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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at


  1. Well deserved and somewhat suprising in light of Masoli’s performance. He was great all around throughout the entire game, as was most of the team. There are alot of kudos to go around, but he was special.

  2. congratulations to shane! a singular performance, definitely worthy of the honor.

  3. you can also put him on the 2010 heisman watch list. go bears!

  4. What an honor. Having watched the game again last night, I must say Shane’s performance was even more impressive the second time. He really fought, and fought for yards. He scrambled and surged and pulled and clawed. What an amazing effort.

  5. Agreed with the amazing effort Shane put forth post.
    What a job by him and the OL. They fought and clawed and did whatever it took to squeeze every yard they could out of every play.
    That’s the kind of effort great teams play with every week.
    Shane Vereen is a very talented back and a full fledged leader.
    Congrats Shane!
    Go Bears

  6. CalBear91 how were you able to watch the game again? This is a classic that I would like to have so I would be indebted to you. As for Shane’s success a bit surprised that Masoli didn’t get it, not because I find Masoli’s performance more impressive, but simply because his game was broadcasted on national tv.

  7. Congrat! to Vereen. I really like this kid. He was humble behind Best, and now he shine when Cal need him most. He will be even better and stronger next year. Go Bears!

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