

  • Josh

    Who knows what Desean thinks about Cal, but don’t read too much into that. Maybe not last night, but it’s not unusual for players to say their high school rather than their college alma mater.

  • rollonubears

    long beach poly is the respected alma mater of another upstanding pro athlete, milton bradley. thanks for mentioning that. i didn’t catch the game, but if he feels like Cal had nothing to do with his success, he’s just lost a fan.

  • JT

    it’s not the first time Jackson has said LBP instead of Cal, so I’m not as shocked anymore. besides, he’s not technically an alum of Cal as he never graduated..

  • Pug

    Jackson doesn’t name Cal in his introduction but Long Beach Poly. He’s a strange guy. Good player, not really a good guy.

  • Pug

    …he’s not technically an alum of Cal as he never graduated..

    I bet most of those players who name a school didn’t graduate. They still say the name of the school they attended.

  • george watson

    Good news about Best. May he recover quickly and completely. He is Hall of Fame player in the making – if he decides to continue his career.

    (As to Jackson, it was good that he declared early for the draft. A monumentally talented player, he was also not a good teammate. What he contributed to the grand skid of 07 can’t really be measured. USC’s loss was Cal’s greater loss.)