Basketball: Uncharted territory

Some of you have posed interesting questions regarding possible scenarios beginning Saturday with Cal’s big game against Arizona State.

These are a bit hypothetical and some folks may wonder if we’re jumping gun here. Hey, just having a little fun, so relax.

I’m going to restate the questions, give you my take, and ask your opinion:

1) If Cal beats ASU to clinch a share of the Pac-10 title, do the students storm the court?

I believe the word I’m looking for is, `Duh!’  No doubt in my mind. Most students’ parents either weren’t born yet or were wearing diapers the last time this happened, so heck yes, they party on Newell Court.

2) Do the players cut down the nets if they win Saturday?

I say they don’t because they won’t feel like the job is completely finished. You win the outright title, you take the nets.

3) If Cal beats ASU and the Sun Devils accommodate by losing next Thursday at home to USC (seemingly unlikely in the wake of the Trojans’ inexplicable home loss to Oregon), do the players visit Haas later that night to snip the nets?

My guess is it wouldn’t be an organized activity — although that would be a cool team moment. But if  I’m one of the five seniors, I’m texting the other four: Meet you at Haas in a 1/2 hr. Someone bring the scissors.

4) If the Bears wind up clinching the outright title at Stanford, does Mike Montgomery climb the ladder to help take down the nets at his old school?

Sure. Why not? He’d do it without rubbing it in anyone’s face, but he’d do it. And, if it happened, he should enjoy the moment with his team.

5) If the Bears get the outright title a week from Saturday after losing at Stanford but because ASU loses to UCLA, do they still cut down the nets at Maples?

No, but maybe they email ASU coach Herb Sendek a request to send the nets from Wells Fargo Arena.

So, tell me what you think.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Otro Dan

    As a student, I’ve been discussing with friends whether storming the court would be an “acceptable” reaction to a win on Saturday. After all, it’s only a share of the title and Cal can’t clinch an outright title until a further ASU loss or a win against Stanford next Saturday. After a little bit of consideration, I don’t care whether it’s acceptable. I’m going to be out on the court, screaming my head off and going nuts with the team and hundreds of my classmates!

    First things first though, get that win!

  • Bears

    If Cal wins it won’t just be students on the court.
    Great calls across the board JO.
    Go Bears, get that win tomorrow!
    See you all at Haas 11:30am

  • Esquire Joe

    As a student and then an alumni season ticket holder who has been waiting almost two decades for that magical day to finally come, I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but talk of what kind of celebrating we’ll do when we win our Pac 10 championship just feels too premature.

    Does anyone remember when Cal was about to pull off the never-before-happened road sweep of the Arizona schools, and all they had to do was waltz into Tuscon and take one from a clearly inferior UA team?

    How about the time when they were poised to take control of the Pac 10 race, and all they had to do was beat OSU on the road (having already beaten them at home)?

    I’m the last guy who wants to be the wet blanket here, but every time I start to think that Cal’s chances to win the championship this year look pretty good, I keep remembering one little stat: If Cal is to win it outright, without any help from ASU, they’ll have to win the next two, upon which they will have won four consecutive games – something they have been unable to do at any point this season.

    If they win tomorrow, I won’t storm the court, but I’ll be very happy indeed. And then rooting like hell for USC and UCLA next week, so we don’t have to worry about Stanfurd playing out of their heads just because it will take away our outright championship.

  • Will

    See ya’ll at 11.

  • ToparchBears

    Cal has one game lead in the pac-10 over ASU and over 3 games lead the rest of the PAC. If Cal beat ASU tomorrow, wouldn’t Cal has two games lead on ASU. If Cal loose at Standford, and ASU beat $C, wouldn’t Cal still has at least one game lead over second ASU. And, why they have to share the PAC-10 champ. I don’t understand the math. Can some one explain.

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt

    i put together a scenario guide:

    if we WIN Saturday:

    1) and ASU loses one game to either LA school, we can lose to stanford and still win the conference outright.

    2) and beat Stanford we win outright no matter what happens

    If we LOSE Saturday:

    3) but we beat Stanford and ASU sweeps we come in 2nd

    4) but we beat Stanford and ASU splits against LA we tie for 1st.

    5) and lose to Stanford, ASU just needs one win in LA to take 1st, and we get 2nd, perhaps tying with washington.

