Jeff Faraudo

  • joey

    This game was a sorry display of coaching. I expect a lot more from Montgomery. Jeff, can you ask why Max was on the bench for most of the game? Cal was getting destroyed in the paint and having Max play could potentially have changed that. I would have thought this would be the perfect game for him to start. The fact that this wasn’t even tried makes me wonder what the coaches saw?

  • NikJam

    If I remember right, Max was not a factor during the match in Berkeley.

  • rollonubears

    joey, that’s a very valid point. if he wasn’t hurt, he probably should have been in there. i totally forgot he was even on the team, actually. pretty sad. nothing really went our way in that game, all the bounces, all the calls. that happens sometimes, but it looked exactly like the football version of our last loss to them, as well. at some point, you gotta figure out how to beat a pesky team like this.

  • CruzinBears

    I think the correct term is… pooped on…

  • Chicagobear

    Agree totally with Joey and Rollonubears. Max has shown that he’s effective in defending taller guys (especially a slow tall guy like Schaftenaar) as well as intimidate and block shots. OSU got tons of shots in the paint and/or fouls. Maybe Jeff can ask Mike the question.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I really want to know what is going on with Max. Either he is hurt or had some “issue” that has him on the bench. The alternative is that Monty is an idiot (which I don’t believe).

    Max’s ability to raise the level of play of the rest of the team is second only to a healthy Jorge (what Jorge is doing now, obviously hurting, is pretty awesome, though). Not only does he rev up the entire team, HE PRODUCES, altering shots and being active on the offensive and defensive boards.

    Max may not be ready for heavy minutes, but I am baffled by his absence on so many games lately. Can you try and find out what is going on, Jeff?

  • dan

    This team does not play like a team with 4 senior starters. It’s just sickening how they don’t even show up for so many games, and just how stupid their shot selection and other decision making is. Over and over agin. Maddening!

    Randall plays just horrible games way too often. He may end up the all time leading Cal scorer, but to me he falls short, well short, of being a great college player. When I watch last night, I think he does not deserve the conferenc player of the hyear discussion that goes on. That quality of player does not suck this often. Consistency is essential.

    What a disappointment to lose to a lower level team like OSU. You could see this coming from 100 miles away

    When you look at the rest of the schedule before this game, you think that Cal could win the remaining 5. Now after last night, you think Cal could easily lose the last 4 games. Pathetic effort last night by the players and the coaching staff. They had 5 days to get ready for this one, and they STUNK. Way to go guys. Typical Cal.

  • Chicagobear

    I don’t think Max is hurt. He came in at garbage time last night and was hustling up and down the court.

  • deltha

    I’m way more frustrated with Patrick Christopher than Randle. I think Randle played as best as he could against the 1-3-1 last night. The fact of the matter is that Randle, at 5″7′, is always going to struggle against a zone of that sort. But, he didn’t force the game (too often at least) and made attempts to get others into it. Cal knew coming into the game that it was the one game where someone other than Randle would need to step up.

    PC, on the other hand, plain disappeared for most of the game. Then, in the 2nd half when he began to realize he hadn’t done anything, he started throwing up ill-advised threes with 25 sec. left on the shot clock.

    It really became obvious against OSU’s slow-tempo last night that our seniors struggle to play the game when they have to “think” rather than just “react.” As the game got slower in the 2nd half, that’s when our seniors (primarily PC and Robertson) began to slow their game down to the point where they stopped moving on offense. Watch the game again and you’ll see how most possessions (in 2nd half) both those guys would just stand around watching the offense rather than getting active and moving off the ball. I think that is the key reason we struggle against OSU’s tempo: the guys fall asleep themselves and begin to revert to lazy/bad tendencies.

    The frustrating thing is (it also happened in the first UCLA game) that having 4 seniors is supposed to prevent these sort of mental breakdowns. But, more and more, it seems like our seniors are unable to recognize and change the tempo back up when they need to. I consider this a leadership failure.