Basketball: Adam Duritz keeping hope alive

Got an email today from one of Cal’s most passionate long-time fans — Adam Duritz, front man for Counting Crows.

He attended the Pac-10 tournament last weekend and said he’ll be in Jacksonville this week to cheer on the Bears. (Word is, ex-Bear Ryan Anderson, now playing for the Orlando Magic, also plans to be at Friday nigiht’s game against Louisville).

Back to Duritz and his thoughts:

“Thought we played great right up until Saturday. Even so, we still almost pulled it out. God that was a crushing loss,” he said of the Pac-10 title-game defeat to Washington. “And now another NCAA tournament as an 8 seed. I would rather have been a 10, 11, or 12. Anything is better than being an 8 or 9 because, since no #1 has ever lost in the 1st round, the 8/9 winner ALWAYS has to play the 1. Ugh. 
“I almost feel like it’s the revenge they practice on teams they’d rather not have but get pressured into. After listening to Seth Davis, I get the feeling we’re unwelcome intruders.”

My read is Duritz is really a typical Cal fan — he’s taken a lot of body blows rooting for his team, but always retains hope.

“Maybe we’ll take Duke out again,” he said. “We’ve done it before.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Kevin

    Completely agree with Adam’s thoughts about Seth Davis. Did he really think we weren’t going to make the tourney after winning the regular season title and losing a tight championship game? I was disappointed in Jay Bilas too as he was saying some of the same things on Sunday afternoon and I’ve always respected Bilas quite a bit. Further motivation for our players on Friday night!

  • Larry

    Why do I care what “Adam Duritz” thinks?

    “Thought we played great right up until Saturday. Even so, we still almost pulled it out. God that was a crushing loss,” he said of the Pac-10 title-game defeat to Washington.

    “WE”? What position does he play? What a Choad.

  • Larry

    Donate some money to the athletic dept you cheap bastard!

  • Rollonubears

    Saw them play the oracle annual holiday party. Piss drunk. It was like seeing Santa claus under the tree with no pants on. I felt violated.

  • ondal

    damn, so many haters. and i don’t mind him saying “we” since he’s a former student. I do, however, hate it when people say we when referring to the Lakers. much different.

  • milo

    Man tough crowd. I’m not a fan of Duritz minus a few odd ball b-sides. Way too much drama. That said, first I’d never take him as a sports fan let a lone a Cal fan. Who cares, he was a Cal fan before he was a musician.

    He knows the groin kick that can be Cal fandom, as in always be ready to take a groin kick because that’s how you’ll feel some of the time. On the flipside, The Play was perhaps the most cosmic example of sports karma coming home.

  • BlueNGold

    Duritz DOES donate money to the athletic department. He is a big donor. That is why he gets sidelines passes to the football games.