Football: Holiday Bowl out

A source close to the Holiday Bowl tells me they plan on taking the winner of the USC-Arizona game, providing Oregon beats Oregon State tomorrow. If Oregon State wins, Oregon goes to the Holiday Bowl. If Oregon wins and Cal beats Washington, there will be a four-way tie for second place. The Holiday Bowl gets to choose between the four teams, and the source says in that scenario they will take the USC-Arizona winner. The winner of that game will be one of the four teams tied for second.

A win over Washington will also put Cal as one of the four teams tied for second, but this news means the Bears won’t be considered for the Holiday Bowl. It also means the Bears likely will end up in the Sun Bowl, if the choices are between Cal, Oregon State and Stanford. Cal is the only Pac-10 team never to play in the Sun Bowl and should travel better than OSU or Stanford.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • SteveNTexas

    I’m a Cal Grad from El Paso, and if Cal plays there it will be wonderful for all involved. El Pasoans are especially friendly- you should say hi to anyone you meet and El Paso is consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the country. Unfortunately Juarez just across the border, once a great place to party is now in the midst of a drug way which probably won’t end before the bowl game. Juarez is actually walking distance from the Sun Bowl (1.5 miles through interesting neighborhoods), and the violence does not spill over.
    El Paso is largely hispanic but there is no animosity between ethnicities- its all quite friendly for a big town. One can climb the mountain with the cross ( Christo Rey0 or take trans-mountain highway which passes through the mountains connecting the west and northeast sides of El Paso.

    Yeah I would have prefered the Rose Bowl, but its not hard to meke the best of this situation.

  • rollonubears

    Sounds like San Diego, except for the part about the people getting along. I’m in!

  • nickle

    Where’s USC go if they lose and don’t go to the holiday bowl?

  • Calduke

    Nickle – GOOD QUESTION!!

  • Kent Wilson

    I never thought the Holiday Bowl was a realistic possibility…I also have a hard time believing that the Holiday Bowl folks would actually pick Arizona over Stanford, Oregon St. or Cal if UofA beats USC. My guess is that Stanford or Oregon St. would be a more attractive choice over Arizona and Cal because of their stronger and more consistent performance over the course of the season. Arizona has ZERO appeal to national viewers…Cal has Best, OSU has the Rogers Brothers and Stanford Gerhart. Gerhart is actually drive the most appeal nationally becuase of his performance against ND and he has a decent chance to be the #1 RB in the Heisman voting and likely recipient of the Doak Walker award. Best on the other hand seems to perform poorly everytime he plays against a tough defense…maybe he’s over-rated! The Rogers Brothers have had some great games against quality opponents. I still can’t name one Arizona standout player…and I follow the Pac-10. I don’t know why the Holiday Bowl would pick Arizona – as they have minimal national appeal.

    As a Cal fan, at first glance it seems that it would be great to play in the Holiday Bowl, but I think the Holiday oppoent is likely to be Nebraska. there’s no cache in beating a Nebraska team….meanwhile, the Sun Bowl opponent is projected to be Oklahoma. Even though this is a down year for Oklahoma, beating a Stoops led Sooner team, will yield more national attention for Cal and the Pac-10. I’m rooting for the Sun Bowl.

  • House

    Loser of the Arizona USC game goes to the poinsenitta bowl also in San Diego

  • Kent Wilson

    Oh, BTW, I don’t think Cal beating Washington is a sure thing!

  • ToparchiBear


    Best is not over rated. He was the PAC-10 champ of RB last year. And, This year, each time he was out there, the opponent would automatically assumming the run and gained up on him. The trouble were the inconsistency of the passing game and the OL that kill the running game. In the last two games were won by the defense, and with an improved OL.

    I will take Best on any given day, not when he is injury.

    Go Bears!

  • Pug

    SteveNTexas, I am a Cal alum also living in Texas (Houston) and I’m hoping for the Sun Bowl, too. I’ve stayed at the Camino Real hotel downtown and found it to be very nice with exceptional rates.

    The bar there has an unbelievable Tiffany stained glass dome. If the Bears are at the Sun Bowl, the wife and I will be there, too.

  • Steve W

    You can forget about Arizona beating USC on Saturday. The Trojans seem to have some of their mojo back after that Stanford beat-down. It will be USC in the Holiday and Cal in what should be a great matchup with Oklahoma in the Sun providing Cal beats the Huskies on Saturday. I am wondering if the team is pointing towards a particular bowl game. I have to believe they would dread playing at home in the Emerald for the second straight year. Maybe that will be motivation enough to come out smokin’ against UDUB.

  • Jan K Oski

    Steve, $C beat our lil brother of the south with a poor offensive show. Of course, the baby bears have a good defense, but mojo is defined from start to finish in my opinion. If you don’t believe me, read Ted Miller’s PAC-10 blog about it. If Zona can escape a big mistake by Stoopid, they’ll be in that game till the end.

    Great point about the baseball bowl. Leave it to the Toejams! With academic honors to leaders on this team, I’m guessing the players are aware and properly motivated.

    Go BEARS!

  • nickle

    Steve, I wouldn’t be too sure on that. USC might have their mojo back, but what they need is an offense that can score some points. Their offense was terrible against UCLA and that score should have been more like 14-7 final…it is blatently misleading.

    With that said, I’m hoping for an Arizona win even though I’m not sure if they’re mentally up for it after reeling in the past few weeks. But it’s at USC and not that the coliseum is an intimidating crowd, but Arizona is very tough to beat at home. Take that away and you have a pretty vulnerable team.

  • uh oh

    Who I feel sorry for is Oregon State. They have a chance for the Rose Bowl tonight.

    But if they lose, they don’t get Holiday (2nd, USC), or Sun (3rd, Cal), or Emerald (4th, Furd) and maybe not even Vegas (5th, Arizona). They could get Pointsettia, I suppose (6th). What a bust for them.

    Think THEY are going to feel ripped off?

  • SteveNTexas

    Hey Pug I actually live in Rockport now- coastal town about 3 hrs from you. Just grab the kids and I when you’re on your way. LOL actually not sure I can go to ELP this December