Basketball: Those four losses not looking so bad

The four teams that have beaten Cal this season continue to excel:

— No. 1 Kansas is 12-0

— No. 5 Syracuse is 13-0

— No. 15 Ohio State is 10-2

— No. 19 New Mexico is 13-1

That’s 48-3. Good for the strength-of-schedule rating.

Jeff Faraudo

  • nickle

    man wish we took new mexico and ohio state w/ a healthy theo. wins over those two would be even better.

    hope it makes our team more hungry though instead of possibly being complacent had we won those games.

  • joey

    Agree, wish we had a couple more good nonconference games left to show how we play at strength.

  • rollonubears

    usc and washington should be really tough tests for the bears. it’s too bad we don’t have harper kamp, but as long as he comes back next year, we’re looking pretty solid with the freshmen coming in, too. these early injuries haver really helped build depth and given guys like amoke a chance to shine. my only worries are the msf doesn’t seem to be improving much and randle is still a bit of a spaz that can ruin the momentum. all-in-all, though, we’re pretty solid. go bears.

  • uh oh.

    I suppose the glass is half full this morning, eh?
    Ooops. I just drank it.

    Nothing was going to save the Bears against OSU, Syra, or Kansas. They KILLED us and are much better teams than us, even with Theo. And God help us for losing at NM. I know we had injuries and illnesses, that the NM team is actually pretty good, and that The Pit is one of the most difficult places to play in the nation. But still, Cal should be able to bring in recruits to have the depth to deal with all that. Let’s not start rationalizing that we are nonetheless this GREAT team. We’re not.

    At last check, we still lack that big man who takes us over the hump. In last night’s game I saw MSF have to lay the ball in (no dunk) even though Jorge handed it to him wide open under the basket. That’s our center, who can’t dunk on that play? And then Max (thank you Ben Braun) gets big time outplayed by that equally tall Somogyi from Budapest.

    And you are begging for rematches?

    I suppose I’ll grant you this if you want to lament this season – I’m going to give you Cal’s season ending line before if even ends:
    “If only Jordan Wilkes had come back, that Taylor Harrison and Harper Kamp weren’t injured, that Ryan Anderson had stayed for his season season!”

    Now with THAT I’ll grant you rematches against all 4 teams!

    Disagree with me? Prove me wrong in the tournament – you may just get your rematches, should you last long enough to earn one.

  • rocko

    MSF had a bad flu, I think he lost 20 lbs. He played against a 7’3″ center yesterday. He is small for a center at 6’7″. However I wouldn’t say he is not improving much. Randle plays at a very fast pace and can sometimes make mistakes. He’s no Jason Kidd but then he’s no Shantay Leggons either. We are pretty solid and hopefully can stay healthy as we have a soft bench.

  • rocko

    Uh Oh,
    I don’t think we get past the second round, if we don’t get at least a three seed which means we would probably have to go 17-1 or 16-2 in the PAC10 and win the tournament. Then we might get to the sweet 16.

    What does a dunk prove? It’s two points the same as a lay up. Jordan Wilkes? A Max Zang who knows the game of basketball! I for one am glad that he’s gone. MSF will be a much better center than Wilkes ever was. How much time did Wilkes play in crunch time last year? The best players on the West Coast used to go to UCLA & Arizona, now they’re going out of state. They are not coming to CAL and probably never will, at least while MM is still coaching here.

  • Jan K Oski

    Rocko said,

    “The best players on the West Coast used to go to UCLA & Arizona, now they’re going out of state. They are not coming to CAL and probably never will, at least while MM is still coaching here.”

    I don’t follow Cal bball as much as Cal football, but I’ve never heard that MM is bad for recruiting. Isn’t his only fault with recruiting is that he hasn’t been in college bball for a few years? Care to enlighten us?

  • uh oh.

    What I meant by pointing out that MSF didn’t dunk that ball is that he plays below the rim, which is really sad for the starting center on a team that is supposed to be as strong as Cal is. The game at this level is played above the rim, and if you watch MSF, he is ALWAYS below the rim. He is not that tall, and doesn’t have ups (mostly due to his poundage). I will give him a note of credit here in that he played intelligently against UCSB, making a few good passes and not getting into bad foul trouble.
    And my point in mentioning Jordan Wilkes was not to say that he was any kind of savior. Taylor Harrison or Harper Kamp wouldn’t be either. But those 3 guys would all be playing ahead of MSF and Max in the rotation. AND they would help us on the interior immensely. Now, Ryan Anderson? He’d be a savior.

    MM was an interior players coach at Stanford. He’d have his bigs leaning on you, he’d pound the ball inside, get you into foul trouble. I’m sure he’s as bewildered by his current predicament and I am. And yet, it’s even more bewildering that he has not been able to bring in a top center for the 2010 class. Well, I guess Richard Solomon is a start, but word is he’s more of a face-up big, rather than a back-to-the-basket big. My guess is that he had a real good chance with James Johnson, and Tony Bennett simply out-recruited him.

    Your point about top West Coast players not going to UCLA? Look up Josh Smith. We could REALLY use him, but probably never had a chance.

    I agree, no Sweet 16 for Cal this year. All you gotta do is throw it inside and easily get MSF and Max into foul trouble and the rim is open. Boykin can’t do it all himself. Thus my point about the aforementioned missing bigs.