Basketball: It’s official — Pac-10 out of Top-25

Ronald Reagan was president, a U.S. postage stamp cost 22 cents, Tiger Woods was 11 years old and current Golden State Warriors assistant coach Keith Smart still was practicing the game-winning shot he would take for Indiana that year in the NCAA title game.

It was Feb. 24, 1987 — the last time until today that the Pac-10 did not have a men’s basketball team ranked in the AP Top-25 poll.

Amazingly — deservedly? — no Pac-10 team even got a vote for inclusion this week.

The conference also was shut out of the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll.

The top five in both sets of rankings: 1. Texas; 2. Kentucky; 3. Kansas; 4. Villanova; 5. Syracuse.

THE SAGARIN RATINGS: Cal is the top-ranked team in the Sagarin computer at No. 40. (Saint Mary’s is No. 22).

The rest of the Pac-10: 54. ASU; 68. USC; 76. UW; 88. WSU; 90. Oregon; 98. Arizona; 115. Stanford; 149. UCLA; 173. OSU.

The Sagarin’s top five: 1. Texas; 2. Kansas; 3. Duke; 4. Syracuse; 5. Purdue.

THE RPI RATINGS: According to CollegeRPI.com, Cal is No. 32, tops among Pac-10 schools. (Saint Mary’s is No. 36).

The rest of the Pac-10: 51. USC; 64. UW; 72. Arizona; 84. WSU; 88. ASU; 121. Stanford; 132. Oregon; 174. UCLA; 206. OSU.

The RPI top five: 1. West Virginia; 2. Duke; 3. Temple; 4. Syracuse; 5. Purdue.

Jeff Faraudo