Basketball: Bears will have to earn it

Arizona State (21-11, 11-6) clinched second place — along with the No. 2 seed in the Pac-10 tournament — and kept alive its bid to earn a share of the Pac-10 title with a 59-54 win over visiting USC (16-13, 8-9).

Cal can still secure the title outright Saturday either with a win at Stanford or an ASU loss to UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • josef

    good. cal needs to conform for once.

  • milo

    Go ahead Bears…crush the freakin’ Trees. Chop them down so Oski can turd on them. Go Bears!

  • robert lerma

    Like most fans I was a happy camper in witnessing Cal’s win over Arizona State last Saturday to claim a share of the PAC 10 Championship. What I do not understand is all this crap about CAL NOT winning a championship in football, basketball or baseball in the past 50 years. In 2006 we tied USC for the PAC 10 in football. What the hell! Does that NOT count? Other schools count co-championships. Cal should too! Go to PAC10.ORG, the official website of the PAC 10 and look up PAC 10 Champions and you will see that CAL and USC TIED for the PAC 10 Championship in 2006. The next time you see this statement on ESPN, CBS or any of the networks that cover the Thursday / Saturday games of our conference call the clowns who are broadcasting this gross mistake.

  • Rollonubears

    We lost to u$c. It doesn’t count. Same as asu will not count this year, regardless.

  • uh oh.

    I’m with Robert.
    Co-champs in 2006! I think we had some co-football championships in the 70’s, too, no? Chuck Muncie? Again, missed the tie-breaker.
    The quoted stat should be OUTRIGHT champs.

  • uh oh.

    Without trying to sound arrogant, I’m starting to see a pattern….and want to point it out for others to observe.

    10 minutes into the Cal – ASU game last Saturday, I knew we were going to win, without a doubt. While we were down on the scoreboard, I wasn’t really concerned. That’s because we had only 1 team foul to that point. That was excellent b/c our 4 stars were going to get to play the entire game. But alongside that, the refs were simply, seemingly, giving Cal a lot of the calls that could go either way. They weren’t calling fouls on ASU necessarily, just letting them play and calls (not necessarily FOUL calls) seemed to be going Cal’s way.

    I leaned over the person with me and said, “Look – Cal’s got only one foul. Cal’s not going to lose today. No way are those refs going to disappoint all these thousands of people.” And that’s the way it turned out.

    LAST NIGHT, when ASU was playing USC, I started seeing a similar pattern. 50-50 calls going against USC and for ASU. The bump on Glasser who drove the lane and lost the ball, then flailed with his arms. Non-call on Glasser after he lost the ball, which created a fast break layup – Glasser reached out and committed what could have been an intentional foul (2 shots plus the ball) – that would have gone the other way if it were USC reaching AT Arizona State. Little things like that.

    I realized, “ASU is not losing tonight – it’s good for the Pac10 to get as many teams in as possible, not to mention ASU is at home… and USC is only playing for pride….”

    Hey, basketball is a really difficult game to officiate. If you disagree with me, you should try it sometimes. To think that a subconscious bias doesn’t affect split second calls is foolhardy.

    Now then, that brings me to the next point. I fully expect ASU to beat UCLA, not only b/c they are a superior team playing at home but b/c they are also up for the tournament. And the refs will know a lot is on the line for them and don’t want to play the role of goat. And, despite the fact that Cal is @ Stanford, I feel confident that the Bears will roll on Saturday for the same reason. It would take a very ballsy ref to step in and ruin things.

    And UW will win again vs. the other Oregon for the same reason.
    Place your bets.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Uh oh, while there was a lean toward ASU in the reffing last night, it was nothing outside the norm for the home team. I wouldn’t call it SEC style ref help, at least. If the fix is in, look for Stanfurd to get every call possible and UCLA to get nothing on Sat to make sure there is a tie atop the Pac 10. I doubt that will happen, and I love conspiracy thinking.

    Robert is onto something. Pointing out Cal had the tie breaker last week and people screamed NO. Yet, the tie breaker applies to football. It can go one way or the other, not both. I refuse to believe it is different for the two sports.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Also, the 2006 co-championship will be moot come NCAA penalty time for U$C. We will have to petition the Pac 10 to award Cal U$C’s next trip to the Rose Bowl as payback as well since that was cheated out of us too.

  • Dan

    Wisdom Cow- I read somewhere that it is different. In football it is co-champs, but the tie breaker determines the BCS seed and really who the champ is. In basketball, it is actually co-champs and the head to head determines only seeding in the P10 tourney, not who is actuually considered champ. I am not sure who the authority and decider on this is, but it would sure be good to find out. There should be consistency in this and apparently there is not.

  • Raf

    Isn’t AZ St 21-9? Not 21-11…

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I have been saying all along that some of these games “feel” fixed and mostly in your favor. Let’s face it. The Pac 10 has never been so bad in recent memory. In order to salvage some respect before th enational media the refs attempt to show favor toward some Pac 10 teams which will hopefully get a bid. It makes perfect sense to me plus that 50 year thing played into your favor.

  • uh oh.

    That’s a good point, Cow. If ASU can claim co-champ status, then maybe they get a bid, and the league may only be interested in # of teams getting bids. 2 teams sure sounds better than 1.