Basketball: Sanders-Frison out for ASU

Cal coach Mike Montgomery confirmed today that junior center Markhuri Sanders-Frison will not play Thursday at Arizona State because of a sore back. No word on his availability for the Bears’ game Sunday at Arizona.

Senior forward Jamal Boykin said not having Sanders-Frison is a blow. “He brings a lot of energy, he has a lot of presence for us inside,” Boykin said.  “You can never have enough frontcourt players.  We’re going to have to work hard not to get in foul trouble  — that could be an issue for us –while  at the same time staying aggressive.”

The Bears will have sixth-man Jorge Gutierrez, who missed five games with a sprained knee before returning for a brief stint Saturday against Oregon State. Montgomery said Gutierrez practiced hard on Monday and was exhausted but healthy. He said the sophomore guard’s conditioning was affected by his time away.

“He worked hard. It was  good to see him out there,” Montgomery said.

Point guard Jerome Randle told me this afternoon that his right knee remains a bit sore, but that he plans to ignore it and expects to play better Thursday against the Sun Devils.

Asked if there are any other players battling health issues, Montgomery said, “For some reason we’ve got kids seeming to get sick all the time.” But he declined to provide specifics and did not indicate anyone else will miss the ASU game.

Jeff Faraudo

  • LR

    What they’ll be missing is 3 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls in 11 minutes. MSF needs some serious remedial work and a big time conditioning program to become a legitimate D1 player. He’s not there yet….

    The real tragedy of this season is not having a healthy Harper Kamp. If he’d been around, MSF could’ve worked out his issues in an under-the-radar way.

  • rollonubears

    agreed. as i’ve said before, much like the devon hardin years, msf on the pine gives us the best chance to win. he needs a lot of work. i’d much rather see zhang in there, getting experience, and seeley and omoke are pretty solid, anyway.

  • Mountain Jim

    It’s more of a problem than the stats show. Monty doesn’t seem to trust Max and the lack of depth will hurt. Amoke is already playing at the starting PF position and Seeley isn’t an interior player. The Bears are really lucky there aren’t any real quality big men in the conference this year.

  • GoldenBV

    It would be nice to have MSF available to bang with Boateng. I think this is a matchup where Max will be needed as the 6’10” Boateng might be trouble for Jamal, and of course foul trouble is a big concern.

    Otherwise Cal matches up pretty well as ASU isn’t that big at the other positions. Hopefully Cal can get some good production from Jorge, Seeley, and/or Nikola.

  • milo

    I think everyone would love to see Max in there more but it seems obvious he’s not ready for more minutes and more importantly Monty doesn’t think so.

    Monty has said Max is a confidence guy and Cal has been building him up slowly and grooming him (boxing lessons) and I think the hesitation is not to waste that and put him into before he’s ready.

    I think Monty is waiting for Max to turn the corner, so to speak, where it’s not a thought process but automatic. Total guess is that comes next year when the team and leadership changes, hopefully.

    Regarding MSF, his numbers aren’t big but he has been slowly taking on Kamp’s role and he’s way further along then Zhang.

    It’ll be interesting to hear Jeff F’s analysis at the end of the season about Max, MSF, etc. There’s also the 6’10” transfer who is sitting out this season.

  • Bears

    Randle needs to stop making excuses and start toughning up and leading this team. Stop making turnovers while he is at it.
    Cal needs it’s PG to be a tough leader who comes through in the clutch and does not make many mistakes and never in crunch time.

  • milo

    As Randle goes, so go the Bears. Lets hope Randle kicks butt, injured or not.