Football: Cal gets another receiver

ESPN.com is reporting that Cal received an oral commitment from Terrance Montgomery of West Adams Prep in Los Angeles. Montgomery is certainly under the radar. West Adams is as small, new school and Montgomery doesn’t even show up when doing a recruit search on rivals.com. It looks like a page for Montgomery was just added today on scout.com.

Montgomery was on campus along with Kaelin Clay over the weekend. He didn’t have any offers before the weekend and accepted Cal’s offer immediately.

Obviously with the departures of former commits Josh Harper and Davon Dunn, the Bears were in need of receivers. Clay and Montgomery don’t come as highly regarded as Harper and Dunn, although Clay is ranked as the 53rd-best receiver in the country by rivals despite not getting any offers from major schools before Cal.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • SteveNTexas

    The road to mediocrity. Hey my 9 yr old daughter was in the store and I tossed her a plastic football. She caught one out of two. Cal should recruit her as she is definitely under the radar.

  • Dan

    Six stars lost, 2 stars gained. One guy is a no star-he is so under the radar, as Axel Foley would say about him, he is deep, deep under cover that noone has heard of him. Hey, I’m a no star, hmmmmm … I was just thinking … Me thinks it all smacks of desperation. How long til Fresno State poaches these guys- oh yeah, they wouldn’t even be interested in these guys. Maybe they will have a huge chip on their shoulders and can actually catch, which would be something new in Cal’s receiving corps.

    Steve- I think Cal is already well on the road to mediocrity. 5 blowout losses(2009)tend to do that, as does losing 6 of your last 7 games (2007). I know you watched the Bears, didn’t it seem like they have already been mediocre more than we aren’t? The passive, unaggressive, uncreative philosophies on O and D are both pretty mediocre, don’t you think? Oh, and our special teams pretty much are worse than mediocre. The QB play under the QB “guru” has been pretty weak since Aaron Rodgers left. Cal’s past 2 recruiting classes have been subpar This class, which was shaping up to be real good, is now sputtering to the finish line- especially on the offensive side.

    Plus, does anyone have any confidence Tedford can not only stop the slide, but reverse it and get Cal back to a legitimate top 25 team and conference championship contender?? I am sad to say I don’t. Too much clueless, deer in the headlights evidence to the contrary. No guts, no glory. Even now, I can picture him at work 90 hours a week just wrestling with it all the way he has for the past 4 years. What can or will he do that is so dramatically different that will lead to better results? Cal now gets beat badly by teams with comparable or lesser talent- their advantage? Coaching.

  • CruzinBears

    Dan… Please tell us how you really feel…

    I have the confidence, in fact I’m looking forward to seeing this new class develop, we have a bunch of highly rated defensive recruits and some quality offense recruits…

    Just a thought on your heavy basis on the star system in recruiting:
    Joe Ayoob = 5 Star
    Aaron Rodgers = Not offered a scholarship out of high school and flew completely under the radar…

    These are kids, they can develop… Not to mention the SAHPC and renovated Memorial Stadium (brought to you by Tedford) which should help in recruiting in the future…

    And I sure as hell hope they don’t troll around these boards looking for welcoming statements, because they sure aren’t finding them from guys like Dan…

    Hey Terrance, welcome to Cal!!!! You are going to get a great education, play with some excellent athletes, and if you work hard enough get a great opportunity to show your skills on the field…

    Glad to have you as a Bear…

  • Jan K Oski

    Time to add someone else to Grease Monkey…

  • joey

    Hey whiners, why don’t you go root for another team. There are a lot of empty bandwagons around the country.

  • Juancho

    I disagree with the notion that if you voice your displeasure with the program suddenly you’re a bandwagoner. If you were a bandwagoner wouldn’t you not be reading Cal news? As a long time alumni I have no problem criticizing aspects of the school that displease me. We’re Cal folks, we live in the real world, we’re not kids living in a bubble like Stanford – and a lot of us would be insincere if we started saying how great it is that we’re losing recruits to Fresneck, and signing guys nobody has ever heard of.

  • Calduke

    Oregon’s Masoli being investigated for computer theft at a fraternity house at OU??

  • milo

    Have to agree with CruzinBears. Aaron Rodgers was not even recruited out of H.S. and was a early JC transfer, sorta like Joe Roth. Alex Mack, Justin Forsett and a whole of others were not big time recruits but have done very well as players and have made it to the next level. Recruiting stars mean something (an indication the kid could be good) but showing up and playing means more.

