Basketball: Cal climbs to No. 21 in RPI

Cal’s win over Arizona State boosted the Bears three spots to No. 21, according to RealTimeRPI.com. I believe that’s the Bears’ highest computer ranking of the season.

They remain 0-4 against top-50 RPI teams — No. 1 Kansas, No. 3 Syracuse, No. 7 New Mexico and No. 29 Ohio State. But they are now 5-2 against teams ranked No. 51 to 100, with wins over No. 54 ASU (twice), and No. 69 Murray State, along with splits vs. No. 56 Washington and No. 90 Arizona.

Jeff Faraudo

  • GoldenBV

    While 0-4 vs. the Top 50 is technically accurate, the thing that needs to be impressed on the selection committee is that Cal is currently 0-3 vs. the TOP 7 (KU, Syra, UNM) and 0-4 vs. the TOP 30 (OSU is 29). Three of those games were on the road and without key players.

    Assuming Cal takes care of business on Saturday, root for ASU (rpi 54) and UW (rpi 56) to keep winning and crack the Top 50.

  • Will

    Agree with GoldenBV. And keep in mind that OSU would probably be a lot higher if Evan Turner had not missed some games.

    Sure, it’s our fault we didn’t win those games (even though we were missing some key players). But at least we had the guts to schedule them. I think we’re definitely capable of beating some top 25 teams, the tournament selection committee will see that.

  • SteveNTexas

    I’m not buying those excuses and rationalizations Golden and Will. Look at the teams ranked around 20-25 they could make excuses too- many teams have injured players.

    Having said that we have shown that we are pretty good and capable of playing with anyone. Our last two games have been solid victories. Being objective I would rank us around 29-30. IF we win all the rest of our games including the tourney that should put us in the top 25.
    I think most non Cal- basketball fans would agree.

  • Will

    I don’t think we’re disagreeing, Steve. I’m not saying we’re a Top 25 team right now, I’m just saying I think we’re capable of beating some of them (which is what I think you’re saying too). All I’m saying is that the whole 0-4 stat shouldn’t be used as a reason to keep us out of the tournament. And if you think we should be ranked around 29-30 right now, surely you believe that would be good enough for an at large, right? (although I definitely want to win the conference tournament)

  • rollonubears

    if we win them all, we’ve got a good chance to bee a 5 or 6 seed, and that gives us our best chance of playing on tourney weekend 2. i still think we’re going to end up somewhere between 7 and 10, which is a death sentence, but it’s exciting nonetheless. great win on saturday. really hoping we can knock of stanfurd. then play them and beat them AGAIN in LA. that’d be sweet. go bears!

  • Mitchie V

    Cal got 2 votes on the ESPN/USA Today poll. None in the AP.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    You can probably bet those 2 coaches votes were from a Pac 10 coach and a coach we played already this season to help their resume.

  • rollonubears

    if we win out, we’ll probably crack the top 25. who cares though?

  • Mitchie V

    rollonubears said:
    “if we win out, we’ll probably crack the top 25. who cares though?”

    Well, in my secret fantasy the Bears go into the Big Dance and win two games so we can say Nyah-Nyah! to the “experts.”

    But realistically hope they go in as a 5 or 6 seed. Joe Lunardi has us as a 9 seed today. That means we have to beat an 8 to play a #1. Yuk.

  • Rocko

    We lost to the #1,#2,#7, & #10 ranked teams. None of those four losses were at home. KU & NM were on their home courts where they hardly ever lose. SYU was in their home state at MSG where they had the majority of fans. Yes, everybody has injured players, but we had ours when those games were played. I think we could have beaten OSU & NM if we had all our players healthy and would have won those two games if played at HAAS. What you seem to forget is lots of other teams have lost to those four teams as well, check their W-L records. There are some games that we played in the PAC-10 that we had no business losing and those are the games that will hurt us the most. However if we win the PAC-10 tourney that should help with our seating.

  • KoreAmBear

    We were up 5 at NM with like 8 minutes to play but I felt like got fatigued (no Theo, MSF and PC both had the flu, altitude). No doubt with Theo and healthy MSF/PC we win that game. That said, let’s win out and keep improving our seed. It’s like hearts though, we need to get better or worse than 8/9 (the seeds of death). But I don’t think we want to lose to get to 10-12 seeds — so let’s win out.

  • jabes

    No one is looking at our OOC schedule and saying “why not?”. They are looking at the Pac-10 and saying “why?”.

    Losing to top-10 teams on the road won’t keep you out, but it won’t get you in either.

  • rollonubears

    we lost to ucla an oregon state because we lacked heart on those games, and the will to play D, from start to finish. it appears that has changed. if we trounce stanfurd, as we should, people will talk about it. if we keep playing like we did on saturday, we’ll be all over espn come 2 sundays from now. the question that remains, though, is have we gotten over that tendency to give up, once another team has a little run. az state missed all kinds of shots. some of that was pressure. some of it was just our good luck. if a few more of their 3s had fallen, would we have thrown in the towel like we usually do? if we can prove we’re over that childish behavior, we’re a legit sweet16 contender. i still don’t know, though.

  • covinared

    Who cares? We are the PAC 10 champs!

  • Mitchie V

    My thickly veiled original point is that Cal could use a top 25 ranking and more general acceptance as a good team to help get that 5/6 seed.

    Pac 10 Champs! “The crown jewel.”

  • rollonubears

    indeed! btw, at rpi 21, aren’t we a 6 seed already?