Basketball: Zhang likely out another two weeks

I ran into Max Zhang just outside Sather Gate on campus a half-hour ago and the good news is he’s up and feeling somewhat better.

After suffering a collapsed lung in practice on Monday — following a collision with walk-on Robert Thurman — the Bears’ sophomore center from China had a six-inch tube inserted through his right side into his lung, to help keep it inflated. The tube remained there for a day-and-a-half, Zhang said, and was very uncomfortable.

But Zhang said he’s nowhere close to being ready to play or practice. Saturday’s game against Arizona State is out, and so is Stanford a week from now, he said. Max said it likely would be at least two more weeks, maybe more, before he’s ready to go.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. indeed. maybe just sit around and eat a bunch of stuff and fatten up, while you heal. we need a beast at the post next year. go bears!

  2. aww man… no more Max, I think the seniors will most certainly miss his energy when he gets going. I think his presence will be missed for the last two games. Remember how he played against Stanford… too bad, nothing more enjoying than watching stanford by big numbers. Go Bears!!!

  3. Jeff, what are you doing outside on campus in the rain?

    Max could play a key role as a mismatch against a team in the NCAA’s that don’t know much about him. He could have been more of a weapon if Montgomery used him more.

  4. Joey – Trying to get the inside scoop on Zhang of course… This is tough news, but Max’s health is what matters, get well soon!!!!

  5. “I ran into Max……………”. Perhaps a poor choice of words, after his collision induced injury.

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