    Constructive criticism is fair however once it becomes a bitch session…it’s just pathetic. The whole line by Dan that Cal is sliding into mediocrity is overblown. The guy is still .670 while running a clean program that graduates kids with the best of them and as good as private schools with more resources.

    Cal has not had a losing season in EIGHT freakin years. Yes, I want to see Cal win the conference and I want to see great football but at certain point the anger is about something else.

    Every Cal fans knows the weaknesses from this past year’s team – o-line not as good as anyone thought, Riley wasn’t protected and he sucked because of it, defense lacking a rushing LB that completes the front 3, no pressure that didn’t give the DBs any leverage on picks. I didn’t like it but I think Cal can and will adjust.

  • House

    A lot of fair weather fans showing there true colors, I’m 100% behind Tedford.

  • Dan

    Cruzin- I did tell you how you feel. If you don’t like what I have to say, then just read past it. Many, many Cal supporters feel exactly like I do, so you trying to put me down is weak. I didn’t criticize you, I criticized Tedford and his staff. The highly paid Tedford I might add. So since you went after me, allow me to retort with some counterpoints.
    First of all, the old Joe Ayoob = 5 stars. You can find exceptions to everything. The rating systems tend to be a great predictor of success on the field, along with coaching. Ask almost any coach how to win in college, and they will say recruit, recruit, recruit. Florida, Alabama, USC, LSU, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma, etc have the top recruiting classes every year, and win a lot every year. So these ratings, while not perfect, are very accurate a great deal of the time. I am not suggesting that Cal is any of the above mentioned programs, but you are throwing out a specious Joe Ayoob- 1 player- argument as a discredit to my point of this rating quality of recruits of services like Scout, Rivals and ESPN.

    Also, guess what?
    Desean Jackson = 5 stars (All Pac 10, NFL)
    Aaron Rodgers = 4 stars (All Pac 10. NFL)
    Desmond Bishop = 5 stars (All Pac 10, NFL)
    Zack Follett = 4 stars (All Pac 10, NFL)
    Marshawn Lynch = 4 stars (All Pac 10, NFL)
    Brandon Mebane = 4 starts (All Pac 10, NFL)
    Jahvid Best = 4 stars (Will be in NFL)
    Sydquan Thompson = 4 starts (will be in NFL)
    Shane Vereen = 4 stars
    Marvin Jones = 4 stars

    I can go on.

    Your comment about Aaron Rodgers is only minimally true- barely. He played out of the way in Paradise, didn’t play vs. top notch HS competiton, played in a run-oriented HS offense and did not attend any of the big summer camps or Nike combines where HS recruits really get noticed and have buzz generated about. After one year in JC, he was rated one of the top JC QBs in the country. He ended up being a very highly rated 4 stars, so you argument didn’t come close to understanding all the facts.

    My points about these receivers are a few- Cal wanted both receivers (Dunn and Harper) and they both committed to Cal in August. Then as the season went south and a lot of negativity enveloped the program with recruits (quotes in print from several who visited the SC weekend) several who accepted then changed their minds and didn’t want Cal. These two chose Fresno State – Fresno State is now more desirable to some kids than Cal is? These two didn’t feel that way before the season started.

    Now, Cal cannot go out and compete for any of the remaining uncommitted top receivers, so they have had to drop WAY down in quality to take guys that NO Pac 10 schools, or any other top programs, have offered or are recruiting. That is huge. Both these guys could turn out to be good (I have seen 2 Clay highlight films and he has some great speed, hands and moves) and I hope they both will be good and also that they are top quality guys who will represent Cal in a truly classy fashion.

    There were more recruits than these two who changed their minds about Cal as Cal got killed by several other teams.

    You can spout all you want about improved facilities, but improved facilities are not going to help Cal win games where Tedford and his staff are being completely out-classed and out-coached. C’mon, 42-3 to Oregon, 30-3 at home vs. a down SC? Do I need to make my point further? How about 31-14 vs. the Beavers at home, in game that wasn’t that close? More?? How about 42-10 to a young, mediocre UW?? That was a great coaching job there. And just to close the season out fittingly, how about losing in a bottom tier bowl to Utah, being thoroughly outplayed, outcoached and embarrassed? None of these games were close, and Cal had plenty of talent to be competitive in each and every one of these games. But instead they were hammered.

