Basketball: Friday morning links

Here’s my game story on Cal’s 95-71 rout of Arizona, along with Gary Peterson’s column on how it took the Bears two greats “starts” to bury the Wildcats.

Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Daily Star writes about how the Wildcats, now back under .500, looked more like the erratic team of two months ago.

And check out this endorsement of Jerome Randle from UA freshman MoMo Jones: “Jerome hit some tough shots, some big shots, and that’s what great players do. He showed a lot of people he should be Pac-10 player of the year.”

Down at Stanford, meanwhile, Arizona State coach Herb Sendek said center Eric Boateng “wouldn’t let us lose.” The Sun Devils beat the Cardinal 68-60 to set up Saturday’s showdown at Haas Pavilion for the Pac-10 title.

“Coach will sit here and tell you that it’s just another game, but we’re playing for first place in the Pac-10 with two games (left) at home,” senior Derek Glasser said. “This is as big as it gets.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    We are going to need cutters to the basket just like last night. Boateng will try to block shots from being out of position and he will be in foul trouble early if we do so.

  • BearFanInLA

    Great win last night Bears! With or without the silver schwag! Kick ass on Saturday guys!

    Go Bears!

  • rollonubears

    awesome performance, but way too many blue cushiony empty seats. donors, if you want to just donate, that’s awesome, but if you’re not going to put a behind in that seat you get with the donation, please opt out of the tickets for the game. it’s embarrassing.

  • CruzinBears

    rollonubears – I thought the exact same thing! Great support from everyone in the arena except for the empty seats in the section above the announcers… They should guestamate an empty seat head count at half time and just go out front and let students in for free or cheap to fill up the place for the second half…
    Hopefully we won’t have the same problem tomorrow, being it is Saturday and most people won’t have to rush over from their jobs…

  • milo

    Obviously a great win with the best part being it looks like the Bears have finally gelled (just in time) as team after all the injuries. Cal needs to stay hot.

  • CM

    Great, great win yesterday! Here’s my question: if Cal knocks off ASU tomorrow to clinch the Co-Conference Championship, does the team cut down the nets? Personally, I don’t want them to do it, because there is still something really huge to play for: namely winning the outright championship, by beating the Furd next Saturday. I want the team to still be hungry for that outright championship, sweeping the Furd and finishing a solid 13-5 in conference. What do you guys think?

  • Mitchie V

    Cut the nets?

    A win makes them co-champs, and it’s the last game at home. I guess I don’t have a problem with it.

  • milo

    It might be worth getting tickets to the game at Stanfurd next week. It’ll be quite something for Cal to win the P10 at Stanfurd with Mike Montgomery.

  • rollonubears

    i say cut the nets. then cut them again at stanfurd, even if we lose.

  • CM

    HAHA…yeah, I’m all for cutting the nets at Stanfurd!

  • milo

    Cut down the net and Tree at Stanfurd, win or lose.