Basketball: Morning after Jax win

A few leftovers — not turkey leftovers, that’s Friday — following the Bears’ 79-47 win over Jacksonville Tuesday night:

— Mike Montgomery confirmed that an MRI exam showed Theo Robertson has no long-term injury to his right foot.  “Theo’s foot is still attached, we’ve not amputated it. He’s making great progress with it. There’s nothing structurally wrong. There’s still pain. As soon as there’s no pain, he’s going to be out there playing his butt off.”

Robertson has missed the past three games and likely won’t play Sunday against Princeton.

— In fact, if the Bears want to be conservative with Robertson, who is coming off hip surgeries the past two offseasons, you wonder if they will keep him on the shelf through the Dec. 9 game at Pacific — just two weeks from today — after which the team has a 13-day break for final exams before playing Dec. 22 at Kansas.

— Although point guard Jerome Randle scored a season-low 10 points, Montgomery was happy with Randle’s effort on defense. “We challenged him to guard No. 3 (Ben Smith),  who is very, very quick. (Smith)  was 3-for-13, and two shots he made were not on Jerome. Defensively, he set a tone.”  Smith, the Dolphins’ top scorer, finishied with nine points.

— Montgomery said his animated behavior at times on the sideline was not an indication he was displeased. “It’s coaching, we’re trying to get better,” he said. “I thought we played hard, which was a big deal for us. If  I sit over there and don’t do anything, I shouldn’t get paid. 

“If  I ever get to the point where I sit there and I’m satisfied with everything, we’re either going to win the natioonal championship or we’re not worth coaching. This is an imperfect game and you’re always striving to get better.  I’m not trying to be negative. This is November.”

— Monty did have a few complaints, such as allowing 17 offensive rebounds and turning the ball over eight times in the first half.

— Princeton, which visits Sunday afternoon, dropped to 2-2 after losing 65-50 at George Washington Tuesday night. The Tigers shot just 35 percent from the field, including 5-for-26 from 3-point range.

Jeff Faraudo

  • CalBear91

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll repeat that I really appreciate all the little things you take time to report. The part about Monty’s coaching philosophy is good stuff. Go Bears!

  • wehofx

    CB 91, I second that. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Go Bears!

  • uh oh

    I’ll say this — some holiday cheer — having Kamp and Theo out early in the season could end up being a wonderful thing for the Bears long term.

    It’s a well known fact that often times when star players, key players, are absent, it forces the 2nd tier guys to step up in all aspects. Then when the key player comes back, suddenly you’ve got a bench that is used to being 1st string.

    This can only help the maturity process and will make the Bears a better team. With Kamp being shelved, MSF, Max, and Amoke are all getting increased playing time. With Theo injured, Gut, Seeley, and Amoke are getting mroe time.

    We lack depth now, but when those two come back, we’ll suddenly feel DEEEEEP.

    It’s another reason why schools schedule cupcakes in the preseason – to get their bench cleared and everyone grown up.

    Now then, the gravy was terrific. That’s the key to a good Thanksgiving meal!