    How can you deny how bad Tedford and his staff did this year with the talent they had? Or 2007? Tedford himself admitted they were out-coached in several games this year. Is he wrong? There have been head scratching games for several years now, and Cal has under-achieved for several years now, and it is getting worse. NOBODY gets less out of more in the Pac 10 than Tedford, except maybe Dennis Erickson. That would be the Tedford that makes somewhere between $2.2 and $2.4 mil, the second highest paid coach in the conference. Please.
    Tell the truth Cruzin, were you president of the Ben Braun fan club too? Were you defending him right up to the time Sandy Barbour had to finally fire him after back-to-back losing seasons? Unfortunately, Tedford’s record and career arc at Cal is very much resembling Braun’s.
    I am not calling for Tedford to be fired, as MANY on this site have. He has too much equity and has done alot for the program. He breathed life into an almost dead program. And I have praised him, supported him, was happy when he got his raises because he did a good to great job and he deserved all of it.

    Now, he is not doing a very good job, at least on the field. He deserves a chance to fix it. But as I said earlier, I am not very confident he will be able to. I say that based on what I have seen the past few years, the fact that he is clearly so confused by it all- all the while he plays the most boring, conservative, predictable, play not to lose style in the Pac 10. Everybody knows it but him. I like him, he seems classy, he has done a great thing in the academic support program he has initiated. But I’ll tell you what- watch how Boise State plays- with far less talent, I might add. No fear, against anybody, they play to win. And they do win. The opposite of how Cal now plays.

    Finally, I am not allowed my opinion without you coming after me? You say “tell us how you feel, Dan” Didn’t you do the same exact thing in your post? What you meant to say was to tell you how I feel only if my opinion is the same as yours. What a great guy you must be- as long as one’s opinion doesn’t differ from yours. And of course yours is the correct one always, no doubt.

  • Dan

    Juancho – thank you for voicing an evolved opinion.

    Milo- I disagree- Cal, was 3-6 in conference in 2007. That is a losing record in my book.

    Even if anybody else does not agree with me or anybody else here, they still should be allowed to state their opinions without be called names or attacked. I have no disagreement with anybody disagreeing with me and doing so in a mature, classy manner, but those that don’t and resort to name calling just show their true colors.

    Criticizing Tedford should not be considered off limits or make you a bandwagon fan or a whiner. Why does it? Never mind, I don’t really need an explanation from those that do that.

    As far as me being a bandwagon jumper, I go to every Cal FB game at home (for years), and go to 1-2 road games a year. I go to most every home BB game, and try to hit a road game or two a year, in addition to the Pac 10 touney. I have been to both Holiday Bowls and the Emerald Bowl. I was at Tom Holmoe’s last homegame with 17,000 other bandwagon jumping whiners that wanted him GONE. Additionally, I donate money to the school, even though I attended another D1 school and played FB there. So anybody who calls me a bandwagon jumper or a whiner without even knowing me… well I don’t need to say more. The only time I miss a Cal event is when work or my daughter’s activity gets in the way. I love Cal when I don’t have to. You should wish there were alot more bandwagon whiners like me.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Here are a couple of solutions:

    1. Play a home and away series against Fresno State. By beating them twice you will drive home the point you are the superior program and won’t lose top recruits to them.

    2. Please keep Bob Toledo…ur I mean Tedford.

  • Juancho

    You make really good points Dan. Anybody who takes time out of their day to read a Cal football blog, in late January – is not a bandwagoner.

    I’m sure we all see certain things about the current program that frustrate us. And some of us might even want coaching changes (I don’t). But – regardless of what we disagree on, we shouldn’t make personal attacks. As one of my favorite corporate buzz phrases goes, we all have to be pulling in the same direction.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    My favorite line in the article is – “Montgomery was on campus along with Kaelin Clay over the weekend. He didn’t have any offers before the weekend and accepted Cal’s offer immediately.”

    HAHAHAHA. Of course a no name, no offer recruit would accept immediately.

  • robert

    JT if you read this board or have someone on staff read it, this IS NOT what inspires the fans to have faith in you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Losing two receivers to Fresno and replacing them with 2 who are not as highly rated? You’re kidding right? This convinces people to not be negative?

    Two years in a row striking out at the end of recruiting.

  • Mustang Man

    Tedford has lost it. But Cal is stuck with him because he’s sigend through 2015 for way too much money.

    Really hard to believe that this recruiting class is going to have 4 guys that had 0 offers from FBS schools. 4 out of 15. You just can’t waste scholarships like that, otherwise you’ll get blown out in 5 games a year. Oh wait, that happened this year.


  • SteveNTexas

    I agree with Dan not Cruzin. It is anecdotal evidence and poor thinking to say just cause 6 years ago someone was ranked highly ( Ayoub) and another not ( Rodgers) that is a rationale for poor recruiting and low ranked players. Hey San Jose State and Utah State have low ranked recruiting each year and how many time have they been ranked in the top 25. Texas had great recruiting classes the past few years- have they been good?

