Football: First quarter stats

First downs: Utah 3, Cal 4.

Total yards: Utah 77, Cal 100.

Rushing: Wide 7-11, Vereen 8-77, 1 TD.

Passing: Wynn 6-9-1, 74 yards, 1 TD. Riley 2-4-0, 15 yards.

Receiving: Matthews 3-20, Jones 1-10.

Tackles: Cox 3, Mohammed 4.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Joey

    Riley and Ludwig really do suck. Can’t blame the D when they are on the field all the time.

  • Kyle

    I have been behind keeping Tedford around but now I think it is time for a change. He coaches with absolutley no passion, no fire, no anything. He does nothing to motivate, he can’t recogniz that Kevin Riley isnt a good QB. I give him credit for turning around this program but the honeymoon is over. Just look up north to Chip Kelly he coaches like he wants to be there. Sorry Tedford your time has come and you need to go. That 2nd Qtr was an embarrasment.

  • Dan

    Utah came out tight, gifted Cal a TD. They calmed out, made adjustments, and now are proving they are a better coached team.

    Even Craig James, who sees maybe 2 Cal games a year gets it. When the offense stagnates, which it frequently does, you need to do something to change the tempo. Tedford and (insert Cal Offensive Coordinator here) never do- they never seem to get it. That is why a 2nd tier program from a non-BCS conference like Alabama can get to a BCS game (twice) and win (even beating an Alabama), while Cal just never gets it done- they always under-achive.

    This is ALL about coaching. Utah has excellent coaching, Cal’s is mediocre- at best. Barring some big Utah mistakes, this could be ugly.

  • Dan

    (That is why a 2nd tier program from a non-BCS conference “like Alabama”)

    I meant like Utah”

  • Dan

    Joey- you’re right. But it really is Tedford. Lugwig is more Tedford than any other OC at Cal. But you are right, they both suck.

    Kyle- Tedford won’t go. They aren’t going to fire him. No one is going to hire him with a better offer. Also, I agree with your comments, but this is about philosophy (passive, pathetic), strategy (always the same) and playcalling (conservative and unimaginative). The players would be plenty fired up if they were more succcessful. Tedford makes sure they are not successful.

    Also, what chance does Riley have. He has been totally mishandled by Tedford from his first start. Tedford has gone from a so-called QB guru to a QB’s worst enemy. It’s really obvious and pathetic. Do you think things will go better with Sweeney or Mansion? Not unless one of them is as gifted as Aaron Rodgers and can succedd despite Tedford.

    This game is all about coaching. Every Cal game is. If te other team has good or great talent and really good coaching, Cal will suck and lose. That looks like what is about to happen here.

  • Dan

    Nobody does less with more (talent) right now in the Pac 10 than Tedford. It’s not even close.

  • Kyle

    Screw it put in Sweeney. Can’t be any worse. And I know Tedford isnt going anywhere, Sandy Barbour loves Tedford. You dont think Riley is under center next year do you?

  • Kyle

    another Tedford moment. 4th and 4 and you don’t go for it?? Your down 9 which last time I checked is two scores. your D has been on the field the whole damn game. What is he thinking?? Then they interfer with the fair catch. I forgot to mention this time more than any other in the Tedford era is undisciplined

  • Eric

    Kyle – finally, you saw the light!