Basketball: Quotes from Allen Fieldhouse

Here’s some of what the Bears had to say post-game, courtesy of Cal’s sports information deptartment. Apologies for the funky type:

Cal coach Mike Montgomery:

On the game:  "They really hurt us in one stretch when we were forced to go small. That has been our best lineup, but they did a very nice job of isolating our small four man and playing four out. They got two or three buckets in one stretch, and there wasn’t much that we could do. We took a timeout and made a reasonable adjustment, but there wasn’t a lot that we could do. We were better when they were big because we did a better job of defending the two bigs than we did with the three perimeter guys."

On what Kansas did to pull out the victory: "It was a very smart play on (Kansas head coach Bill Self’s) part to be able to isolate our three man on their big guy. It hurt us. You’d be hard-pressed to say any one guy was the star. They have about eight of them; that gives them a lot of flexibility.
"The second thing that they did was ratcheting up their defense in the second half. They got more aggressive. Theo (Robertson) had 12 in the first half and didn’t score in the second half. They did a good job of taking away people. We got impatient and we tend to do that. We started taking first pass shots and that’s not a good formula here. We had 13 assists and they had 27 assists which was impressive. Almost every score came off a pass and we were trying to do it one-on-one. That’s not a good formula to beat a good team.”
Senior Jamal Boykin: 
On playing in Allen Fieldhouse: “The biggest challenge was to stay poised throughout the game. We reacted well to their first big run. We came out aggressive and with the right frame of mind, but when they made their surge, our reaction that hurt us.”

On Cal playing an up-tempo style: “Whenever you play any team you want to dictate the game. You want to dictate the flow and the tempo. That’s what we set out to do and we were successful with that in the first half.”

On Kansas only making small scoring runs: “It’s more encouraging when you come back instead of just getting down 20.
Every time they made a run we said, ‘we’re only down seven, we’re only down eight.’ There was still enough time and we have so many shooters, if we could have hit some threes and if guys were executing and playing good defensive we could have gotten back in the game. They did a really good job of maintaining their intensity after they made their run.”

Kansas guard Tyshawn Taylor:

On facing Cal’s Patrick Christopher: “Definitely, he’s a great player. It was one of the toughest matchups I think I’ve ever had. He has sort of a pro-game where he doesn’t take too many dribbles. He pulls up and gets some space and he has a quick release. He can shoot, too. You can’t give him too much space, or else he’ll beat you. I think he’s a really tough player, and I like him.”

Jeff Faraudo