    Cruzin it may be just a thought but its a dumb one. If you look you can probably find a high school dropout who made a million dollars – then by your logic you would be putting down those who bother to finish college.

    How many years will you use the same foolish excuse everytime we lose a good recruit and settle for what Northern Arizona hasn’t picked up.?

    As for those who claim we are bandwagon fans- I am a Cal Alum 73 so I’ve been a fan for longer than many of you have been alive. I just want a competitive team. Cal has a home and away starting in a few years with the University of Texas. I live in Texas and my son just got an honors scholy there. I don’t want to be embarrassed by a likely blowout. One can be a fan without losing all objectivity.

  • rollonubears

    let’s just see how the year plays out. if tedford flops again, everyone will be calling for his head and we won’t be worrying about these discussions anymore. one thing i can say about lowly-touted recruits, they play their hearts out, and that’s exactly what this team needs. that, and a pair of balls at the coaching position.

  • uh oh

    Nobody is thrilled with the story of the 2 WR’s lost. But many of you guys who are reacting just show how young you must be. Compared to what kind of Bears football team I have in my DNA, I’ll take what Tedford has produced! He has raised my expectations so that I at least have hope. That was non-existent prior.
    It’s not like these past few years have been disasters. 2009 we thought we could win league and didn’t. 2007 we were virtual #1 and fell apart. But both were winning seasons with bowl games. How many bowl games in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s? Not that it’s all about bowl games, as I have argued here (there are so many these days), but I’m not ready to give up on JT at this point. I’m usually a complainer when it comes to basketball, but in this case, I say, chill out.

  • calbear

    i love how you guys trash high school students and their accomplishments. College football stands for all the things that makes America great, doesn’t it?

  • Mountain Jim

    Dan, I have one question. Have you seen either of these kids play. For that matter, have you seen the two that got away? You have some legit points about Tedford, but the list of three and four star players who never amount to anything is pretty long and there are enough diamonds in the rough out there who mature later or who play for little known schools that I’m not going to cry just because Scout doesn’t rank a recruit. I think that was a fair criticism of your rant.

  • Dan

    To clarify, I am criticizing Tedford, heavily in some areas. But I am not calling for him to be fired. Of course he won’t be, as that would have already happened. I think if Tedford was in the corporate world and his company had a visionary and ballsy executive management team, they might get rid of him. They would be going after Chris Peterson.

    But in the world of Cal, in much the same way you could have canned Ben Braun at least 2 years earlier than it happened but did not, it will take Tedford having two really bad years to meet a similar fate.

    When you watched Braun, you knew for years that he wasn’t a great or very good coach, even though the team made the NCAA tournament a few times. At his best, you could make a case he was marginally good. At his worst, he ran boring, predictable, conservative, play not to lose styles of offense and defense. Sound like any football coach we know?

    Several things happened that killed Braun and Cal hoops that I draw strong parallels to with Tedford.

    1) Predictability and Conservatism- After a period of time, other coaches knew they could believe what they saw with Braun’s Bears, and as such it became very easy to gameplan and stop the Bears. The same thinbg is happening with football.

    2) Stubbornness and Closemindedness- Braun would never change how he philosophically and strategically approached the game- he was stubborn, wouldn’t listen to anybody outside his own mind and inner circle, and just continued to “work harder” and continue to do the same thing even harder. The definition of insanity. When he needed to realize the ship was starting to sink and he needed to really shift the paradigm, he did not. He needed to do it for years, but he did not.

    3) Morale drop in Program – Losing, and even more pointedly, underachieving grates on the players in the program. Smart young men, which is who Cal should be recruiting (and does), know when their coach is keeping them from being their best. So do fans eventually, though it takes losing for alot of fans to see it. As such, morale drops, confidence drops. You can see it on the sidelines when Cal falls behind against good teams. When you play agressively, the players love it and the confidence it shows by the coaches in the players. When the you play conservatively and to not make mistakes, the players feel they are not trusted and lose confidence.

    4) Drop in talent- new kids looking at where to go play their college ball go on recruiting visits are either invigorated by the buzz and excitement of playing in an exciting winning program or lose interest because of the lack of or lesser amount of that. Recruits take their cue from the players already there. Once a team starts to lose some, under-achieves, gets blown out at times (especially in the big games when everybody is watching), and generally not live up to expectations, recruits will and do look elsewhere.

