Basketball: Commish says timetable for possible Pac-10 expansion is the next year

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott told reporters on a teleconference call today that the timetable for possible conference expansion is the next year while the league also begins negotiating a new TV contract.

“To me, the logic if the Pac-10 is going to think about expanding, now is our window,” Scott said. “The reason being if you’re going to consider a reconstruction of the conference, there’s a value proposition associated with that. Given that we’re about to have negotiations regarding our media rights, it makes sense that if you’re going to do it, to do it when you can monetize it and get value from it commercially.”

Here’s the full story.

Jeff Faraudo

  • abe

    These are exciting days. Stay tuned.

  • rollonubears

    commissioner scott sounds like a guy who just got out of business school and isn’t quite sure how to use the new buzzwords, but figures if he just throws them into a sentence somewhere, people will think he’s smart.

  • CruzinBears

    Rollon – Although I agree it sounded a little “short answer on an econ test”-like i’m pretty sure he used the right terms in the right places…

    I’m not really a fan of expansion, but I doubt many really are at first… It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, seeing as we have no control over the situation…

  • rollonubears

    12 teams makes it 20% harder to get to the rose bowl, unless we split and have a championship game. i’d be ok with that i guess. still, i love the round robin style of play. boise state’s academics are pretty lousy, but if we add byu and utah to the pac10, that’s a pretty big slap in the face, unless we go to a true postseason playoff format.

  • milo

    rollonubears – either Scott just got out of biz school or he hired a bunch of consultants that have their heads up their butts.

    The other thing…Utah and BYU? Who the ef on the west coast ever travels to Utah unless it’s to ski or go to Bryce and Moab? No one, it’s a backwards state.

  • H8sRed

    Why does the Pac-10 need to add two teams to generate sufficient revenue? The LA schools alone have more market share than the rest of the Pac-10 combined, and the Pac-10 geographical area already has a larger population than some 12-member conferences. Seems to me that the conference needs to do a better job of maximizing the value of its current membership (ie. negotiate tv contracts that reflect the population of the current conference boundaries). Just because expansion might make sense for one conference does not mean it makes sense for all of them.

  • chasin’bear

    Pac 12 North:

    WA St
    Or St

    Pac 12 South:

    AZ St