Football: Postgame quotes

A sampling of what was said after Saturday’s game:



On the loss

We got outcoached today. We got outplayed in every phase of the game. Give credit to Oregon State. They played great and we didn’t.


On Cal’s problems offensively

We couldn’t run the football. It seemed like we were in long-yardage situations a lot. First half, we had poor field position. We couldn’t make plays in the passing game. We just didn’t execute. It’s plain and simple.


On re-evaluating goals for the rest of the season

Win next week. That’s the goal. The focus was one at a time all the way through. That doesn’t change. We’re 6-3 now and we have a very good Arizona team coming in here next week. We need to regroup and make sure that we are ready. It’s our last home game and our seniors last time down that tunnel, so obviously there is a lot to play for. We need to learn from our mistakes, make sure we identify what they are and I have all the confidence in the world that we come back and have good preparation next week.






On Jahvid Best’s injury

It’s a harsh reminder that on any given play this game can be taken away from you. It was definitely a reality check. You hate to see that happen to one of your brothers out there.


On the mood as the team watched medical personnel attend to Best

It was just kind of silent. I know a lot of people were saying prayers out there for him, hoping for the best. Once we found out that he was going to be OK, everybody started to get motivated and talking about finishing it for Jahvid.


On playing for Best

We went out there and ready to put it all out on the line for him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. It was really tough seeing one of your brothers go down like that.


On how Best’s injury affected the team’s performance

I thought it gave us a little extra boost. It didn’t work out that way. I don’t think we were down. Jahvid would have wanted us to go out there and finish hard. He wouldn’t want us to be down worrying about him. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.


On re-evaluating goals for the rest of the season

Now we’re going to try to go 6-1. It all starts next week against Arizona. You can’t overlook anybody. We want to finish out the homestand with a win and just take it form there. We want to close out the Pac-10 with another three wins.





On OSU’s success in the passing game

A couple of (Cal players) got out of position a little bit. We didn’t make tackles and they do a nice job after the catch. I thought we were out of position a couple plays. I think also we were in position a couple times but I don’t think we tackled great all the time.


On whether the defense got enough pressure on Sean Canfield

At times, I thought we got some pressure on them. At times, he escaped. We did a lot of different things, three-man, four-man, five-man, seven-man. They do a nice job and he gets rid of the ball pretty quick.





On Best’s injury

I’ve never seen anybody that high in the air on the football field. It was kind of like slow motion when I saw him fall. The way he fell, I knew immediately he had to be hurt. I went over to him and saw his face and nobody was there. I saw a blank stare. His arms were stiff. He wasn’t moving. I called the trainer. I didn’t’ see him move or talk at all.


On his reaction to the Best injury

That’s my tailback. I saw my tailback got hurt, I feel hurt, too. He’s one of our teammates. We’re a real close knit family, the whole program is.


On his reaction when he found out Best was moving his arms and legs

That was a relief. The way he fell, it looked like he could have broke his neck or something.


On being motivated to play for Best

We all felt inspired to play for Jahvid. We felt like we needed to lift ourselves up as a team and a family to overcome that adversity, like we know Jahvid would want us to do. It was hard to go on without him. You stay focused on the details on the rest of the game, but it’s still in the back of your head, wondering if he’s all right.


On fearing the worst

It’s easy to imagine it could have been worse. You hear stories about people being paralyzed on the field, and it’s scary. You don’t’ really ever think about it. You don’t want to think about getting hurt. When it happens, it’s drastic and definitely scary.





On trying to play again after Best was carted off the field

If Jahvid would have spoke to the team, he would have wanted us to go out there and play hard. We really didn’t know what the situation was. Coach Tedford told us it was going to be all right and I think that was a relief to the team. Everyody just got fired up and wanted to go out there and play for him.


On OSU’s ability to move the ball through the air

Basically, they read the defense and found ways to get more of their personnel into areas where we were short. That turned out in big plays for them throughout the game.




On Best’s injury

I was right there and I saw it. I looked at Jahvid’s face and it was kind of a blank stare. He was shaking a little bit. In high school I saw someone on my football team get paralyzed, so that’s kind of what I thought at first but then I saw him move and everything’s cool. Anybody goes down like that, it’s not a good situation and when its’ Jahvid — the best player on our team, and a good person — it’s tough. It wasn’t something you like to see, that’s for sure.


On what effect the injury had on the team

People might have been thinking about (Jahvid’s injury). They got some pressure on me, after that pretty big hit, there were times when I was a little antsy in the pocket.


On his perspective on Best’s injury

I was standing by the running backs. I was standing right there, I blocked the guy. You knew right when he landed that there was something, like the wind knocked out of him. It was a scary picture. His eyes were just a blank stare and he was just trying to breathe.


On resuming play after Best’s injury

Coach Tedford came up to us and said he was going to be OK. People wanted to go out there and win the game for Jahvid. It’s just a tough thing for anybody, especially for someone being the best player on your team offensively.


On putting things in perspective

There are bigger things than football games. I’m just glad he was OK.


On whether it was a relief to hear Best was moving his arms and legs

Once I heard he was OK, he was moving around, I felt a lot better. I was ready to move on with the game and get going.