    Cal football had alot to sell in the suummer when a lot of kids were encouraged and the predictions were for a big year for Cal, perhaps finally a conference championship, a Rose Bowl, dare we even dream higher? As the blowout, embarassing losses piled up, featuring a Cal team that gave up and coaches that were clueless to stop it, recruits noticed (again, many were quoted in print after the SC game), they see better options elsewhere.

    5) Improved coaching (and recruiting) in-conference- we saw it in hoops with the arrival of Ben Howland, Lorenzo Romar, Herb Sendek, Tony Bennett. Other coaches arrived that were simply better than Braun. This pushed him down the pecking order. When Braun arrived, he might have been the 4th or 5th best coach in the conference, but at the end he was one of the worst. He was the same coach, but because he didn’t adapt and improve and other better coaches arrived, Cal was left with a not very good coach.

    We are seeing the same thing in football with Mike Riley, Steve Sarkisian, Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, perhaps Rick Neuheisel (UCLA always recruits, can he coach it up), Mike Stoops appears to finally be turning the corner. So including SC (don’t talk about Lane Kiffin there, talk about Monte Kiffin, thank goodness they didn’t get Norm Chow too), you have 7 of the other 9 programs that may be in better hands than Cal in terms of performance on the field. Other than SC and arguably Oregon, every other program I mentioned is better off and just better than they were in Tedford’s early, most successful years.

    6) Playing Philosophy/Strategy – Braun always played the same. Basic man defense- no press, no traps, just straight-forward, man D- blah!! A bad, NBA style post offense. Drop it into Lampley, Powe, whoever, pass it back outside. It was decent when you had a Lampley or Powe or played lesser teams, but not against better talent and/or good opposition coaching. Mostly, it was just bad and boring.

    I don’t know why, but it is apparent that as Cal improved under Tedford, he has played more conservatively on both sides of the ball. I call it playing not to lose. Braun played the way he always did, which is bad. Tedford is even more frustrating as he played more aggressively early on. Maybe because he had nothing to lose early on becuase of where the program was and how bad they were. Now, as you watch, you realize that he plays a “don’t make mistakes”, tight style of play. His teams take it a step further- they see Coach Tight A$$ over there and they in turn play tight. When you try not to make a mistake, you make a lot of them.

    Also, when you play that predictably, well we have seen the results. Just like Braun, you can get away with it against lesser talent, but not against equal or better talent or against better coaching. That was proven in 5 blowout losses this season, all against teams with comparable or lesser talent than Cal.

    These two statements define Cal’s recent play-
    Offense – run on 1st and 2nd down into a stacked 9 men front, now 3rd and long, pass with the defense all over Riley.
    Defense- Rush 3, drop 8 into a very soft, non-reactive zone defense. It looks just like a prevent defense.
    Opposing coordinators must lick their chops to play Cal. They always mention the weapons and speed of Cal going in, but Tedford (and Gregory) don’t come close to utilizing it on either side of the ball anymore, and haven’t in several seasons.

    I see so many parallels to the Braun regime it is scary. I am hoping that Tedford makes very big changes starting in spring ball. Again, we are talking a major paradigm shift on gameday. He needs to open things up, way up. He has some absolute studs on the defensive side of the ball coming in. He has weapons now on offense, though he just lost a big one that wa sunder-utilized. Take the training wheels off and let the kids play. Let them play to win. Either go out there pulling all stops to win, or lose trying.

    Go look at that Boise State fake punt vs. TCU, when it occurred during the game, how scary that would be for you, and realize that’s what it takes to win, to have a chance to be an annual top 25 team, a conference contender and to be truly relevant on the national stage. Oregon plays like that, SC plays like that, Boise State plays like that- I expect UW and UCLA to do the same.

  • Dan

    Mountain Jim-

    I hear you, but respectively you are missing the point and my point. Even Cal did not want these two kids they just signed. They never recruited either one of them until a week ago. They wanted the 2 that changed their minds and decided on Fresno State instead- that is why Cal recruited those two and offered those 2 scholarships while ignoring Clay and Montgomery.

    Also, it does not matter if I have seen any of these 4 kids play- the coaches have and wanted the 2 that got away. You are questioning my points but they are not my points. They are the coaches action and 3 recruiting services evaluations. When those 2 changed their mind, Cal had to go find replacements. They ended up getting 2 guys that NO other Pac 10 school has recruited or offered. How is that “my rant”?

