Football: Gabe King update

According to South Eugene High School coach Travis Johnson, four-star defensive end Gabe King is still deciding between Cal and Oregon. USC is no longer in the mix.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Davidson

    Rumor has it that he has been wearing CAL gear recently. While I can’t substantiate these claims, it would be awesome if we got both Chris Martin and King this year.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Any word on the rumors we have several significant possible recruits visiting this weekend? That would be a good sign, given we are so close to LOI day.

  • Kevin

    Adding Gabe King would make for an extemely impressive recruiting class for defense. Let’s finish strong Bears!

  • CruzinBears

    Keep it up JT and staff… We had faith in you all along (well most of us)…

    Aww shucks NoMoreNCs, looks like $C lost out to Cal or UO on this one… How’s that coaching overhaul going?

  • milo

    Gabe King, leave Oregon…you know it’s better in California and you won’t regret it.

    p.s. the fact the kid dropped $C says he can think…like in the whole freakin’ ship could go down if the NCAA hammers it.

  • Juancho

    This would be a huge get for the program. A big upset too, since he’s from Oregon. I’d be shocked if we beat out his homestate school. But, it’d be a quite pleasant type of shock I’m willing to endure.

    Gabe King if you’re reading this, we are one of the few universities to have a bar right on campus. That’s right – right on campus, conveniently located next to the bookstore. Choose us.

  • Bears

    King is a great national recruit California will welcome with open arms.
    If King signs with Cal next week the class gets that much stronger and will serve notice the Bears are on the move. Especially defensively!!!

  • TopArchibear

    King, You will be not disappointed for comming to Cal. Great education, wonderful weather, and beautiful city, and you will enjoy all the great eminities in the bay area.

    You can be very proud to be a bear.

    Go Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    We never wanted Gabe King. We can do better, much better.

  • The Wisdom Cow


  • uh oh.

    I think it’s always good to go away for school. It helps you grow up and establish an independent adult life.
    If King is from South Eugene, and down to Cal vs. Oregon, I would hope he chooses Cal and is just saying the hometown school to keep his homeys happy.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wisdom!!!! I just lost my contact at USC. Bummer.

  • milo

    Moren…I’m surprised Uncle Pete didn’t bring you to Seattle to “fluff” the team and staff.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I have never met Pete Carroll. Why should he? But if it is fluff you want then your last 4 signees – 4 non rated or off the map rated wide outs – will need a lot of it. I guess the Marketing Department will be working over time.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I have never met Pete Carroll. Why should he? But if it is fluff you want then your last 4 signees will need a lot of it. I guess the Marketing Department over at Haas SOB will be working over time.

  • MEXgldnbear

    Marketing department? You mean like United States China Marketing?

    Hahaha, too funny.

  • Will

    I heard stories about what a freak Rocky Seto is as a person, but this just confirms it.

  • Todd Nizzle

    JO – Just so you know, Oregon pulled their scholarship offer to King, so barring a major surprise, he’s 100% Cal..Everyone else, he’s not originally from Oregon, he’s from North Carolina, just in Oregon this past year…were making a huge push for his 2 former teammates from NC…Chris Mccain, a 6’6 linebacker who’s a current Oregon commit, and Keenan Allen, the 5 star corner/safety who’s committed to Alabama. Allen will be visiting this weekend with his half brother, who would be a transfer from Buffalo. He has a Cal and Clemson offer and would be part of a package deal.

  • Jan K Oski

    Awesome news, Todd, if true…

    Scott Schrader of SCPlaybook wrote an article on Gabe King on 12/6/09. Yes, the SC is the one and only University of Sports Corruption. Maureen said, “We never wanted Gabe King”, but why would a prominent $C site publish something on him, then? Rhetorical question for us evolved people, Dan. Gabe knows the NCAA anvil will fall hard on $C and like every wise man, he is staying clear of that pile of a begone era. Gabe is clearly level-headed and didn’t buy into the lies of PC or gimmicks of Lame.

    Go BEARS!

  • TopArchibear

    Cal has just pick up a speedy J.C. WR. Although, he has only one year of football, because of his interest in track, one year already proofed he can be great, and I believe he will be a great WR at Cal.

    Go Bears!

  • CruzinBears

    Great news on King, hopefully he comes home to berkeley…

    Interesting to see who shows up when the news is good and who avoids the boards… But be sure the next time a post goes up that is slightly negative, we’ll here the fire Tedford groans from Dan and the like…

  • noduck

    moren, haven’t you before said you talked with carroll at some event in sac?

  • george watson

    Brother, you’ve got much bigger problems at SC than missing out on King. The AD must have been on crack to pick Kiffin: you go from penthouse to outhouse in one fell swoop. (Somebody said it was like handing the keys of Testarossa to a 16 year old. Yeah, a lying, empty-headed scumbag of a 16 year old.) Good luck down there, boy-o. Don’t make any plans for the Rose Bowl any time soon.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Nope. I have never spoken to PC but I have spoken to Tedford. For those of you scoffers who think I didn’t have a USC contact why was I telling you for three months that Devon Kennard was ours when you kept thinking he was yours. He just played you big time and I knew all along.

    george watson Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 9:52 am
    Don’t make any plans for the Rose Bowl any time soon.

    Spoken like someone who has had a lot of experience.

