Basketball: Lunardi’s latest bracketology

ESPN.com’s Joe Lunardi has released his latest version of “Bracketology,” with both Cal and Saint Mary’s projected as No. 9 seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

Lunardi has Cal playing Temple in Milwaukee, and Saint Mary’s facing Ohio State at Oklahoma City.

Two other Pac-10 teams are in his field: Washington as a No. 5 vs. Rhode Island in Spokane, Wash., and Oregon as a No. 12 vs. Gonzaga in — good luck — Spokane.

Here’s Lunardi’s latest bracket projection.

Jeff Faraudo

  • joey

    Lunardi usually does an accurate projection but I have to wonder about this one for the Pac 10 teams? How does UW get a 5 seed after losing to Oregon? Who has UW beaten that makes them so high? Cal a 9 seems too low based on how they have played and haven’t had a loss or a close game to a medium or bad team. Oregon getting in? I guess it is because the Pac 10 will get 3 teams in and USC is no longer an option.

  • Will

    It’s too early to get critical, I think. A lot of this is based on preseason perceptions. Like you said, Lunardi is usually pretty accurate, so I think two weeks from now, we’ll have a much better picture of where everyone stands in the Pac-10.

  • discdude

    Agree, too early to nitpick. Cal needs this formula and everything else will sort itself out: focus on the next game. Don’t worry about rankings, standings, or seedings, just worry about the next game.

  • nickle

    Pac 10 champs as a 9 seed. 2nd place pac 10 as a 5 seed.

    Interesting analysis.