    As also stated in my post, I have seen 2 tapes of Kaelin Clay – they are on YouTube- he’s very small, very quick and fast, and has good hands. He looks good in high school. Highlight tapes are only a small sample of any player. I have also seen tapes of Dunn and Harper. They are impressive too. You can see them all in many ppaces- YouTube, Rivals, Scout. Based on how you asked the question, I am assuming you assume I hadn’t seen these guys play. While irrelvant, I have seen 3 of them on tape. Montgomery is so under the radar, none of the services have ever heard of him- that’s why he is zero stars.

    My guess is that neither Clay nor Montgomery project to be as good as Harper or Dunn. That may turn out to be not the case, but the coaches apparently agree with what I am saying based on their actions. I hope both Clay and Montgomery both turn out to be good. Stars and ratings aside, Cal needs them to be good.

    But my points which I took a lenghty post to explain is that Cal’s recruiting this year takes a big hit (again) and is closing weak (again)as the team was inexplicably blown off the field in every loss.

  • Brian A

    Dan, you seem to be a half empty glass kind of guy. Sure I’d rather get 4 or 5 star recruits for our incoming WRs, but there are some things that Tedford has done right in the recruiting game. This year in particular Tedford has done a great job recruiting on the defensive side of the ball with Chris Martin, Cec Whiteside, and Nick Forbes. With signing day coming up soon, I’m sure he’s hard at work trying to get some more quality kids to come to Cal.

  • Jan K Oski

    Dan, since your opinion is shared by so many Cal fans, why not start your own blog and see how many people read it? I guarantee you’ll just get a handful on suicide watch. Enjoy the downer!

  • House

    +1 Jan!

    If a player is decomiting from Cal in favor of Fresno, it’s usually for the best of the kid and the Cal program. Let me remind you guys the academic strain that would be 3x as hard at Cal, and some kids can’t handle it. Guys like Ezeff and Hagan regressed big time due to missing practice for school. Ezeff was able to put school before football and graduated a semester early. Let’s be easy here on tedford, it’s tough getting great athletes who can handle Cal classes.

  • milo

    Seriously, getting bent about recruiting is a bit much. Sure you want the best recruit for the program but it’s a totally wacky business predicated on 18 and 19 y.o.’s making big decisions. If you’re going to blame Tedford for the decisions of 18 y.o. picking Fresno over Cal…have at it but be warned it’s a null set.

    Beyond that, college football is still a game and this being Cal I want to ENJOY the game, not get so wrapped up in it like a SEC team.

    Say what you will about Tedford, however as long as he continues to win 67% of his games and graduates players at a rate in the top 5% of all programs, he’ll have a job at Cal because that’s a harder combo task then people believe and it syncs up with Cal’s ultimate mission of education.

    Think about it; perennial top 25 program, top university, tough place to go to school, very good graduation rate, clean program with innovative study element and Tedford stuck with it during the tree sitters. I don’t know if Pappy could have done as well.

    The glass half empty, sky is falling bit is bitter Cal crap. It’s a game for petesake.

  • Dan

    To Jan K. Oski-

    You enjoy the huge losses and think that is acceptable? You think Tedford and his staff don’t get badly outcoached? Once again, Tedford himself said they were outcoached after the OSU and Utah games. And he was right. You could say that in many games over the past few years. When even he says it, how is that not true?

    Why do we have to be easy on Tedford and make excuses for him? Is he not accountable? It is no easier academically for kids at UCLA and no one makes excuses there. Harbaugh is proving the same at Stanford. He doesn’t make excuses. Why do you and others make excuses for Tedford?

    Tedford is the 2nd highest paid coach in the Pac 10. He finished tied for 5th this year, 4th in 08, 7th in 07. Yeah, he is an incredible coach. Maybe he should get a huge raise.

    I am not expecting National Championships, but consistently play up to your talent level. It’s just that simple. He is not even close.

    Finally, you think because you don’t agree with me that I should go elsewhere, that I am not entitled to my opinion? Wow, are you evolved- congratulations!
    I am not attacking anyone on this blog, I am merely stating my opinion. On the other hand, you Jan and others feel the need to make yourself feel better by putting me down. I read what others write and though I may not agree, I don’t put them down. You are super awesome – again, congratulations!!

    Milo- Perennial top 25? What are you basing that on? Cal has not been rated in the top 25 since 2006- unrated the past 3 seasons. That’s perennial?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    You are a eperennial preseason top 25. At the end of the year you aren’t even close.

  • milo

    Dan you sound like a troll or a bitter old blue that got punched in the nuts by some Furd but never recovered. Either way you’ll live longer if you don’t bust an o-ring over a game.