  • Juancho

    George Watson, I take offense as a male that you assume moreNCs is a man? The whiney comments always made me he/she was an unpopular teenage girl.

  • Juancho

    And in the rush to get my spiteful comments up, I forgot to type “think.” Conan O’brien was right about cynisism. Crap.

    “The whiney comments always made me think he/she was an unpopular teenage girl.”

    There we go.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    “The whiney comments always made me think he/she was an unpopular teenage girl.”

    Just because it WAS an unpopular teenage girl doesn’t mean it isn’t a man now. Could have sworn there were posts about taking PC a plate full of Mom’s cookies last time U$C came to town.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Wisdom Wisdom. I told you I took a plate of Mom’s cookies to my USC contact. I told all of you who wanted to out me to go over to the where the USC bus was and you would find me. When I went to Israel last year I also gave everyone here my dates and my flights. One of you threatened to be there to take my picture. Never showed up. Just like the way yoour team played against Oregon, USC, UW, OSU and Utah this year. Never showed up.

  • george watson

    oreNCsarecoming Says:
    January 28th, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Nope. I have never spoken to PC but I have spoken to Tedford. For those of you scoffers who think I didn’t have a USC contact why was I telling you for three months that Devon Kennard was ours when you kept thinking he was yours. He just played you big time and I knew all along.

    So what? BFD. Now you have Kiffin. That’s the biggest whoop. The Trojan “we scored a touchdown” song should go from “Conquest” to “(Our) Pants on the floor.” That’s what Kiffin is: “pants on the floor.”

  • BlueNGold

    Wisdom Cow- A REAL man would have baked the cookies instead of being dependent on mom to do so.

  • Dan


    You’re classic. Since you wondered, here is your answer. I didn’t post here because I have a life. But mostly, because this is not good news like you think it is. It is non news until Gabe King either chooses Cal or does not choose Cal. It is speculation until then. So why would I post how great it is that he might choose Cal. Why would you?

    Also, why would I post at all anymore? You and all the other hypocrites who accuse me of being negative and then attack and name call me and anybody else that has a differing viewpoint than you do have an amazingly elitist mob metality. I haven’t posted in days and you and several continue to mention me by name in of course a put down fashion in your posts. Why? I never attacked you or anybody else, yet many of you did and continue to do so.

    So you and the others continue to bully those that have a differing opinion or viewpoint from yours, drive those people from this site and then you can all sell each other on how you are all so smart and so right.

    There have been many who have expressed agreement with my opinions and there have several who disagreed but showed class doing so You Cruzin, Jan K. Oski, Milo and others have shown no class, so I don’t really care what you have to say or think moving forward.

  • CruzinBears


    Don’t get so defensive… Never called you a name, just mentioned your name, as a fan who tends to show up only when bad news it around to talk bad about the program… I figured with how feverous you were posting about how Tedford has lost it and Cal needs ot move on and such, that when he did something well you might come back and at least say “Hey great job coach, you surprised me on that one”

    Like with the no name guy that turned out to be the highest ranked WR in the class…

    Anyways, you should try not to get too defensive on these boards, its not that big of a deal, ya know…

    Bee Tea Dubs “I didn’t post here because I have a life.” You still showed up today right? ok good just checking…

  • Dan

    Wisdom Cow-


    Doesn’t mean that he is the only one coming in, but he is a big fish in a huge need area. Hopefully he’s not just looking for nice weekend out in “Cali”. He’s projected to go to Clemson right now, not sure how Cal got in the game, as he was not even considering Cal 3 weeks ago. Perhaps Chris Martin is a man of his word and he’s Cal’s best recruiter right now.

    I know this is a strong front 7 D class, especially if King picks Cal- I hope we aren’t going to continue to run a prevent defense all game, every game next year- I just couldn’t resist throwing that out there.

    Take Care Wisdom-

  • The Wisdom Cow

    No doubt, Dan, Allen would be awesome.

    I was combing some Oregon boards for info on the Masoli crap, and spotted some words on Gabe. Apparently, the rumor mill up there has that he has been living with someone possibly connected with the school, something of the OMG, I can’t believe this wasn’t seen earlier, even if it is totally innocent (which is suspected), it could leave the school open to a recruiting violation. Hence, the pulled offer.

    Sounds good to me. No idea if it is true or not, and if he signs with us, I don’t care.

    I am psyched to see a strong push in the last weekend. Sure, it may just be a free trip out to California, but Berkeley is Nirvana to some (was to me), and if you like the vibe, you found your school.

    Time for a basketball game.

  • Juancho

    There’s this good article on USA Today. Says Gabe King is pretty much a Bear.


  • covinared

    Dan: I agree with you that those expressing opinions that vary from the norm are subject to personal attack on this board, but perhaps its not the content of your views but their timing which is questionable. Can’t you wait until after signing day to cast the future of the program in such a gloomy light?

  • Calduke

    To: J Oski

    Gabe King seems like a great fit for Cal and Gabe.
    Hope this is not a Stan Hasiak, Deja vu – all over again.

  • milo

    SI online is reporting King is with Cal and Cal is in the running for 5-star DB Keenan Allen who’s wavering on Alabama. He wants to go to school with his younger brother a 2-star recruit. (5th paragraph)