Basketball: Pac-10 Reflections — Week 6

Our Monday review of the weekend in Pac-10 hoops . . .

— Perhaps this could happen to any team, but what does it say about the Pac-10 that its first-place team got outscored 25-0 during one stretch? Cal went 10 minutes, 46 seconds without scoring at USC, shooting 0-for-10 with seven turnovers in 15 possessions. Two days later at UCLA, in a span of roughly the same amount of playing time, the Bears outscored the Bruins 26-6 to end the first half.

— Lots of concerns Thursday night for Cal in its rematch with Washington, but perhaps none bigger than this: The Huskies outrebounded Arizona and Arizona State by a combined 85-60 last weekend, pulling down 16 offensive boards in each game.

— Can’t be good for Ernie Kent’s cause at Oregon that the Ducks were swept in the Civil War rivalry game against Oregon State for the first time since 1992-93, and are 1-3 against Craig Robinson’s squad the past two seasons.

— Stanford’s weekend breakdown in L.A.: Landry Fields 62 points, Rest of the team 60 points. The senior forward shot 23-for-37 in the two games, his teammates were 20-for-77. Maybe the shot attempts should be flip-flopped.

— Washington State sophomore Klay Thompson was the nation’s leading scorer in December. Now he’s No. 2 in the Pac-10 — behind Fields — after shooting 13-for-57 from the 3-PT line the past eight games. That’s 22.8 percent.

— Stanford is now 1-15 in Pac-10 road games in two seasons under Johnny Dawkins. But don’t blame the coach until he gets better personnel.

— There’s not a first-round NBA draft pick in the Pac-10 this season, but in a year or two UCLA freshman Tyler Honeycutt may get there. His impressive stat line against Stanford: 12 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists. When he develops a jump shot, he’s going to tough.

— The Bruins’  other freshman forward, Modesto native Reeves Nelson, has an effective bullish quality to his game, but we wonder how long Pac-10 refs are going to allow him to stick his head into a defender’s chest to create space.

—  San Leandro’s Jared Cunningham hasn’t been an overnight success as a freshman point guard at Oregon State, but he’s making progress. Cunningham had 11 points, four assists and four steals in the win over Oregon.

— In a world with serious problems, sending USC student manager Stan Holt out of town on a rail for cursing at a game official seemed a bit heavy-handed. However it came down, seems right that he was reinstated.

Jeff Faraudo