  • Jan K Oski

    Dan, here are the facts. You justified your argument by claiming you speak for the masses. Yet, there isn’t a single Cal blog on the internet that is as negative as your posts. In reality, there are only a handful of consistant forum members (DrunkOski is the most obvious) on BearInsider.com and Scout.com that share your need to complain about everything and anything on the subject of the Cal football program. However, I give them credit, because they put their thoughts into a place that can be easily debated. Do you know the difference between replies on a poorly setup blog and a forum? Who has devolved? Your opinion is only shared by a small minority of fair weather fans who sit in the corners of Memorial Stadium. It’s all right. They were once part of Raider nation.

  • Jan K Oski

    Jim McGill wrote a good article about the Clay commitment. It turns out that Tedford ‘n Company had their eyes on him all season. Proving that our new big head is just that.


  • CruzinBears

    “It is no easier academically for kids at UCLA and no one makes excuses there. Harbaugh is proving the same at Stanford. He doesn’t make excuses. Why do you and others make excuses for Tedford?”

    Right, but both Stanfurd and UCLA JUST got to a bowl game this year… And we beat both of these teams, UCLA quite handily, for the first time in LA since the 90’s…

    You’ve gotten rather defensive Dan. I’m not going to argue with you and I hadn’t called you any names, I hadn’t put you down. You are entitled to your opinion, as depressing as it may be… Recruiting is important, but to me, its not important enough to sound off on how crappy under the radar kids are when, we haven’t seen them play, we don’t know their work ethic, etc… I’d rather give them the benefit of the doubt and have them prove it once in school… Its worked pretty well in Corvalis as of late…

  • GoldenBear 77

    Actually, more often than not, when Tedford says he was outcoached, he is protecting his players. Another positive for him, among the others mentioned.

  • Easy Ed

    All of you NoCals need to Listen, West Adams Prep is an inner city school that opened in 2007 to relieve overcrowding in other schools. They have built a decent team in a short period of time but the are not a power, this kid could be great in a better program like Long Beach Poly, Crenshaw or Dorsey but the fact he got noticed at all at West Adams means he probably is a player (more than almost anyone else, a receiver is dependent on a lot of people doing their job well to perform). So take a chill pill Dan and let’s see what we have coming in.

  • milo

    Nice link J.K. Oski…the kid is versatile. He has speed (4.4), he can catch and he played the RB position. I imagine his after the catch running would be a big asset. You know, get him a 10 yard ball in the flat, off a bubble screen and let him use his speed and RB ability to get some more yards. Also the fact that he switched to RB for the team and has a 3.3 GPA, shows character.

  • SteveNTexas

    Dan has a right to complain about these recruits just as I did. I am not going as far as to opine about Tedford because I don’t know enough – I don’t talk to players etc

    Nonetheless Cruzin’s reasoning that because six years ago a highly ranked recruit failed and a low ranked one did well is idiotic and not worthy of a Cal Student. Its anecdotal evidence. Like I said before using Cruzin’s logic Texas Southern ought to be better than the University of Texas each year because all their recruits are ranked lower.

  • CruzinBears

    SteveNTexas – I was giving an example, not a proof point to why lower star recruits are always better than higher star recruits… That was inferred and expanded upon by Dan… I was just giving one instance of a somewhat flawed system, I don’t have the time or the want-to to find more examples to support a pointless argument… Of course usually higher star recruits have more raw talent… But look at OSU as an example of a school that consistently pulls perceived lower quality talent and develops it within the ranks to annually produce diamond in the rough players…

    Like I said originally, I just want to give each of our recruits the respect they deserve when they decide to come to the fine institution we know and love as Cal. Bagging on 17 and 18 yr. old players for their star quality is an insult to their potential…

    Give them a chance to develop in the system before you go all “Bench Longshore” on them…

  • SteveNTexas

    Cruzin I guess what you don’t understand is that I am not dis-respecting them personally. I don’t know them personally and they know that. They also know their ranking and what it means. Its more likely they will – if they even hear about this blog- want to prove they are good players or do you expect they will say “Well SteveNTexas isn’t impressed so let’s quit”?

  • CruzinBears

    Let’s try and clarify this a little:

    My qualm with you was regarding your statement about my reasoning…

    The thing about disrespecting recruits was about Dan’s comments…

    But this whole thread is ridiculous, so I’m out…

    If you read this, welcome to Cal Terrance! We are excited to see what you can do for the program in the future…

  • Eric

    I personally have no view of whether a 2-star or no-star recruit makes or breaks anything.

    That being said, I am on record that I think Tedford has worn out his welcome. He has not done anything of substance since the 2004 Holiday Bowl. He is overpaid. He is consistently outcoached. The assistance coaching revolving door is embarassing. The alleged QB guru is clearly undeserved.