On OSU’s defense

They do what they do. They don’t mix up too many things. They made some plays out there. They brought some pressure on us a few times. They’re a talented team overall. They just did a better job than us tonight.


On redefining goals for the rest of the season

We’ve got another tough team next week. We just have to work harder and get better. I have faith in this team. We’ll be all right.


On whether he was surprised by the team’s struggles on offense

Definitely thought we’d do a lot better on offense. They did a good job, made some plays, and we didn’t.




On Best’s injury

It was nothing short of devastating. It crushed me. I knew when he was coming down that it wasn’t good. I’m just thankful that he is OK. It took a lot out of me.


On watching the medical personnel attend to Best

It was one of the hardest things I’ve been through on the football field. But I knew he was going to be OK. He’s a strong kid.


On whether it’s tough to resume playing

For a little bit, it’s tough. After that, you get yourself motivated playing for him.





On Best’s injury

I didn’t expect him not to get up. We’ve all seen Jahvid make plays like that. When he wasn’t moving, it hurt.


On the mood after the play ended

Everyone is yelling and cheering and then you don’t see Jahvid Best get up. Everyone in the stands was quiet. It was kind of hard getting everything going again. We were wondering if he was OK. But we wanted to use that as motivation. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for us.




Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Calduke

    Last week Cal had 11 commits for 2010
    This week it’s 10. We lost someone – don’t know who.
    The bleeding continues.
    A Cal recruit, a top rated SoCal LB, visited Arizona St last weekend to watch the USC game.

  • rollonubears

    Well, at least he saw a lackluster performance by U$C against a reeling Sundevil squad. And if he’s a linebacker, he can play right away at Cal. Not likely at U$C. If he likes hot chicks and warm weather, though, we’ve got no chance anyway.

  • wehofx

    I still believe in JT. I agree it has been a rough few weeks but at least wait until the SAHPC is completed.

    Maybe JT should consider taking back play calling duties.

    It killed me to watch time after time on First and long, and, second and long when BG just sent 3 or 4. Every now and then please, PLEASE, blitz on obvious passing downs.

    Go BEars!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Tedford doesn’t coach your defense and he doesn’t coach your offensive line. There is your problem. And I and seeing another QB controversy brewing for next year.

  • Pug

    Calduke, I think the recruit they lost was Jay Guy from Houston, Texas. A 307 lb, 4-star defensive tackle. He’s now comitted to Nebraska.

    Too bad. Could have used him. Tedford needs to step up the recruiting again or things are going to get ugly real fast.

  • calbear

    MoreNC is probably right. At least last year we were competitive in our loses. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Dan

    The recruiting bleeding will continue. There is a buzz around every team in the Pac 10 except Cal and WSU. After 2 subpar recruiting classes, this next one had to be stellar. He was off to a solid start, but they a are jumping off like rats off the Titanic.

    Tedford is the offensive problem, not the OC. The OC implements and executes Tedford’s offense the way Tedford wants it done. No one does less with more than Tedford. Just look at Desean Jackson in the NFL now. He get’s less out of Jahvid Best that any other Pac 10 coach would.

    Even on defense, the 3 man rush, drop 8- don’t you have to think that Tedford wants Gregory to run that passive, no risk defense? It is the mirror image of the predictable offense.

    Things are bad heading to worse. It is Ben Braun all over again. Just like it.

  • Dan

    PS- Tedfrod said they were outcoached in the OSU game. Admitted it in the postgame comments. Thank you Captain Obvious. He was outcoached in the SC and Oregon games too. If you are that bad a coach that you get so bad outcoached, what are you going to do about it? Nothing, because there is nothing your stubborn, weak, passive, clueless, fearful butt can do.
    He was outcoached by Mike Leach in the Holiday Bowl, by Mike Riley every year, by Harbaugh 2 years ago (and again a few weeks). Now we will see Sarkisian and, I can’t believe I am going to say this, by Rick Nueheisel beat on him in the future. Not to mention how his knees start knocking at the mere mention of Pete Carroll’s name.

    Cal has had as much or more talent than every Pac 10 team (except SC) for several years now, but they keep losing games they shouldn’t lose. Put a good coach with decent talent on the other sideline, and it will be a painful game for Cal, win or lose.

    Cal has beat nobody – NOBODY – this year.

  • Larry

    Wow! All of you sound like a bunch of squawking hens. Sound like a bunch of breastfeeding babies.

    CAL football is average this year. It’s that simple. Why beat your heads over it. Obviously Cal underachieved, so what’s new?

  • Larry

    Best would be a fool to stay for another year of this. I’m 99.9% sure he is GONE after this year.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    It is not just recruits you are losing. It is also donor money. Daddy told SB no more money. And he is definitely not buying any of those donor boxes. He went to two games this year and bought were pitiful.

  • Big D

    I’m no bandwagon fan, so I’ll still be there as long as I can afford to attend games. It is an all day event for my family and I, quality time with the family if you will. We sat through the lean Holmoe years, enough said.

    Sounds like the fruit doesn’t fall from the tree for one person. I’d rather have people who enjoy the atmosphere and are real fans than some rich, spolied, crybaby who if things don’t go well, quit going to the games. CAL football doesn’t need those folks as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t want to sit next to that type of crybaby anyway, so good STAY HOME!