    6) and lose to Stanford and ASU gets swept by LA schools we tie for 1st, possibly with any of ASU/WASH/USC/UCLA

    i think that’s all the scenarios. some are not possible because ASU plays USC and UCLA.

    Lots of scenarios, mostly because ASU has 3 games left.

    My prediction? Thanks for asking. I like #2.

    We are 30-3 at home in the last two years. The ASU game will be sold out. Randle will pop 27 footers. Nets will be cut down. Win at Maples. Fin.

  • uh oh.


    This is the single greatest post of the year!!!

    How about if they cut down the nets after winning tomorrow and be done with the rest of the permutations. The nets can still go into the trophy case even with a co-championship. They would be the nets from our HOME court. And if they win the title outright then the nets get upgraded.

    How has UCLA and AU done it? How did Monty do it at Furd?

  • uh oh.

    Second great question thread is:
    How many tickets are for sale at Maples next week?
    How many Blue and Gold fans are going to be in the stands?
    Imagine the possibilities!!!!
    (Hint: GET THE TREE!)
    Oh, sorry, it’s not the Big Game.
    And wouldn’t that be funny to see a Monty led team tearing apart the tree?!?! Would he stand for it – or run out and protect the damn thing, saying it wasn’t classy of us to dismantle the tree?
    Oh, my…. Monty winning the Pac 10 and cutting down the nets at Maples for the Bears? Now that’s a site I’m sure we’ll never see!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Great post. Got to hand it to you. Everyone feels great when there are championships spoken in the air. No wonder it is so oppressive around here.

  • Bears

    Traffic will be tough getting in to Berkeley tomorrow folks.
    Leave early. Parking will be tough too. Don’t chance missing warmups.
    This game is huge!
    I agree with Will.
    11am it is.
    Meaning I’m starting the drive at 9:45am!
    Feeling confident about our troops desire and ability to win this game, and our crowd will push our Bears to produce their best effort of the year.
    Get that championship Bears…we can taste it!

  • Paul

    I plan on getting to Haas around 7am to make sure I have a front row seat in the bench. Hopefully I’ll be close to the front of the line. Really fired up for this one. Go Bears!!!

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Toparch Bears,
    Cal does not have a one-game lead on ASU, but a half-game lead — they are even in the loss column. So if Cal beats ASU on Saturday, then loses at Stanford while ASU wins twice next week, they both would finish with 12-6 records and would share the title. But a victory on Saturday would clinch for Cal the No. 1 seed in the Pac-10 tournament, beacuse the Bears would own the tiebreaker vs. ASU. Hope that helps.

  • Esquire Joe


    Very nice rundown. Just two things.

    1. There’s one other scenario on the “if we beat ASU” side. If Cal beats ASU but loses to Stanfurd, and ASU otherwise wins out, Cal would still win the Pac 10. That’s because Cal and ASU would tie at 12-6, and the first tiebreaker for Pac 10 championship ties is the head-to-head matchup. Cal would have beaten ASU twice, and therefore win the title.

    2. If Cal loses to ASU, beats the ‘Furd, and ASU loses once in LA, then Cal and ASU tie. HOWEVER, under that scenario, Cal does NOT win the Pac 10 title.

    In that case, Cal and ASU would have split their head-to-head match-ups. The next tiebreaker is the teams’ respective records against the next highest team in the standings. If that’s tied, you go to the next highest team, and so on. Believe it or not, you’d have to go all the way down to Oregon State (currently 8th in the standings) to find a team against whom Cal’s and ASU’s records differ. Unfortunately, ASU swept OSU.

    THAT’s why you need to beat teams like UCLA and OSU when you have the chance. You never know when one of those is going to come back to haunt you.

  • Esquire Joe

    Of course, that last post was in response to TakeOffThatRedShirt’s very comprehensive post.

  • Rollonubears

    Guys, if we win today, it’s over. We have the tiebreaker. Yes, technically it could be a co-championship, but the only true co-championship is when the two teams at the top either didn’t play each other, or played twice and split. Call it what you want, but if we win today, the bears are champs and the nets come down. Go bears!

  • TakeOffThatRedShirt


    I read that any team tying for first can claim a share of the Pac 10 title – i think i saw it on the pac 10 website.

    I agree that we would have a better claim and by beating a team twice we would deserve to be the champs.

    Well, off to the game. See you all there.

  • ToparchBears

    thanks jeff. The reason I ask is that I thought Cal and ASU has the same number of games. But, ASU has one more extra game. So, now I get it.