    Specific to this thread, that our recruiting classes have steadily declined – granted, according to so-called experts – is not a coincidence. Why play for Cal when you can go to schools on the rise in the Pac-10? Why play for Cal when your skills will only be buried by bad losses? If it were an academic issue, which it clearly is not, it does not explain the Furd or UCLA, both of whom arguably have stricter eligibility requirements.

    Evaluating recruiting classes is, of course, pure speculation – schools like Boise States and TCU shove that argument aside. But if a person going to be paid ridiculous amounts of money by a public school that is already suffering from financial constraints, they should produce. It isn’t hard to get a coach who will get his players to graduate and it isn’t hard to find one who can win. It is hard to find one who do both. Tedford had promise to deliver both; now, he is strictly a good citizen who does little with great talent. If he wants to cut his pay by 75%, great, I can live with mediocre results. If he wants to be as highly paid as he is, bye bye.

    As I have said before, I predict Cal will at best finish 6-6, and less than .500 in the Pac-10. Why? Because of coaching.

  • Easy Ed

    You guys are NUTS!!! Can anyone remember a run like this at Berkeley in their lifetime? Hell No! I got a great idea Dan, call Mike Leach and he can lock the players in a dungeon until they produce. JT is doing just fine. Sure I’d like to see my beloved Golden Bears in a Rose Bowl on one hand but I sure as Hell don’t want to see them going back to where the program has been (with a few one or two season exceptions) for the last 50 years. BTW, this is a program that we can be proud of.

  • David

    This is one spot in this recruiting class…Have some of you fogotten we have already gotten commitments from what may be the best LB class in the country including Chris Martin? We are also in the running for Gabe King, and possibly Keenan Allen. This class may still pan out to be one of the best Cal has gotten in a long time..

  • Juancho

    I’m sure a lot of us who post here have been through horrible, and I mean horrible football seasons. But one thing I can’t stand, is how the horrendous recent history of our program is used to justify the current plateu it finds itself in. Tedford makes much more money than any previous coach of ours, and all the rennovations are costing our school much more than any other program did. So all of this “I’m happy we’re competitive” talk really frustrates me. The school has invested much more than before, so the same results as before are not okay.

    It’s fine for a fan to point out a criticism or qualm with the program. For instance, I find it troubling that we just lost two recruits and had to scramble at the last minute to replace them with lower rated guys. Sure these ratings are sometimes wrong. But sometimes they’re right. Look at the most recent star players we had, they were nearly all highly rated out of high school. I don’t doubt these new receivers are good kids, and hard working and hopefully will enjoy their time at Cal, but from an objective stand point I would prefer the higher rated/more sought after guys every time. For instance, when we hire people at work, I prefer to see someone with a strong resume, you know like a Cal degree, versus someone that is a “sleeper” candidate.

    I hope Tedford has a great year in 2010. I believe that when that new facility is built, it should be named after Tedford. But I also feel that there are areas of the program he should improve if the program is going to take that next step. If it’s not, that’s fine too. After all we’re an academic school. But this “competitive is good enough b/c the past is horrendous” attitude is ridiculous. Holmoe has been gone for a long time now – get over it.

  • SteveNTexas

    OK Many like to point out that before Tedford we went through some horrible years- agreed. I’ve already said I am not ready to judge Tedford, however there is no reason we should not be a good team. Just being in a top conference, with a great campus, large city, and good academics alone should attract decent players. That we were horrible for years is an anomaly not what we should expect.

    I also agree that we have some good recruits, but couldn’t help not being excited about the addition of the #53 receiver in the country while losing two higher rated ones.

    I don’t plan to harp on this more, let’s see what other recruits we get, however I’m also tired of hearing how poor we were many years back. Its not relevant.

  • CruzinBears

    Two highlight videos of Terrance Montgomery to check out:


    Guy looks like a big-play type of WR/KR/PR to me…

    Nice under the radar pick-up JT!!! Welcome to Cal Terrance!

  • Jan K Oski

    ESPN has elevated T-Monty above Dunn and Harper in their rating system at 3 stars, 78 grade, and #61 WR. He obviously wasn’t rated, because there wasn’t any videos of him. We’ll we hear from the Knee Jerk Reponse People, now? I doubt it.

    The stats on the ESPN profile are incorrect, as Jim McGill, aka MoragaBear and BearInsider publisher, stated, “Cal measured him at 5’10” and 185 lbs. Also, his forty time was 4.5.