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Football: Best diary canceled

By Jonathan Okanes
Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 2:32 pm in Football, off-season stuff.

Due to the demands the NFL scouting combine has on Jahvid Best’s time and scheduling conflicts, he will not be able to provide a daily diary for us as we had planned.

Best will participate in Cal’s Pro Day on March 10.

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  • rollonubears

    uh. right. so, the nfl is still cool with jahvid doing a tell-all, after the combine?

  • BearFanInLA

    Not really surprised. I was shocked when I read that he was willing to do it in the first place. He’s got too much on his mind right now to sit down and write a nightly “Dear Diary” to the Beartalk blog. No offense J.O..