Basketball: Is it RPI or R.I.P.?

With one day left in the Pac-10 regular season, here are the sorry RealtimeRPI.com ratings for the conference:

23. Cal
53. Washington
54. Arizona State
86. Arizona
105. USC
145. UCLA
149. Washington State
158. Oregon
169. Stanford
174. Oregon State

Consider that No. 74 Sam Houston State (18-6) and No. 82 Indiana State (16-13) are ranked ahead of all but three Pac-10 teams and No. 99 Duquesne (14-14) isĀ  higher than six of them.


Jeff Faraudo

  • SteveNTexas

    I’ve mentioned Sam Houston State before perhaps its just a coincidence. Sam Houston State is located next to the Texas Prison system and is often considered the best criminal justice program in the country-along with John Jay- Michigan State.

    I follow their games and they are killers! They lost just one game at that was away in OT out of their last 12 or so.
    I love both schools so can offer some objectivity that others on here can’t. No sportswriters follow them, they get no notice for their consistency.

    They would beat any Pac 10 team except Cal and ASU and perhaps Wash at home. Cal would have to play its top game to beat them- in many of Cal’s games this season SHSU would have won.

    They will get a 15 seed and that’s life for the small schools in small conferences.

    UTEP who some people on here scoffed at- is now in both of the ratings.

  • Jeff Faraudo

    No disrespect intended to Sam Houston State, but as you say . . . small school, small conference. They shouldn’t be in the same conversation with most Pac-10 schools. Agreed?

  • SteveNTexas

    In a normal season – NO they shouldn’t be. Agreed.

    This year of course is different. They are better and the Pac 10 is worse Because the bias is against the little school that 74 ranking may be understated because they aren’t counting both the wins at the end of the season and that they consistently led in almost all games.

    Watch little UTEP as well-they have aleady beaten a team that was ranked – on the road. (UAB when they were #20) They also beat Memphis twice Tulsa twice

  • SteveNTexas

    Just as fate would have it- an hour after the post SHSU loses at Texas State in OT. Guess they aren’t invincible.