Basketball: Reviewing the ugly numbers

 Thursday night’s 80-64 loss at Oregon State by the numbers:

1/2 — Cal’s game lead over Arizona State and USC in the Pac-10 standings

1 — 3-point baskets made by Cal in the second half

3 — Cal losses to OSU in four tries over the past two seasons

4 — Length of winning streak the Bears still have not achieved this season

6.25 – -Jerome Randle’s 3-point shooting percentage (1-for-16) vs. OSU the past three games

7 — Assists by OSU senior Seth Tarver, who also had 16 points and four steals

9 — Oregon State steals

12 — Free throws by OSU center Roeland Schaftenaar (in 15 attempts), more than he’s made in any game in his career.

13 — Offensive rebounds by the Beavers, who average only 9.4

20 — Combined total of points and rebounds by OSU freshman Joe Burton, whose 12 points were his most in a Pac-10 game and eight rebounds were a career high.

24 — OSU points off Cal turnovers

25 — Seasons since the Pac-10 champion (1985 USC and Washington) had as many as five conference defeats.

26 — Cal’s ranking in RealTimeRPI.com Friday morning, down five spots from the day before.

29 — Points scored by freshman Jared Cunningham of San Leandro HS in two games against Cal this season.

33 — Season-low combined point total of  Jerome Randle, Patrick Christopher and Theo Robertson, who entered the game averaging 49.7 ppg.

37.5 — Cal’s second-half shooting percentage

57.1 — OSU’s second-half shooting percentage

80 — Points scored by the Beavers, the most they’ve had in a Pac-10 game in two seasons under coach Craig Robinson

Jeff Faraudo

  • KoreAmBear

    Jeff – I wrote this on Bearinsider and was wondering about your thoughts on whether Cal will go to the PX for its unconscionable calls on MSF (and inexplicable non-call on Burton) last night:

    Those were not run of the mill calls that are subject to our normal whining after losing a game. They were decisions that rose to the level of unjust measures and a dangerous precedent to take if this goes unpunished. The call on MSF for raising his elbow up and displacing air was a joke of the highest order. But then, not seeing the two elbows by Burton, one to the chest and one dangerously deposited on MSF’s NECK (which could have resulted in a horrific on-court scene), after reviewing it for 4 minutes on video — is just clown behavior and the PX has no room for these kind of shenanigans by the refs. For Burton to have gotten nothing — and MSF to have his foul + technical foul stand, was just surreal. Monty didn’t comment on it and not sure if he is allowed to do that, but I would be super disappointed if Cal didn’t raise this with the PX.

    Did you notice Burton’s face during the time the refs looked at the video. The guy had this guilty look as if he knew he messed up. He wasn’t adamant or high fiving anyone for inducing an elbow from MSF. He knew what he did was wrong.

  • GldnBear71

    Stick to rugby. At least can finish close to the top

  • Joseph

    Jeff : I agree with this comment. The ref who made the foul and technical foul against MSF is the same ref who made the flagrant call against Theo last year vs UCLA. A 6 point turnaround that Bobby Knight said was the worst call he had ever seen. If you noticed, this ref refused to come over and review the tape of the MSF incident. Basically, letting his colleagues know that they better not embarrass him. No surprise nothing was done. This ref was also on the crew of the WSU/Oregon debacle earlier this year.

  • Will

    Joseph – you’re kidding me about this ref being in the middle of all three atrocious incidents.

  • Joseph

    Will – I am absolutely certain. I have been told but not confirmed that these Pac 10 refs get paid $1500.00 per game. Regardless of the pay, this guy is not earning his money, but you think Cal wants to aggravate him.